Information About an Online Directory

What’s an online directory and what are the types of online directories?

An online directory is a website which accommodates heaps and lots of classes related to your online business, personal etc. Every class consists of several website links and a brief description in regards to the website and link owner personal information.

Types of directories

There are numerous types of directories technically speaking, Human edited directory, Reciprocal directory, Free Directory, Paid Directory, Link directory , b2b , b2c,other business directories , theme associated directory likewise many directories are available in the internet, let us see all of the above types of directories in detail.

Human edited directories – Best example of this directory is dmoz is an good example, every link you submit inside this directory will be reviewed by editors manually and they will check your link whether it is properly working or not, check the title, and check different factors about how the website is constructed etc. After considering all the factors they will approve your website and this is a big process approval will take more time.

Reciprocal directories – This type of directory the place you submit a link to this directory, the directory owner will ask you a link back to the directory the place you may have submitted your link. You’ll want to provide the webweb page URL the place that directory link is current, then the link will be automatically validated by the script and your website link will be accepted as quickly as they find their website link in your website. These types of link directories are called reciprocal directories.

Paid Directories

A lot of the paid directories have higher page rank and these sites will be clean like for example they don’t accept any bad sites and giving your website link to these directories will be really helpful in your website to generate more traffic. Many of the directories accept payment via pay pal where you’ll want to pay and your website link will be instantly approved.

Link directories

Link directories have criteria that you have to have a website to submit to their website in any other case your small business will not be accepted in these type of directories.

Enterprise directories

In case you are online seller, producer, dealer, retailer, you might have an organization website/portal all the folks need this type of directory. Nowadays search engine helps companies very much; it is advisable to come to the 1 or 2nd page to get more leads and customers. Making to the top is not an easy task, as search engines has their own algorithms making life tough for newcomers or the website which doesn’t have quality links to top within the search engine. Submitting your website link to enterprise directories help your enterprise grow faster as these directories will be up to date repeatedly and most of the directories have gotten top ranking in search engine because the website has been updated regularly. When you do a business it’s essential to give it to a business directory. My suggestion is In case you are living in New York for instance you might want to search a business directory in New York and give, this helps so much in getting more leads /customers from your area of business.

Theme associated directory

There are several sports directories, insurance directories these are called theme associated directories.


When you have a website it’s essential to get one way or two way links to get higher rankings within the search engine, if you’re doing a business its essential for you to link up with a business directory, to make your website come in the first web page of Google enabling more visitors to see your website for a particular keyword they usually can enquire you instantly, to summarize linking up with an enterprise directory is a perfect option to get new prospects on-line to your business.

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