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Linux Games is a community for Linux & Unix users who want to play games. It offers games for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X to users. Linux Games provides cracked games for different platforms, including Windows and Mac OS X. It also offers Linux Games which are supported by Linux distros.

One of the best websites to download cracked games is Funnemonk. It is said to be the first and only website in the world to provide cracked, cracked, and cracked games for free. It offers more than 20000+ cracked games to download. Unlike the other websites that provide cracked games, Funnemonk doesn’t use any third party services to help users download games.

SparkleShare is one of the most popular sites to get cracked games for free and is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, and other OS’s. The site offers more than 10 million cracked games of various types and sizes. The games are compressed into an executable format to make them work in Windows.

Since we started writing this list, I stumbled across this really great website called Cracked Game Finder. This website offers cracked games for Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android for free. It also offers paid games too. It gets updated on a daily basis and offers many games. Users can search for games using the keyword search box. This website is truly a goldmine.

If you are looking to download cracked games for free on the Internet, then you’ve landed to the right place. Software-Is-Good offers a lot of cracked games for Windows, Linux, and Android. The thing about the site is it offers games that are mostly pirated and uploaded by the users. The site features popular games from different genres such as racing games, RPGs, MMORPGs, fighting games, etc.

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