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If your a game developer, the sooner you find out how to crack your own game, the sooner you can begin making money. The Internet is full of cracked games, and it can be pretty daunting if youve never dealt with it before. I would advise you to check your game here before uploading it to sites like Gamespot. Most cracks use Game Genie or Game Savvy, so check that and make sure the code is still valid. In fact, when I was working on the product, I would completely forget to check that, and before the product was published, I would get e-mail saying that the code was no longer valid.

These sites are great in that they offer paid services with a free service that can be sufficient. The free service is great for if you’re not to tech savvy to know how to install an APK file. Or, if you’re a little bit more particular you can always add a premium account for extra features. But, once you decide, make sure you leave feedback on the site as it helps to assure a consistent experience. It’s best to get the extra features and support from a service that takes a little more initiative with their support, otherwise you’ll get stuck trying to work out the cracks yourself and not feel like you’re getting the full support and feature set.

Only you can put the final touch on your piece of software. Make sure you decide on a good looking launcher as this can make or break the look of your desktop. But the exact icon isn’t the end in the matter. It’s just one aspect of the software. And, usually, a picture you put in your home or some portion of your desktop is, in itself, lacking. But, you can absolutely add awesome features to your launcher. So customize it to your heart’s content. When creating your own, make sure you follow common practice. The simple New File icon is really no good and, when used, it puts an icon on your desktop. And, if you’d like to know how to remove the icon from your desktop, go here:


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