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How to iterate through a string which consists of another string’s elements?

For example I have a string, say it consists of three elements, “A-B-C”. I want to get the elements of A-B-C, A, B, C. And a function f(A-B-C) = (A,B,C). If it has 4 elements, the output should be (A, B, C, D), and so on.
Is there a function to do it, or do I have to loop through it twice?
P.S: The list has some characters whose position is not important.


You should use for loops:
def outer_loop(values):
i = 0
for char in values:
yield char
i += 1

def inner_loop(values):
for char in values:
yield char

for val in outer_loop(‘A-B-C’):
for val in inner_loop(val):