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MedGui is designed as an accessible Graphical User Interface for the Mednafen multi emulator. The application has been written in Microsoft VB Express 2008.
This version of MedGui is only intended for Mednafen 0.9.18 series. It supports multiple archive types and comes with audio conversion capabilities.









MedGui 1.38.1 Crack + Free Download [Win/Mac] [2022]


This is the description on what the program can do.

MedGui is a Graphical User Interface to the Mednafen Multi emulator.
It allows you to:
-open and close devices
-change some options
-change some audio settings and output device selection (the last setting will remain until you restart your computer)
-compile a game
-play a game
-transfer files
-set one of the three speed settings
-set or change the emulation speed/quality
-set or change the filter settings
-set or change the output device (both menu and real out)
-change some display modes
-record the sound
-change the audio filters (when using the Audio to DSP option)
-add “history” of the last played game (when using the Open Game option)
-do basic conversions of sf2 to acc
-do basic conversions of wad to sf2, acc
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a wad file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a sf2 file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a acc file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a map file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a sound file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a self code file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a COD file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a other cod file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a gfx file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a sprite file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a self file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a music file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a background file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a grad/rgb/bkf file
-browse the sf2/wad memory to locate/load a gameboy
-browse the s

MedGui 1.38.1 (April-2022)

Mednafen is a complex emulator and is used for audio and video playback on many platforms. Its number of features range from simple timer based emulation to sophisticated sound mixing, full scale audio data emulation and advanced video emulation. Still, it might be a difficult goal to put this whole emulator on your computer and the graphical user interface is one of the major challenges to do this. Mednafen only has two native programs. This is how MedGui was created. It is written in Microsoft Visual Basic.
MedGui Features:
– Support multiple archive types
– Some audio conversion capabilities
– Info about the current emulation process
– Ability to open and save the various settings dialogs. You can save them using one of the archive types.
– Resampled audio, effects and reversed audio
– Ability to view the timing information of the devices
– Ability to load data files that specify timing, media or settings
– Support multiple screens and virtual displays
– Support both auto-play and manual play
– Ability to select continuous or one-shot timing modes
– Ability to save or open files, settings and screens.
– Ability to view modal information from the settings dialogs.
– Ability to edit and modify some parts of the emulator. Settings or the device configurations can be saved using various archive types.
– Ability to view the device errors.
– Ability to load and save banks. Banks are commonly used for audio output.
– Ability to view information about the audio device.
– Ability to open and save the various audio settings for the device.
– Ability to automatically align timing with GFX timing
– You can save this alignment, compare it later or view if its timestamp matches with a timestamp from a controller or game.
– Ability to see the timestamps of the devices in the GFX timing and sound settings.
– Support for the game Timing Controller. It works by sending triggers from an external source.
– Ability to load and save it’s settings
– GFX timing can be set to run continuous or one-shot.
– Sound can be set to play in mono or stereo.
– Ability to emulate controllers.
– A gamepad can be either physical or virtual
– Gamepad are emulated to some extent.
– Possible states from 0 to 5
– Ability to change the emulation speed
– Ability to view information about the emulated controllers
– Ability to load and save settings.
– A virtual joystick can

MedGui 1.38.1 Free

Mednafen is a collection of video game emulators that allows you to play old Nintendo video games on your home computer. Unlike other emulators that attempt to emulate the old video games as faithfully as possible, Mednafen is one of the few emulators that aim to replicate how Nintendo video games used to be played back in the 80s and 90s. Mednafen emulates the popular video game console the Nintendo Famicom. With Mednafen, you can play almost any Nintendo video game including Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros 3, The Legend of Zelda, and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.
What’s New:
*Added VGM feature*
*Added audio features*
*Added Extended Mode feature*
*Added FDS support*
*Added game audio conversion*
*Added GC support*
*Added new video feature*
*Added text scroll bar in dialogues*
*Added start menu in gui*
*Added tray icon in new version*
*Added functions to change settings*
*Added game list*
*Added Time display in main menu*
*Added screenshots support*
*Added sound volume manager in sound settings*
*Added themes and skins*
*Added setting menu by mouse right click*
*Added mouse wheel settings*
*Added new selection panel in functions*
*Added individual volume control in sound settings*
*Added RGB and colour switch in Video Configuration*
*Added support for MediaTek CPU*
*Added 2GB support for the homebrew ROMs and FDSs*
*Added support for PD3DFX libraries for PDA emulation*
*Added support for custom screen resolution*
*Added support for custom HDD and SDD size*
*Added support for multi archive by the same format*
*Added support for MMC*
*Added support for Patch 1.1 configuration and enhanced the ROMs*
*Added support for 320*480 and for the dynamic buttons*
*Added support for dual-screen (great for 2nd Monitor).*
*Added support for the Atari 2600*
*Added support for the NES*
*Added support for the Game Boy*
*Added support for the Sega Mark III*
*Added support for the Sega Saturn*
*Added support for the Sega Dreamcast*
*Added support for the 3Dfx Voodoo*
*Added support for the PSX*
*Added support for dual-screen

What’s New In?

MedGui is a system programmer’s tool for the Mednafen multi emulator. This tool simplifies the initial setup of the emulator and can be used to convert VOB to BOB files, convert VOB files to BOB, add visual effects and more. It is designed as an accessible Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the Mednafen multi emulator.
There are two versions of MedGui:
MedGui Basic: A basic GUI for the Mednafen multi emulator designed for users with limited computer knowledge.
MedGui + Features: A version of the basic GUI with extra features.
MedGui + Features – More multimedia: A version of the basic GUI with multimedia conversion features.
Ortobaro MedGui’s main features:
– Support various multimedia formats including ISO, MOV, MP4, AVI, TIF, JPG, MPEG, MP3, FLAC, and more.
– VOB file to BOB conversion.
– VOB/BOB conversion of multiple files at once.
– General purpose graphics editor.
– Several basic audio conversion functions.
– Visual effects that can be specified by setting mode and number.
– Customizable display resolution.
– BOB to VOB conversion.
– Call recordings.
– Customizable visual style.
– Friendly set up.
– Color change mode.
– Overlay.
– Music/Sound FXs and SND.
– Music/SFX can be recorded to MULTI files (only possible with MULTI BOB).
– Music/SoundFXs can be played back while recording.
– Audio/Video conversion can be set to 10x, 5x, 1x, 0.1x, or 0.01x.
– Overlay is enabled when the screen is turned off.
– Customizable resolution.
– Customizable Clock.
– Free of any costs.
– Portable.
– Runs on Windows.
– Can play all archives.
– Uses the Mednafen Library.
– Supports Multiple archivers.
– Supports multiple resolutions.
– Includes multimedia conversion capabilities.
– Audio conversion features.
– Support of up to 4 audio drivers at once.
– Support of up to 4 audio cards at once.
– Supports multiple sound FXs and SNDs.
– User friendly.
– User friendly and easy to use.
– Multi formats

System Requirements For MedGui:

Requires a 64-bit CPU with support for SSE3, or a processor that supports the SSE2 instruction set.
Requires 4 GB of RAM, and a minimum of 128 MB of available video RAM.
Intel DirectX 9 graphics chip or a compatible driver.
Windows 7 or later.
1 GB of available hard drive space.
(Most computers sold today have these specs.)
This version is optimized for computers with a single display, and requires that you have a separate graphics card. If you want to use

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