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Roblox is the world’s largest social gaming network that allows its users to create their own games and play other people’s games, both for free and for virtual currency. Virtual currency can be spent on virtual items, the in-game currency of Roblox.
The site operates via a freemium business model. The user interface is made up of several layers, with Roblox itself functioning as a base, while the next layer is the “Roblox Studio”, a free game development tool. Users with the free account are able to create games and play other people’s games for free. Users can pay to download the “Studio”, develop games, and host games on their own servers. Robux, the site’s virtual currency, can be acquired by purchasing Robux or by playing games. These virtual items can be used to purchase virtual goods, with the site’s Store. Users can also buy digital or physical goods with real world currency.
Users develop games on a platform built on the Lua programming language. The game code does not have to be pre-written, and developers are able to extend the capabilities of the platform through Lua. Developers can update their own games, or download updates from the Roblox server. The platform also has a downloadable library of tilesets and widgets. Users can modify their games through tools to manage scripts, level design, skins, avatars, playlists, scoreboards, and more. Games can be set to private or public. Many Roblox games are variations on existing Minecraft clones like Universe Sandbox and Starship Construction Set. Other popular titles include scavenger hunts, theme park rides, and classic multiplayer games.
Roblox Discovery Fun Fact:

Games with motorbikes, bicycles, space suits, motorcycles, guns, and jetpacks are the most popular Roblox games. Users can leave virtual graffiti, sometimes called “Tags” or “Emojis”, on walls and objects in games. These Tags and Emojis can be emoted in chat, and cannot be removed from the game.

Share your love for games and anime by showing how much you know about popular games, anime and games with games!
Join as many Live Games, Quizzes, Trivia Games, and more!
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For more information or help on any part of the site, please contact us:

ROBLOX Founded in 2004, Roblox is the largest social network for


Features Key:


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A common question is always asked and answered: How can I get free Robux. There are many variations of this question and it is not always easy to answer this question. First of all, in most cases, a common person will have to do a lot of work in order to generate free Robux, such as downloading a program, clicking on things, logging in a program, downloading updates and so on. All these steps are very tedious and may require a lot of time.

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There are many variations of this question too. The most common variations of this question are: What will happen if I enter the correct billing information? Will you be able to prove that I have been given free Robux?

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Our team of moderators and technicans continuously work 24/7 in order to make sure that no one is cheating and stealing robux from other players.
Are there any scams or frauds? What do we need to watch out for?
We ensure our users are protected from any hack, theft, malware, ransom etc.
Is robux safe in
Roblox accounts that have been hacked are no longer secure and it is recommended that you no longer use them. We’re happy to help our users recover their accounts for free.
Are there robux bots?
Roblox accounts that have been hacked are no longer secure and it is recommended that you no longer use them. We’re happy to help our users recover their accounts for free.
Can I get robux free?
Our team of moderators and technicans continuously work 24/7 in order to make sure that no one is cheating and stealing robux from other players.
Are there any scams or frauds? What do we need to watch out for?
Roblox is all about having fun, so we are very attentive to any malicious activity that may be taking place in our servers.
Are there robux bots?
We are against robux bots, but to be fair, we do not have any concrete information on that. We do our best to make sure our users are safe.


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