NFT: what’s it, and what’s trending

A token is the equal of security in the digital world. Many tokens are interchangeable, like $a hundred notes. They can be used as currency.

There are additionally half-interchangeable tokens. They are comparable to each other but have their own unique feature. An example is cinema tickets. Their value is similar, but the seats in the cinema are indicated differently.

Another type of token is non-interchangeable tokens or NFTs.

In broader terms, NFT is a technology that permits you to secure ownership of any digital art object: digital art, a music album, a tweet with good jokes, virtual cats, animated stickers, your own game universes, domains, digital land and real estate for big sums of money. That said, each NFT token is unique. It can’t be reproduced.

By the way, the final record sale of NFT tokens was in March 2021. At the moment, the NFT-linked JPG file of artist Mike Winkelmann, Beeple’s Everyday: The First 5000 Days, sold for 69.3 million.

How did it all begin?
In 2014, the world’s first non-interchangeable token was created by artist Kevin McCoy together with programmer Anil Dash. It was a unique and indivisible coin that would not be replicated.

Kevin McCoy tied his animated Quantum artwork to NFT and sold it in 2021 for $1.4m at a Sotheby’s auction.

In 2017, the CryptoPunks project emerged.

CryptoPunks are one of many first examples of ‘non-interchangeable tokens’ in Ethereum. CryptoPunks was the inspiration for the ERC-721 standard. It is the one that supports most digital artworkwork and acquireables.

In truth, every graphic image of a face was linked to a chunk of computer code in the blockchain platform. That is, it had a singular token where information concerning the owner of the image was stored. And while anybody might download the image, the owner was the person whose Ethereum wallet was listed within the picture NFT.

You may ask: what’s the level of owning an image that anybody can download from the Internet, print or ship to anybody? You can understand this by looking at artworks in museums.

Anyone should purchase a reproduction of “Gioconda” and hang it in their room. But there may be an unique which is kept within the Louvre. It has an owner. And the more popular the painting, the more of its replicas are created, the more typically it is replicated, and the higher the value of the original. And the more the owner wins.

By the way, the value of this particular image ranges from 850 to 2.5 billion U.S. dollars. In this case, the insured value, according to records in the registers of the Louvre, is a hundred million euros. Not lots?

The situation is just like NFT tokens. Digital and virtual objects can also be valuable, rare and trendy. They might well develop into a collector’s item and an awesome make investmentsment. The same applies to gaming: gamers can gather virtual artefacts from totally different games and trade them for something valuable, too.

Who sells and buys NFTs?
Anybody can sell and buy digital art and other objects. But when the hype started, and the demand for NFT tokens elevated, big players — world-famous galleries, public sale houses, production firms and individual museums — stepped in to buy and sell.

How do I buy another person’s work with NFT or tokenize my own?
First, you have to register a wallet with ETN (Ethereum) currency on any of the crypto exchanges Binance, Coinbase, BitPanda and others. They permit you to alternate common money for cryptocurrency. Newcomers are normally advised to use the Coinbase wallet for security reasons. As soon as it’s set up with two-step verification, you may trade local money for Ethereum and make purchases.

To tokenize the work, you can use the major marketplaces Rarible or OpenSea, NiftyGateway or Foundation. Each of the marketplaces has detailed instructions on how one can put an NFT token up on the market or buy ownership. By the way, you can’t do without registering a wallet right here as well because the marketplaces charge a commission on sales.

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