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Basic features

Photoshop’s primary interface uses toolbars at the top of the document, with the general area of operation in the main workspace area, at the center, where users can manipulate layers and work on images as raster images.

The left side of the workspace contains panels used to facilitate various tasks. The tools at the bottom of the interface are used to create, modify, edit, and correct images as raster elements.

The next section describes some basic functions of Photoshop.

The Basic interface

The Photoshop interface has two primary areas:

The workspace The editing panel

The workspace

A file selection dialog box, seen here in the default view, is found under the File menu, in the Open dialog box.

This dialog box is used to open existing images.

The top toolbar is where various tools are placed, depending on the task.

Tools are grouped into different categories, for example, Photoshop commands; tools that contain editing options and effects; and the like.

The toolbar contains several tools that are dedicated to specific tasks, such as importing and exporting images, adjusting colors, creating new images from scratch, and importing, exporting, and printing images.

The table on the right contains icons that are used to apply adjustment layers.

Adjustment layers are overlays that let you modify the image and can change color, adjust contrast, or even add special effects.

The editing panel

The editing panel, as its name suggests, provides you with access to the various tools that can be used to manipulate the image.

In the Tools toolbox, Photoshop provides a collection of tools that include:

Photoshop’s main toolbox contains the following tools:

Filter: These tools are dedicated to creating artistic effects.

Layer: These tools are used to create layers and work on them.

Adjustment: These tools are used to apply adjustment layers.

Lightroom: These tools are used to capture images and improve them.

Paintbrush: These tools are used to create and apply selections.

Brush: These tools are used to create and apply selections and fills.

Lasso: These tools are used to create selections and freehand selections.

Path: These tools are used to create paths and shapes.

Pencil: These tools are used to create paths and shapes.

Eraser: These tools are used

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The default folder structure in Photoshop Elements is fairly organized. There is a structure called work which is quite large. This folder takes up almost the whole of the hard disk. In addition, the layout of folders is somewhat different than in the original version.

There are two sections: the left side contains the Folders of Elements, and on the right you will see various tabs.

The tabs are:

1. Presets

2. Workspace and Photos

3. Info

4. Adjustments

5. Filters and Tools

6. Organize

7. Document

8. Design

9. Web and Print

10. More Tools

11. Popular

We will discuss each of these folders and tabs in detail.

1. Presets – Here, you will find all the built-in presets or preset groups of presets which are available. These presets are for adding professional results to raw or jpg images.

Some of the popular presets include:

1. Make Up

2. Posters

3. Flower

4. Old Camera

5. Meets Aged Architecture

6. Desaturated Colors

7. Vintage

8. Old Leaves

9. Vintage Photo

10. Cartoon Sketching

11. Image Compose

12. Watercolor Sketching

13. Rock Sketching

14. Pencil Sketching

15. Abstract Sketching

16. The Modernists

17. The Arts and Crafts

18. Burlesque

19. Colored Design

20. Pop Art

21. Working on a Low Budget

22. Pastel Art

23. Senior Artists

24. Glamour

25. Contrast and Grunge

26. Layered Art

27. Vintage Photo Effect

28. Rainbow Image Effect

29. Photo Op

30. Light Painter

31. Gold Leaf

32. Globe

33. Freehand Art

34. Color Harmony

35. Image Maker

36. Road Movies

37. Colorful Film

38. Artistic Film

39. Digital Landscape

40. Studio Scenery

41. Travel Scenery

42. Street and Street Scene

43. Image Maker

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