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Adobe Lightroom

Apple’s newly developed image editing software, Adobe Lightroom, offers an interface even easier to use than Photoshop Elements. In fact, you can’t even tell it’s an image editing program. Its interface is clean and simple, with no buttons crammed into the bottom half of the screen. Figure 5-7 shows a sample image opened in Lightroom.

**Figure 5-7:** Lightroom has been designed with a clean interface.

— | —

PRO: It’s also easier to use than Lightroom’s older version, called Lightroom 3.

FLAW: It doesn’t offer all the tools of Photoshop or the raw quality of Photoshop Elements.

## Choosing from Free or Paid Software

The cost of Photoshop, Elements, and Lightroom varies depending on whether you have access to their trial version. For any image editing, you’re better off going for the freeware trial version, which is usually the

Anurag 10 In Photoshop Cs3 Download Free

Some of you may need a Windows photo editor. I was initially going to suggest Elements since Windows 10 has better image editing features. Windows 10 has the Photo Editing, Slicing and Filtering features built into Microsoft Photos. If you want to view the raw image that may be behind an edited photo, you can use the Selection tool to see the original before you did any edits to that photo.

Macintosh Photoshop can be used on the latest version of macOS. It can work with the following:

Downloading Photoshop Elements

There are several download options for Photoshop Elements on the Adobe website. You can download for computers and Macs, or you can download for mobile devices.

Here is a list of the download options in case you don’t want to do the manual download from the Adobe website:

iOS devices. Photo Software for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. An application for editing photos on an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Android devices. Photo Software for Android. An application for editing photos on an Android device.

Downloading for iOS devices.

For iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices:

Download for Macintosh. Photo Software for Mac OS X. A desktop application for Mac.

Download for Windows. Photo Software for Windows. A desktop application for PC.

This is a manual download from Adobe. It is not the recommended download for Windows PC, but you may want to use it if you want to run Photoshop Elements on Windows 10.

If you find the download links do not work when you open the link from a Mac computer, click the link on your Mac to download the software.

Download for iOS devices:

You’ll need to download the Adobe Image Application on your iOS device and then you’ll be able to download Elements or you can get the software free. The Image App can be found in the Photos app on the home screen.

Click the Add App icon to add the Adobe Image Application to your iOS device. Click the Images icon to open the Photos app. Click Apps > Add Photo App. Choose Adobe Image Application. Enter your Adobe ID and email address and sign in to the app.

After you log in, your photo library and your photo albums will be imported into the app. See the following screen shots for more information:

Photo library:

Select an album from the Photo Library. Click the Edit icon.

More editing tools:

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How do you find the width of an HTML element with a math styling?

I have a font-size of 30px and have written to a paragraph

in a smaller font-size.
Now I want to find the width of the smaller font

in pixels.
I know that you can find out the width of the entire element using:

and I know that if I did
var fontSize = 100;
document.getElementById(“my_element”).style.fontSize = fontSize + ‘px’;

and then
document.getElementById(“my_element”).style.fontSize = “30px”;

I know that I could use jQuery for this.
The problem is, I’m still stuck in IE7 and IE8. It doesn’t work (i.e. width isn’t updated) when I do this:
var fontSize = 100;
$(“#my_element”).css(“font-size”, fontSize + ‘px’);

$(“#my_element”).css(“font-size”, “30px”);

What other method could I try?


If the math function is built into the CSS, then take advantage of it.
font-size: 33px;
width: calc(100px / 2 – 10px / 2);

When calculating the width, use the * and divide by two to get the proper font size.
Otherwise you have to calculate it.
I just ran this jsFiddle and I do get a 3px difference in width, so as long as the math function is taking into account the font-size, you should be good.


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