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A free search tool that finds thousands of software offers on the web. When you search with SnapSearch, you can search and discover top software deals on PC, Mac, Android, iOS or Windows Phone, so you can browse and download apps easily without installing them, thus saving lots of time.

When you click on a certificate, you’ll go to the website that issued it. Certificate Transparency is a database of all SSL/TLS certificates issued by CAs. When a certificate is found to be fake, it is blacklisted, and will never be trusted again. Youll know if a website is fraudulent with an information loss, so you can protect yourself by using a web browser that blocks deceptive certificates.

CloudApp is an ad-free service that gives anyone a free public hosting space to store and share their websites. The service allows you to store your website files on a server at no cost, and includes a free cloud-based web server which has all the required features of a web server such as SSH access and a customizable Apache web server.

DownloadPCC is a great tool that allows you to install software quickly and easily. You can also sideload drivers and install latest Windows updates. DownloadPCC is quick, easy, and safe. It’s totally free to use

Retr0br is a browser that is totally free and allows you to download and install browser extensions, customize its interface, and save all your tabs. You can also run in incognito mode or add privacy extensions to your browser such as Privacy Badger, NoScript and Ghostery, or change your web browser’s homepage.


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