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Be careful when you choose Photoshop. The file extension means absolutely nothing on your hard drive; it’s only an indication that the file is a Photoshop file. Even _Photoshop_ files end in _.psd_, so an _IMG_ file is still _IMG_!

6. **After you choose the correct format for your file, click the small arrow to expand the format options (Figure 1-3 to change the file type. You can use most common graphics

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This tutorial will show you how to create a watermark, watercolor style art piece, and a personal piece.

This Photoshop tutorial teaches how to make your own watercolor style art piece in Photoshop. To make a watercolor style art piece, you will need to experiment with brushes, layers, filters, alpha channels, and layer masks. You can make a piece of art or a logo that has been watercolors just as easily as any other style.

First, open Photoshop and make a new document. This is where you will place the watercolor art piece. You can use any document size you want but I will be using a 8 x 10 document.

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Creating a Watermark

The first thing you want to do is start an image. In this document, I have used a photo of water. I uploaded the original photo to Imgur, but you can find the original here. I used the water clipart watermark you can download here.

I wanted to make the watermark look like a watercolor, so I used the layer style “watercolor” to create the effect.

I used a brush of about 2 pixels in size, which created a nice, hazy look. You can adjust the size and hardness of the brush as you see fit. If you want the piece to have a watercolor effect, you may want to increase the hardness of the brush.

I then dropped it in the layers below my photo.

Step 2: Using the Filter > Stylize > Bleach Effect.

Now to create the watercolor look. I created a new layer above my photo layer and used the filter “Stylize > Bleach Effect”. I adjusted the settings to blur the image so the image looked blurred and had a cool vintage look. You can also color in the photo as well. I added some blue color to match the photo.

Step 3: Adding a Drop of Color

Next, I’m going to go back to the watermark layer and add some color. The water color I will be using is #df4b77, and I used that color over the area I wanted in the photo to show.

Your drop color may be different. Try experimenting with the different colors. You can also color out sections of the image by using layer masks.

Step 4: Creating a Layer Mask.

Now that we have colored out the piece, we

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Can you translate ‘I remain calm’ in German?

Can you translate ‘I remain calm’ in German (for example in a situation where you want to let your colleagues or customers know that you are fully focused on your work)?
For example:

Dieses Problem wird schnell gelöst. Ich bleibe in meiner Stellung und mache mich nicht in meinen politischen Ansichten zu verärgern.

Is there any other suitable idiom for that?


Are we talking about the ‘traditional’ stereotype of a coffee machine in a co-working space or a bigger company?
If it is just an internal co-working space, “ich bleibe in meiner Stellung” would be something similar to the English “I’ll stand my ground”, which would mean “I will not budge from my position, or risk losing my composure”.
If it is a bigger company, “ich bleibe in meiner Stellung” would then mean “I will not lose my composure”, indicating that you want your colleagues and customers to know that you are not going to lose your cool. It’s definitely not the idiom you are looking for, but it works.


You can translate, but depending on the situation, it is really more work than just saying I’m not going to lose my cool.

Einfach mal aus den Augen verlieren/verlieren würde for “to lose my head”.
Statt regungslos bleiben/bleiben ist a good choice for “to remain cool”. It sounds more official, and is probably the best choice if you think you may have to fill the role as manager or official spokesman at some point.

Ich bleibe wachsam und betrachte mich nicht als Opfer, sondern als Gegner.


Unmissverständlich bekräftige ich meinen Wert wie ein Waldlöwe, ohne doch beleidigt zu werden.

would be a good translation for your third and fourth sentence. There are more variations with “sobere Verhältnisse wäre das unmöglich. Ich behält mein verr

What’s New In?

Calculating and verifying ELF performance

This is an archived article that was published on in 2013, and information in the article may be outdated. It is provided only for personal research purposes and may not be reprinted.

There’s no doubt about it: There’s a surge in performance in Unix and Linux systems lately.

It comes from a number of factors — not just the fact that Linux is moving to 64-bit and ARM systems, but from the number of CPUs, from the way packages are installed, and from the adoption of smaller, faster storage.

Our own test system based on the Linaro Arch Linux (Linux version 3.2.14-linaro-boot) is a 3.6 GHz ARMv7 quad-core processor with a DDR3 memory running at 800 MHz. It runs four graphics cards on a system based on AMD’s Radeon HD 7970 2GB card.

There’s also an i7 quad-core processor with a DDR3 memory running at 2.66 GHz and a GTX 680 graphics card. And that’s not counting our Linux desktop, a dual-core i7 with a DDR3 memory running at 2.66 GHz and a Radeon HD 7750 1GB graphics card.

Arch Linux is based on the 2.6.30 Linux kernel. It includes the Linux kernel configuration file that specifies memory, processor and IO subsystems, and it includes the libc library.

Arch Linux, which is set up the way it is to minimize installation and simplify kernel configuration, has lots of other packages installed. Besides the kernel configuration file, there are programs for SSH, GPG and PGP key management, OpenSSH, Python and Perl, GnuPG, default and custom Debian packages for web servers and mail services, Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Epiphany, LibreOffice, Firefox, Opera, Midori and Claws Mail, SSH, CUPS, X.Org, XFCE4, SAMBA, Samba, Sane, Samba, GNOME, Gnome, KDE, some command-line shells (including tcsh and bash), an editor, a drawing package, a visualizer, a terminal emulator, Tuxpaint for the youngest, a security package, a text editor, an image viewer, a file archiver, a calendar and a few others.

There are several kernel modules, like one for NVidia graphics cards, that also need to

System Requirements:

Windows Vista or 7
OS Memory: 4 GB RAM
CPU: Dual Core Processor
Graphics Card: OpenGL 2.0
Hard Drive Space: 50 GB available
Sound Card: DirectX-compliant
Additional Requirements:
Internet connection, headphones, and a webcam
Minimum 10GB of free hard drive space
Install Notes:
Installing Steinberg VSTs may take as long as 10 minutes, depending on the number of VSTs you have installed.
Double-clicking the installer will open a “Setup

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