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Leader is a simple and effective way of managing your business. It can easily import and export treatment schedules and measures, and can export your entire database as an.xls file.
The application supports bank transfer payments, can export your data as an.xls file or import billing records, and supports built-in notifications and alerts. The last feature lets you receive daily or weekly emails with task details and statistics. Additionally, the integrated scheduler lets you generate appointments and billing for all clients on one screen, without having to open separate windows.
This is a lightweight clinic manager, which can be used for health clinics, gyms and beauty salons.
Main Features:
1. Database backup and restore
2. Schedules, task, notes and reminders
3. Payment of accounts
4. Integration with Bank
5. Simple and intuitive
6. Free updates for life.
Leader Full Version Features:
1. Import from.txt and CSV files
2. Export to.txt or.csv
3. Export clients, treatments and appointments
4. Export all appointments and tasks as.xls and.txt files
5. Export your entire database as a.xls file
6. Exports all appointments and tasks as.txt or.csv files.
7. Search for clients and treatments and export the filtered data as.txt and.csv files.
8. Quick access to total payments
9. Export patients’ notes as.txt files
10. Sync with Google Calendar
11. Export your treatment notes as.txt files
12. Export your treatment notes as.csv files
13. Export your treatment notes as.xls files
14. Export clients’ notes as.txt,.csv and.xls files.
15. Export your clients’ notes as.txt,.csv and.xls files.
16. Export your appointments as.txt and.csv files
17. Export clients’ appointments as.txt and.csv files
18. Export your clients’ appointments as.xls files
19. Export your appointments as.txt,.csv and.xls files
20. Export all appointments and tasks as.txt,.csv and.xls files.
21. Export your appointments and tasks as.xls files
22. Export your appointments and tasks as.txt,.csv and.xls files
23. Export clients’ appointments and tasks as.txt,.csv and.x

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#Front end is open for customization
#Coming with a dedicated Team Chat module
#Coming with a social sharing module
#Support for multiple business profiles such as Fitness, Health Clinic and Beauty Salon.
#Support for multiple languages.
#Support for each module to manage its own separate data.
#Support for multiple storage types and the GUI will allow to select the preferred one.
#Support for backup and restore.
#Support for online or offline mode.
#Easily install on your computer.
#Supports a variety of device, including mobile devices.

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Expansion of Vκ and VH gene families encoding anti-dinitrophenyl antibodies by gene conversion: a comparison of the mouse and human repertoire.
The combined diversity of the Vκ and VH gene families encoding anti-dinitrophenyl (DNP) antibodies in the mouse and the human is described. Thirty-six VH and 25 Vκ genes were amplified by long-distance polymerase chain reaction from the spleens of mice immunized with the DNP hapten. Functional V genes were identified using a sensitive solid-phase technique. Thirty-seven VH and 37 Vκ genes were sequenced and analyzed. The human VH repertoire shares, albeit to a lesser extent, with the mouse repertoire a similar feature of the “germline” repertoire, i.e. a small collection of VH sequences that are ubiquitously used in the rearrangements of the heavy chains of both natural and monoclonal antibodies. The clonality of the mouse and human repertoires was also studied by amplification of the respective V gene families with a set of random 12-mer primers. A comparison of the V gene usage among the mouse and the human repertoires revealed a substantial difference in the skewing of the germline gene repertoire. The analysis of the V gene repertoires of inbred strains of mice and the human repertoire suggests that the propensity of a mouse to develop antibodies to DNP is a function of the variation of the V gene repertoire. The same strain of mice, when immunized with a different antigen, may

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Leaders is the premier appointment management application for physicians and their staff. It takes the stress out of scheduling routine appointments and small group practice sessions, and keeps your patients, staff and your practice organized.Leaders also allows you to quickly generate appointment books and schedules so you can focus on the real work—not paper chase!
First time registration: Please provide your email address when purchasing Leader
* Requires the use of an existing and active email account
* Accounts may be managed in multiple languages
* Leader is only available for use in the United States and Canada


Get selected item in a list from a container’s list

My form has a list in the back-end on the form. I want to select a item from the list and have the selected item be displayed into another list on the form.
If this was a combobox it would be easy, but there’s no ComboBox in this list. I searched the internet but found nothing.
How can I do this?


Try using:


That is if List1 is the control holding your list, and the ListIndex is the index of the selected list item.
I have used that in VB.NET. I have had to do this in VB 6 as well and found it to be the simplest way.


change color for an element when other element has a specific value

I need to create a function that change the color of an element A when another element B is greater than a specific value.
3/4 inch

3/4 inch
3/4 inch
3/4 inch
3/4 inch

When the div has “3/4 inch” on it, I need to change the color of the “p” tag with the class “col1”.
this is my idea so far,
function colorize(){
if ($(“.col2”).text() = “3/4 inch”) {

What’s New In Leader?

Leader is the most intuitive and simple-to-use appointment scheduling app that can help you organize appointments for supervisors, staff or your clients.
Organize data in user-friendly manner
Leader comes with a fairly simple, user-friendly interface that can be easily accessed by numerous users. The app features two main sections, an Appointments and a Clients on Treatments one, each of which can be easily accessed by clicking their corresponding tab.
Simple appointments list
The Appointments section is where you can keep track of your appointments and store various appointment-related data, such as the appointment title, time, date, location, user name and supervisor name.
Clients information can be displayed
The Clients on Treatments section is where you can keep track of all your clients and store their treatment details.
Secure data management
Leader allows you to backup and restore appointments, appointments lists and client information, which can be performed with ease by clicking the Service button under the Servicing menu.
Load/Save data
Moreover, you can load and save various data in your database, such as clients details, supervisors and staff, treatment types, types of treatments, payment types, or measurement units.
Note that saving data can only be done by clicking the Save button under the Servicing menu.
Furthermore, you can organize data according to the time periods so that you can maintain accurate records of all visits or exams.
Clients and medical personnel search
Additionally, you can sort clients and medical personnel according to their time period and even filter out the search results by their name. This can be done from the Appointments menu.
Simple appointments scheduler
The ability to schedule appointments can be easily accessed by clicking the Appointment Schedule button under the Servicing menu.
Appointment reminders
Leader can also remind you of your upcoming appointments with simple reminders that can be set up manually in the Appointment Schedule.
Leader Requirements:
Leader is a desktop application that can be used on a wide range of devices, such as computers, tablets and smartphones. It runs on Windows systems, with Mac and Linux clients being future-proof, but currently unavailable.
Available on Windows and Mac OS
Leader is an application that can be used on Windows and Mac systems.
Privacy policy
Leader is a trustworthy application that can be used on your device without worrying about


System Requirements:

DirectX 9 or higher
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
1 GB of RAM
2 GB of Hard Drive space
Mac OS X Mavericks
OS X Mountain Lion
Windows Vista, or Windows XP
You can download the 1.02 patch here! Be sure to look in the description below the download link for the “how to” section for important notes. Please report any issues to ezrenak.com/patches! ————————————————————————————-