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Total video games is the most popular general website for downloading (or rather uploading) video game files, which are generally available format. All the games are sorted by user rating and popularity, so you can easily spot the best games to download. The website has three categories – Android games, PC games, and other games, which includes some sort of metamorphosis games.You can also search for games by category or by developer.

CCMixter is a site devoted to shareaudio and video mashups. We’re primarily about the creative side. The idea is to let people remix and create mashup mashup of audio and video which are available on the site. And basically it contains all the audio and video mashup which may be found freely and easily. In addition, we host a lot of audio mashups which are available for a fee.

Skybox is a UK based site that provides users with the most advanced way of downloading PC games, apps, wallpapers, and other software. In a nutshell, the service allows you to download files from a huge number of trackers at once. This means that you can easily download files with super fast download speeds and less waiting time. Skybox is one of the most popular download sites in Europe, and it only ranks number two on our list.

Cool Savasun is a website for recording and saving sound and audio from the internet. Users can upload tracks of various quality and sound and do the various tricks with them. The best part is that you can create your own audio blog and embed sound into it, it is free and it is a lot of fun.


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