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Name Mighty Party: Wonder Girls Pack
Publisher verrdenm
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“Plunder Pack” is a fast-paced, fun and challenging side-scroller stealth-action game for PC, Mac and Linux. Inspired by the heist movies – “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Heat” – Plunder Pack features non-linear level design with many choices to be made and paths to discover. In Plunder Pack, your objective is not to complete the mission but rather to beat the clock and meet your overall objective: to stay inside the bar for at least 10 minutes and break into the safe!
Join the Plunder Pack and help the people in need:
While on the run from the authorities, you can finally put your skills to good use. Team up with your friends and help the poor and weak, but keep in mind that many other gangs are also hunting for your team. Be careful!
The thief, who is hidden on top of the wall, will notice you and sound a warning. To avoid him yelling, you must reach the safety of the building. When the alarm is switched off, you can sneak over the roofs without being seen.
“Plunder Pack” is programmed using the Julia programming language and the game runs on the OpenFL runtime.
Download the latest version of OpenFL here!

What’s New in This Version:

• Game now requires more of your time: heists now have a duration of 15 minutes. Still, you can take longer than that to finish in order to save, buy items or recruit new thieves.
• The map itself has received a new layout that made the levels look better and add more variety to the gameplay. You can either replay previous levels or jump into the new ones.
• When planning your next heist you can now see in real-time the progress of the current plan.
• After stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, a new secret mission has been added: the VIP Dining Room. It consists of a locked room with a few valuable items that can help you sell them in the black market to raise money for your gang.
• The Thieves Den was redesigned: it now has a bigger area, and items are now easier to reach from the Main Street
• Heists now have descriptions that can be read in the thieves’ quarters
• You can now pay the guards with money or buy items


Plunder Pack is an adventure game in which you play the leader of a team


Features Key:

  • Publisher: Krasner Interactive
  • Genre: Interactivity
  • Subtitle: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Polish
  • Developer:Iniquity
  • Players:1
  • Released: 1-Feb-2020
  • Installation: Steam
  • Machine OS: Windows
  • Game modes: No game mode
  • Original language: English
  • Space Ship DRIFT Key technical characteristics:

    • Language of the game: English
    • Interface language: English
    • Original graphics: Full-HD
    • Number of unlocked resources: 36
    • Directx: 11
    • P.C required: Yes
    • Installation: Steam

    Features in Space Ship DRIFT:

    • You can also play the game on this site without downloading if you prefer it this way.
    • The game has been translated to 10 languages. If you find a language that hasn’t been added yet, please reach out to us and help us to translate the game so people all over the world can play it.

    Computer Requirements Space Ship DRIFT:

    • Before purchasing this Steam game you should check that your computer specifications can run the game. We cannot issue a refund for a computer that is not able to run the game.
    • Graphics card: 2 GB of video memory
    • Processor: 1.6 GHz Dual Core CPU
    • RAM: 2 GB of RAM
    • Screen: 1280×720 pixels resolution
    • Hard Drive: Windows XP or better
    • Directx: 11

    Space Ship DRIFT Screenshots: