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Roblox is a 3D virtual world that allows kids to imagine, create, play, and share in a fun and safe environment. In Roblox, users have the freedom to create their own dream world – games and adventures unlimited in their possibilities. There are no rules in Roblox except to have fun. This unique social platform and in-game economy encourages creative play and gives young users the chance to socialize, collaborate, and communicate. This positive experience is the reason why Roblox has become such a success among kids and parents alike, and is growing rapidly in North America, Europe, and Asia.
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Top 10 Popular Roblox Games In April 2020

Toodledo for Kids is a free app from BusyKid that helps kids to keep track of their daily schedule. Kids can add and delete their appointments, events, and chores while the app helps them to remember their to do lists. The most recent update to the app brings the update of the theme and new color options.
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Create an event or to-do, with free to-do lists and calendar. ADD items

Watch Cartoon for Kids is a free app that allows kids to create and watch animated cartoons with their own characters. Kids can pick their own names for their cartoon characters and select their favorite clothing, as well as the food they will eat and the color of their houses.
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Create a cartoon character and customize it with their favorite accessories and clothing, as well as pick the type of food they will eat and the color of their house.

Skullo Jr. is a free game where kids can build their own village and place their pets inside the animals’ houses. Kids can choose from a variety of animals like the penguin, elephant, and monkey. Kids can add new features to their villages by building fun things like a sandbox, a golf course, and a skate park.
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Choose an animal house that you like, then add buildings to your village.

Toodledo for Kids is a free app from BusyKid that helps kids to keep track of


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Welcome to the semi-conclusion of the Dream World Weekend Videos Series.

So this week, we got a new launcher that’s been released to allow many of the new games on the store to be played, provided you have the 4.3.0 version of the launcher. Alongside that, we also have new emotes and broadcasts.

The reason we made this videos is because we wanted to give you guys (and girls) something to play, and to see if it was really worth having to pay for a game on the store just to play it.

Don’t get me wrong, some games are definitely worth the money, but it’s almost always on a case by case basis. Basically, you need to have a choice between:

1. Paying for a game, and playing in 5 days

2. Play the game for free for a week or more, or pay in-game currency for 50 days

That’s a really great set up. I don’t think many developers even provide a free week or so with their games anymore, to try and gain a following of loyal players.

We’ll also be bringing you more videos as the weekend progresses.

Enjoy, and look forward to next week’s!

1. YAM Player

An attempt to play as many of the new games as possible. That means playing games on the launcher and also those that don’t require download.

The playlist page you see has been updated to allow you to filter for most popular games with most players, so you can pick which ones to start with.

The playlist is, for the time being at least, automatically generated as you start adding things to your wishlist, but you can click on the 3 dots icon on the right-hand side to manually add things to the list (Hint: games you didn’t like should have been left out of that list).

2. Multiplayer

I’ve been keeping this one under wraps until we’re ready to move into the next step.

It’s extremely in-depth. There’s code to alter the game so it thinks you’re in the other player’s game, and changes how inventory is handled and stuff. Then there’s the emulator we’re working on. Basically, we’


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