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Adobe is a leader in all products in software. Their primary product is Photoshop, an image-editing software package. However, Adobe has branched out into other programs such as Adobe Flash, Photoshop Elements , and even the Multimedia for Dreamweaver . So, they not only offer Software but you can also discover a wide range of multimedia programs that will assist you through all of your multimedia projects.

Windows 7 is one of the most used operating system in the world. Its portable and has a lot of applications. Office is the most sought after app by almost all people. You can either buy the latest Office or can download a free copy which will also have all the features that you require. Most of the Microsoft Office users will install Microsoft Office 365 which is a paid version of Microsoft Office.

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KhelSoft is a software company focused on the development of the best productivity software with innovative design and attention to user experience. Our goal is to make the software that everyone uses. New ideas come from research and we are always looking for new ways to make our users’ lives easier. We have released our applications as freeware for the benefit of all. Our hope is that the developers will be able to continue to improve and expand the applications which have become so important in our daily lives.

The iPhone and iPad are amazing devices that can be used for many purposes. But sometimes you just wanna check out the hack you can do to your phone. This site is filled with apps that can easily be cracked and unlocked using Apple’s own gatekeeper. Also, if your are looking for video how to tutorials on Hack Snapchat, iOS hacking, and more you can check out the videos on this site. But be careful as the site owners are always looking for those who upload videos. They will do their best to ban those who upload content that they dont like.


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