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Keeping all of your thoughts together can prove to be a difficult task. However, if you get to spend a lot of hours in front of the PC, specialized applications like PANDA come with just the right means to help organize your daily activities in a structured calendar, as well as your address book with all personal, or work contacts.
Advantages of a portable app
Just so the application to work, you need to have Java Runtime Environment installed first. On the other hand, the application itself requires no setup, and can be carried on a thumb drive in case you want to use it on both your work, and home computers. Registry items are not affected in the process, so neither is the stability of the target PC.
The visual design is pretty intuitive, with different color schemes to choose from to make the design blend with your desktop. A side navigation panel helps you browse through your database elements, and it can be toggled for more edit space. The rest of the window is where all values go, each type saved in a different tab.
Different types of documents to work with
Sadly, the application comes with no file support whatsoever, so the only way to insert content is via the clipboard. However, export does benefit from the option to upload all data to your FTP server. Saving files is possible, but this needs to be done by writing down appropriate commands.
Your database can be fitted with multiple folders which can contain other folders, or specific types of documents. You get to work with text fields, formattable text, calendars, time tables, and address books. These have their own set of editing options, with this separation minimizing the risk of overwhelming you with too many details.
Document types mostly speak for themselves, with plain, and formattable text allowing you to compose nearly all kinds of text elements. Tables, and calendars on the other hand, are oriented towards task management, with description fields, and possibility to set up alarms. As for the address book, it comes in a basic form, with a custom number of editable text fields to add for each entry.
To sum it up
All things considered, we can safely state that PANDA is a reliable application with the help of which to organize your daily activities, notes, and contacts. Although there’s some degree of variety in terms of edit options, it could have used some minor tweaks, such as picture support for contacts, or an easier way to load and save files.







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PANDA is an efficient, and comprehensive project management and task management application. It provides a simple environment for you to record, organize, and manage your activities on desktop. PANDA is an ideal personal to-do list app that should surely win you over with its clean and straightforward interface.

PANDA Key features:

· Keep track of your progress

· Free for home use

· Organize your tasks

· Focused workflow

· Weekly, and monthly calendar

· Text, and image memos

· Add contacts

· FTP uploads

· Easy setup

PANDA Requirements:

· Your device should have the ability to run.exe files

· You may need to have Java Runtime Environment installed first to work.

· Mac OS 10.5 or later


· Video: 1024×768

· 7MB free disk space

Note: To install the app, you will need to enable the Java option in your device’s settings. If you have done this already, you can skip this part.

How to Use PANDA.1

· Open it up.

· Click on ‘PANDA’ in the app listing.

· Click on ‘Add a new Project’ and input all the required project details.

· Click on ‘Create Project’ to start managing it.

· Click on the project name to open the Project Settings.

· If you want to edit the project further, click on ‘Project Settings’ and make the appropriate changes.

· Click on ‘View all Projects’ to access the list of all your projects.

· Click on ‘Projects’ and access all other projects you have in the app.

· Click on any project to open that project for editing.

· Select the ‘Start day’ and ‘Start date’ fields to input date-time data.

· Click on ‘Create’ to start adding items to the project.

· Click on an entry to edit the item.

· You can edit the item details by clicking on the ‘edit’ icon.

· You can also delete the entry by clicking on the ‘delete’ icon.

· Click on ‘Create Field’ to add a new field or use an existing field.

· Use the ‘Search’ icon to add and use the appropriate fields.


An application like PANDA functions as a way to organize all your notes in an easy and organized manner. It can be called as a daily planner, organizer, and address book at the same time. This lets you attach one of those components to tasks, time schedules, and contacts. You can even have different directories with all related documents stored in them. For example, tasks and notes could go in one, while addresses and phone numbers could go in another folder. This makes it quite easy to prioritize your tasks as well as organize your important contacts.
Let’s just take a look at the options available within the application.
Start with the task management section. The application allows you to open, organize, and set up to-do lists, add comments, set repetition, and even create reminders.
The notes option is the best way to record even the most insignificant of activities, like you might get on the commute to work. Aside from that, you’ll also be able to scan papers with this option, and you can even convert notes to text documents.
The calendar section is pretty straightforward, with all the basic tools ready to be organized. You can put dates, time, and even set repeating events for a more automated approach to scheduling.
The address book of the application is pretty standard, with all the tools available from the default address book.
PANDA Conclusion:
Panda is a comprehensive application that lets you do much with your work schedule, work and personal notes, and contact information. You can easily organize them into folders, and add new documents of various types for easy access.
A unique feature to this application is the ability to organize other tasks, so they can be made active or inactive at a click. The program is easy to use, with a helpful visual design that makes the necessary application elements to appear in the workspace easily.
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In the end, the customer always wins! But not here. What we can easily say is that the app is easy to use, and does its job well. We can surely state the following:
+ The app is not large in size, with a thin installation
+ Colors and sections are pretty intuitive, and can be easily distinguished
+ Tabbing and the ability to resize is in place
+ Export of all files is available, but no file handling support
+ As for various document types, they are sufficient
+ The application is well-structured, and has intuitive settings
– No file handling support
– No file integration
– Concept is not suited for advanced users
– Lack of graphics support
– Too many options in some places

Panda Description

PANDA lets you create a solid structure for the entirety of your daily activities, just the way you want it. With three main sections, you can make work really easy and accessible, be it your address book, memos or even calendars. You get a list of related applications for each section to help you keep everything all in one place.

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