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The Pirate Bay is currently the most heavily policed website on the internet, but it’s still one of the best places to download free software. Head over to the Software section to find software you might not be able to find elsewhere. The Pirate Bay community is also one of the best places to download games, so be sure to check out the Games section too!

The KimK Collection offers the best deals for PC games and DLCs. On the website, you can see a list of some free and discounted games. Once you select the game you want, the price would be deducted from your credit card, and you will receive a confirmation email within 5 minutes of purchase.

Ninite is simple. The website presents you with a list of popular programs to select, and you check the boxes for all the apps you want. Then, clicking the download button will give you a custom installer file that bundles all the selected programs together, allowing you to install them in bulk.

In our Best Torrent Sites for PC Games guide we listed the top 10 best torrent sites to download PC games. With the power of Amazon, you can have PC games delivered right to you. This includes PC games and game packs on Steam, Origin, and Uplay.

Best PC Games: The best PC games are now available on Amazon for Prime members to enjoy at no additional cost. Stream or download hundreds of PC games from your console, PC, or mobile device for Prime members to enjoy an all-you-can-play subscription of more than 30 million games, including high-definition classics like World of Warcraft and The Sims, and new releases, like Destiny 2 and Tomb Raider.


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