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Install netProfileManager, a small and easy-to-use tool that allows you to set up different networks, with these profiles available:

– Static configuration

netProfileManager Installation:
1. Unzip netProfileManager package to a location of your choice.
2. Launch the Installer.exe file. The Installer will install netProfileManager in your chosen location as well as create an installation log. If you wish to install netProfileManager to a different location, then click the Install button and follow the instructions.

netProfileManager Licence:
netProfileManager is freeware.

netProfileManager Update:
netProfileManager is freeware.

netProfileManager Support:
netProfileManager is freeware. Contact us for support.

You are free to download netProfileManager. However, if you like this software then you should buy the full licensed version.Upregulation of Maspin predicts recurrence and poor prognosis in patients with oral cancer.
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How to change programatically GridView’s ColumnSize in silverlight?

I have GridView in my XAML, my data will be binded to it later. I want to change one of it’s columns (not template column) size.
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This program is free to use (open source)

If you are looking for a simple and easy way to set up several network configurations and to switch between them, then this program is for you. It can be used to set up several network configurations and to switch between them (IPv4 and IPv6) quickly.

Network Profiler was created by Nick Suvel’s Free Network GUI.
It’s purpose is to make it easier to manage your network. What you use to access your network can often be different from your computer itself. This program allows you to change your computer’s network properties to match your network connection (IPv4 or IPv6). No more long IP addresses or unreliable DNS!
Network Profiler is designed to work with any network type. You can connect to your local network, a remote network via VPN (ESP, Microsoft RDP, Cisco ASA, Juniper, any custom software, or anything else), your localhost via NAT, and also the web using a proxy. No more forgetting to apply your server and localhost network properties when setting up a connection. Network Profiler will save you a lot of time and allow you to be more productive.

Network Profiler enables you to quickly change your network properties for your computer and connect to different network sources with just a single mouse click.
You don’t need to log onto your computer with your username and password again and again. This utility will make it easy for you to do just that.

Key features of Network Profiler include:
– Save you time when setting up a connection to different networks
– Change your network properties the same way you would change them when using the GUI
– Delete network connections or change how many IP addresses can connect to a network source
– View and edit network connection properties
– Save connections to a network/server list to make it easier to access them
– Enable or disable network connections
– Allow you to connect to your local network by name or IP address
– Add comments to network connections
– Add your own connection
– Connect to virtual servers and the web
– Browse network connections
– Enable or disable virtual servers
– Change the IP address of a virtual server
– Change the DNS servers for a virtual server
– Enable or disable the feature to have your computer use the localhost as a proxy server
– View and edit the proxy settings for a virtual server

What’s New in the?

* Supports multiple profiles.
* Apply profiles from the main interface or from the tray icon.
* Minimizable.
* Automatically turns IPv4 off when IPv6 is enabled and vice versa.
* Support for both static and dhcp configurations.
* Support for speed settings.
* Network localization settings.
* Controls the method of auto interface detection when used with interfaces.
* Displaying the FQDN of devices connected to the network.
* Supports the following protocol versions.
– IPv4
– IPv6
If you are using IPv6 clients, you should only use the IPv6 profile and go to IPv6 settings in the app. If you are using IPv4 clients, you should only use the IPv4 profile and go to IPv4 settings.
Note: To get this app, please visit

Networks is a utility that gives you the ability to manage all devices connected to the network. It is developed and maintained by DigitalCrafts, and it uses multiple configuration files to give you a different look for your devices.
Networks offers you the ability to use the system tray icon with very low resource usage. If your network configuration changes, you will only have to set the new configuration once, and Networks will take care of the rest.
Networks allows you to have the following types of network profiles:
* IPv4 * IPv6
In addition, you can set up various speed profiles, as well as network lock and localization settings.
Networks has a wide range of features, such as network and system tray configuration, shortcut registration and easy system tray display.
In addition, it also offers you the possibility of creating profiles for your devices.
When you start the program, you will have a window that displays the overall network status. Clicking on any item will show you a window with the more details of that item.

I know there are a ton of similar apps out there, but I’ve designed my own and am new to this site.
This is a preview, with some details and features to be added at a later date.
If you like it, please leave a comment or rate on iTunes. Thanks!

This is a preview of the interface of a screen recording utility. Any changes and additions should be implemented via the Preferences window before the final release (it is a user-interface only app as of now).

This is a preview

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, or Mac OSX, or Linux with a dual core CPU, 2GB of RAM and a 1GB graphics card (NVidia or AMD Radeon).

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