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Education Technology Desk, SEPTEMBER.Arlington, Vero Beach, or anywhere else?

Been considering making the move from Vero Beach to Arlington, Tx. (I’m only 7 miles north of Arlington and get excellent rates here.) I’m considering either the former Concordia, St. Paul’s, or St. Vincent’s churches. My preference is the former Concordia because they’re in a smallish city where I’m active and there’s lots of music, they’re in walking distance and less than a mile from a metro station and the northern section of the city is close to the Everglades, John T. Floore and other parks as well as the 70mph road which would allow me to reach the George Washington bridge in 30 minutes or so. They’re in a part of town that seems quiet and tranquil.

There are a lot of things I’m looking for in a church…mentally healthy, outreach-minded, music, social justice/interfaith, etc. Best of all, would not need to know anyone there to fill the role of Church music director.

any info would be appreciated, thanks.


The Church of Arlington is a wonderful Episcopal (and Episcopal-Anglican) congregation in Arlington, TX. Founded in 1883, it is among the oldest Episcopal congregations in Texas. The Rev. K. David, first rector, was originally from here. The church dates back to the early 1800s, when the first Episcopalians settled there.

The Church of Arlington is a wonderful Episcopal (and Episcopal-Anglican) congregation in Arlington, TX. Founded in 1883, it is among the oldest Episcopal congregations in Texas. The Rev. K. David, first rector, was originally from here. The church dates back to the early 1800s, when the

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