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Adobe Photoshop is comprised of various tools, palettes, and steps to creating and processing photographs, images, and raster graphics. This means that it requires a bit of technical know-how to use but Photoshop is a great tool to learn because it can be used to perform common image enhancements as well as in-depth image manipulation.

If you are a beginner and unsure about Photoshop, here are the top resources you can use to learn everything you need to know:

There are generally two paths to using Photoshop: professional and hobbyist. Professional users will often become trainers for beginners and often use Photoshop for advanced task such as retouching. They have a user manual for everything and they are often designers and retouch artists.

Hobbyists and Designers are photographers, graphic designers, and people who have no formal training in Photoshop and use it mainly to enhance their photographs and images. They are doing it as a hobby and for personal use.

Either way, these are the Photoshop tutorials that are absolutely essential to help you get started:

1. The Beginner’s Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial by Lee Brimelow is a must for beginners in Photoshop. It is the original Photoshop tutorial and it takes users step by step through the basics of Photoshop. It is a great place to start because the basic steps are easy to understand and it will teach you how to apply the Layers, masks, and filters.

Learning how to use Photoshop is a long process but this tutorial can get you started and keep you motivated as you work through it.

2. Photoshop for Beginners

This tutorial by Elizabeth Scott, also known as Goodness Girly, is a useful step by step guide that covers working with different tools and mastering layers. It is a great place to start because it covers the basics and the tools before moving onto the next step.

There are tons of tutorials and references on Youtube that have high quality step by step processes and explanations that will help you to become a proficient Photoshop user.

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3. Designing with Photoshop

This tutorial by Mark Penfold provides in-depth coverage on creating graphics for websites and vector files. It explains different tools in detail, focusing on the feature and how it enables different effects.

This tutorial is great for those who want to use Photoshop as a creative tool for graphic design and advertising.

4. Photoshop

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How do Photoshop Elements and Photoshop differ?

The main difference between Photoshop Elements and Photoshop is the interface. The interface may seem unfamiliar to first time users, but it works just like a regular web browser.

You can use Photoshop Elements to use like a regular web browser to edit your images, just like you would a web page like this one.

If you’ve used your phone’s camera to capture photos and then used a web page like this one to view them, you’ve used the same type of software as Photoshop Elements.

You can preview photos in a similar way:

Just like your phone camera, you can also use Photoshop Elements to edit photos in a simple and intuitive way. Simply click to open the Tools panel:

At the top of the editor window, you’ll see icons to adjust contrast, clarity, exposure, brightness, saturation, and colour balance.

Below this are icons to adjust the sharpness of your image.

You can choose between the Raw and History panels for fine-tuning each tool. The History panel displays all the steps you’ve taken to adjust your image (a series of thumbnail images).

You can use the History panel to find ways to improve the quality of your photos. For example, you can use the History panel to see if the sliders work for you.

The Process panel displays the name of the tool you’re using.

The Layers panel displays the different layers of your image and how they relate to each other. You can create new layers to add more details or you can adjust existing layers, e.g. move them around, change the size or opacity, or merge them. You can also apply filters and effects to specific layers.

Another way to add details to your photos is to use the Plug-In panel. If you already own Photoshop, you can also use Adobe Photoshop Elements for some features, such as saving your images to Webp, or if you already own Photoshop, then you can use Photoshop Elements to create GIFs and save to PNGs.

Photoshop Elements works just like any other imaging program. You can drag images onto Photoshop Elements to open them and use the tools you use in Photoshop Elements to adjust your image. However, Photoshop Elements won’t alter your image or add any new layers. You can simply edit your photos as you would with any other software. You can see it in

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Regular expression for eliminating special characters from input text

I need to write a regular expression in PHP which will reject special characters from the input text.
I have tried

but it does not work.
Expected Output:

Input text:
$_POST(‘@tea*’); // output 123
$_POST(‘@#tea$@’); // output 123



The \w and \s characters can be used to match word characters and “non-word” characters, i.e. all characters which are not either letters, digits or whitespace.


In addition to the \w or \s you could add @ and ^ as below:
$test = ‘$_POST(@#tea$@)’;

preg_match(‘/[^@\w\s]/’, $test);

// $result = false

Read more about Regular Expression here and here.


You have the correct idea with the \w. However, here’s an example of how you can perform more complex checking on the input, if needed.

if(isset($_POST[‘text’])) {
$text = $_POST[‘text’];
// Catch special characters
$filter = preg

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Mac OS 10.4+
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