KTGAME is a game in which the goal is to surpass the other players in the rankings. The game was made to be fun and entertaining. You will be racing at very high speeds to avoid getting caught by the police. The game has 4 modes : World, Tour, Sprint and Time Trial and the Sprint mode is time limited to 4 minutes.
It’s recommended to install a keyboard for the better support.
KTGAME has no in game music, just a sound effect for user name verification. (You will need the Steam client installed for it to work)
The logo of KTGAME is used under the Creative Commons License Attribution 3.0, a bit like Steam/Microsoft’s logo which is also CC license 3.0.
KTGAME is completely free and without advertisement (no in-game advertising).

Forum rules
KTGAME is a free-to-play online multiplayer game by Kongregate that allows players to compete against friends or other players from around the world through a portal. Every player will be ranked on their level of ability in the game and players that reach higher levels will have more extensive rewards and benefits available to them. It is a first-person shooter style game with the main goal of being as fast as possible. KTGAME is a single and multiplayer game, with the possibility of sending a friend request. A player can be friends with a friend of their friend.
The friends list that a player has access to will depend on the game mode they are playing. Not all game modes allow you to send or receive friend requests. Each player is allowed four friends.
Players can join a waiting room of their choosing and will be matched with players they have the same rank of ability as or better. From here, players can choose to play KTGAME, watch a KTGAME Tutorial or Chat with other players and developers.
KTGAME is free, similar to Steam and Microsoft’s Games for Windows Live. While users have the choice of micro-transactions to purchase extra content, the game does not accept any real money, opting to raise revenue via advertising. A user’s rating is also used to determine if a user is able to advertise.

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KTGAME is Free to Play. It has no upfront cost for any content except for the game client you must install in your steam account. KTGAME is designed to be in beta,


KTGAME Features Key:

  • Full Instructions
  • Ultimate in Gameplay
  • Select your favorite cartoony creatures
  • Worlds to explore
  • Fun accessories and items
  • The Power to make Friends
  • No Internet Connection
  • No Registration


  • Play on the go
  • Play an exciting game of memory with friends
  • Play 24 exclusively created worlds
  • Play with your favorite creatures
  • Navigate to explore the world
  • Join a community of fearless cartoony explorers
  • Manage your favorite cartoony friends
  • Share your game play with friends
  • Unrestricted game play every day
  • Get more friends by playing with people nearby!
  • Let you explore and make new friends!


  • Fast-Track Play
  • Endless Hours of Fun
  • Awesome Games
  • Full Support
  • Fun Graphics
  • Flexible Games!
  • Manage Your Favorite Characters
  • If it’s Free, it’s Fun
  • Flexible Games
  • Funny Games!
  • One Parental Guide


  • Learn
  • Teachers
  • Teachers
  • More


KTGAME License Key Full For Windows

It is the revival of the original KTGAME Serial Key, a speedrunning game released in 2008.
It was a game developed by an amateur team on a platform called WinQuest and everything has been rewritten : platforms, rules, of course even some artworks.
KTGAME is a simulator first person style, one of the best released on the market.
It simulates body movements and is very sensitive to small details.
You are a runner who wants to do the best time (sorry he did not quite catch your accent!).
The task is simple, you have one goal, it’s to beat the time of the current leader of the KTGAME World Ranking.
You can change your avatars depending on your preference and playing on tracks’ difficulty.
What a game!
You have a limited amount of available resources.
You have your club card, your health, you are the only one allowed to use your club card.
You can either use your club card to influence the environment or directly on other players to limit their movements.
The more advanced the physics model, the more you’ll be able to create.
Once you’ve reached your maximal health, your avatar will have no stamina to move.
If you touch your avatar, it will be destroyed.
You will have to create new ones by composing a temporary body.
Choose your default avatar color and you’ll be able to change it using your club card.
Here are some of the features of KTGAME :
– 7 Original Tracks
– Characters from Newgrounds and Notorious
– 40 skills (10 unique)
– 16 Teams (4 unique)
– 5 gamemodes
– 12 Personal Skill (5 unique)
– Collectible
– An original ambient soundtrack.
The original tracks :
5 original tracks :
– Golden Balls
– Pond Ball
– Hollow Run
– Bumper Run
– Burning Run
The tracks are the same as the original KTGAME but more optimized.
You will have to solve a lot of small obstacles and traps along the way.
Some tracks have a specific feature like a bumpers on one side that will push you to the exit.
Some tracks are more difficult than the others.
You will be able to compare your time with other players on a leaderboard.
The current leader of the world ranking :
World Rank Leader
VIP with 6 countries
There is probably more


KTGAME Activation Code Free Download [March-2022]

More KTGAME Gameplay

More tutorials

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In KTGAME, you are Jet, a combiner pilot in the KTGAME, a team of futuristic mecha warriors in the war against the other robots (T…

published:18 Jul 2016


More info on the game:
You can find me on twitter/live stream:

In KTGAME, you are Jet, a combiner pilot in the KTGAME, a team of futuristic mecha warriors in the war against the other robots (Titans). Play solo or with friends in online co-op, no matter where you are in the world, because KTGAME is accessible 24/7!
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KTGAME Gameplay Walkthrough Part 26: Ending Explained

More info on the game:
You can find me on twitter/live stream:


What’s new in KTGAME:

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How To Crack:

  • KTGAME Installation
  • KTGAME Crack
  • KTGAME Reinstallation

  • KTGAME Installation

    Please follow the instructions below for getting KTGAME up and running on your PC. You have to install the game in your own way.
    For people who have just download the KTGAME from DEB package provided below, there is an another option to install KTGAME, which is more easy and less time-consuming. I tried both ways to install KTGAME and I’m explaining for that also on this guide.

    When installing an
    application do not insert any CD of windows (except if installing from an ISO)
    and the Cd must not be empty.
    For a Fast startup have you selected to OEmote the OShared theme.
    Now start the first way to install KTGAME as before you shall install it. The second way might take more time but for installing KTGAME it’s the only way to install it.

    KTGAME Installation with CD|Install KTGAME from ZIP|Install KTGAME from ZIP without CD|Install KTGAME without CD

    1. Way 1: Installing KTGAME from CD
    2. My observation: Only for people who have a real kit where everything is technically perfect and silence is golden.
      But if everything is working fine and no problem is to be made than this way is the way to go.

      You have to close all the applications you’re working and have to prepare the CD in the right way. This means copy the ISO files from the KTGAME iso archive to the CD and then you shall insert the CD to your PC. The FSO and the CPU configuration shall be done in the menu.
      So start your PC and start the first way to install KTGAME from your CD:

      After a successful boot you’re install K



      System Requirements For KTGAME:

      OS: Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista SP2 or Windows 7 SP1
      CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2/6400 or better
      RAM: 2 GB
      CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo E8500 or better
      RAM: 4 GB
      GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT or ATI Radeon HD 2900 or better
      CPU and GPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo