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I know, I know. It’s fine. I’ve checked in the past to see if there were any new jailbreak tweaks for the latest iOS and found nothing, so I figured I would check back. The curated list of tweaks is like a cheat sheet that reminds you of the most useful tweaks that you might have missed out on.
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Why is it called the “all hail the iceberg” group?
In the old days, surfing the web with a big G card is what you have to do and so we took it as a name to celebrate surfing the web and finding the helpful tweaks to share.
lifehack beta: instant on tweaks, launchers, apps, widgets, shortcuts toggles [workflow], weather apps like radar, and more.
Note: You may not use all of them.
LifeHack is about making your iOS devices work better and easier.
✦ Workflow: The flow for living your life better and easier
✦ Launcher: Quickly browse apps, launch any app, look up any word on a dictionary, surf the web, search for anything.
✦ Apps: Only install apps from the official app store. Increase your memory by removing the cache files.
✦ Widgets: Quick launcher, home screen shortcuts for your device. Adjust size, brightness, and many other features.
✦ Auto shut off, screen recording, screen capture and live wallpaper all in one



You could use:
awk -v RS=”[][]” -F, ‘{print $(NF-2)}’ file



Does “action” only mean “legal remedy” in English?

To me, action means a defense or response in legal cases. In this sentence from Oxford English Dictionary,

Protestants have been, as always, the most active church-goers in my country in recent years. (2012-06)

The citation leads to a history of Protestant church-going in the country, but I don’t think it makes sense to say “protestants have been…”, because I think Protestants means members of Protestant denominations, and Protestant church-going usually means frequent church-going, not legal actions.
A Dutch newspaper provides

Protestanten zijn het liefst niet te vaak voor het kerkhof te gaan (2015-12-19)

in the headline. It was an opinion expressed by the Editor-in-Chief. The plural of “Protestant” in Dutch is “Protestants” (not “Protestanten” as in English), so a Dutch translation of the whole article would be “Protestants are…” or “Protestants are the people who…”.
I guess, “Protestant” in the beginning of the sentence could be read as “Protestant” in the whole sentence.
Am I right to think that “action” only means “legal remedy” in English?


Yes, “action” means only “legal remedy”.
Sorry about the OP: I was able to infer that from the usage, but I’m not sure about the information from the link given in the OP. In that case, I would translate the headline in English like this:

Protestants are not happy, as church-goers are the most active…

The source is Die Nederlanden, which is a liberal Dutch newspaper.

Since the OP didn’t mention any context of the sentence or quote, I assumed the sentence is from an “opinion expressed by the Editor-in-Chief” and the quote is given for your own context. However, I think that’s what the usage of “protestants” in the whole sentence is: the “protestants are the most active” part is the subject of the sentence

Expected result
1 sha256 sum hash unique
neuropsicologiahumanabryankolbpdf345 · condusiv SSDkeeper Professional Home Server · install cmd!
2 sha256 sum hash unique


You can use regex \S+:
import re

s = “teste=teste sha256=123456 /home/user/Desktop/teste=”
r = re.compile(r’\S+’)
match =


\S+ will match any non-whitespace character that appears one or more times

Andrea Pirlo: “Messi está em un equipo fuera de serie” FC Barcelona El argentino, que especula con el Bayern, reconoce que la plantilla barcelonesa tiene que ampliar, pero que “estamos muy bien al 50 por ciento”

Andrea Pirlo habló con La Sexta Noche sobre FC Barcelona y lo que espera del equipo en la Liga. El italiano, que espera tener la Copa del Mundo de Rusia como recompensa, dijo que le gustaría ver a Messi en otro equipo, pero que a él le encanta su vestuario y su entorno.

“Veo ese equipo sujeto a la exigencia de cumplir los requisitos de la Liga. Tiene que ampliar más. Messi está en

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