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Your Bookmarks toolbar can get quite cluttered if you have a lot of favorite websites, which makes finding and launching the right one more difficult than many users would like.
Quickey Tab is a Chrome extension that enables you to bind each website to a keyboard key and launch them easily from your new tab page. What’s more, it displays selected images from Unsplash in the background.
Clever way to launch all your favorite websites
What the extension does is quite simple – it allows you to assign each key on your keyboard to a specific website, making it possible to launch it with a single keystroke after opening a new tab.
Once you have brought up a new tab, simply press TAB or click anywhere on the page to display the virtual keyboard. Binding websites is very easy, and you can also assign an emoji to each key.
By default, the extension opens websites in a new tab without switching to them. However, you can also have it move to the opened website instantly, as well as close the original page.
Multiple background themes for you to choose from
Quickey Tab displays a photo from Unsplash in every new tab, and the extension gives you a number of themes that determine what types of images are shown. You can also access the photographer’s Unsplash page to view more of their works.
However, we noticed that the images are quite slow to load, as it normally takes about a second for the full-resolution version of the picture to be displayed. Not a huge issue, but it could bother some users.
Time-saving extension that can help you launch your bookmarked websites
Overall, Quickey Tab is a great extension for users who have a hard time managing their bookmarks, as it enables you to bind them to individual keyboard keys. It is very easy to set up, and it also displays high-quality background images from Unsplash in each new tab.







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Whether you’re in the habit of bookmarking and launching sites to access them later, or you’re looking for a quick way to get to them, Quickey is a Chrome extension to help you access your favorite sites right away.

With Quickey, you can bind websites directly to your keyboard keys. Just press the key to open the site, or press ALT+ENTER to open a new tab and select the website you want to open. It’s much easier than copying and pasting.Q:

Matlab fmincon stops searching before finishing

I’m trying to find the optimal value of a variable w which is constrained within the interval [1:5000] and calculated using fmincon. However the fmincon returns the minimum in the first 10 iterations (while the optimal value shouldn’t be that close to the first maximum) and then stops. From the documentation, I should wait about 60 iterations for it to be sure that I have indeed found the global minimum, but as I’m not sure that it is the case, I would like to ask if there’s a way to increase the number of iterations and make sure that the minimum has been found. Here is my code:
P1 = [1 2] P2 = [3 2] P3 = [1 2] P4 = [3 2] P5 = [3 1]

P = [P1 P2 P3 P4 P5];

P0 = 0;
x0 = [1 0]’;

E = P * (P0 – x0);
fmincon(@(w) V(w,P0),x0,E,@(w) V(w,P1),@(w) V(w,P2),@(w) V(w,P3),@(w) V(w,P4),@(w) V(w,P5),…

And the output is:
ans =


Can I somehow limit the search to get a more precise value of w?


First off, as I’m sure

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Are you looking for a time-saving extension that can help you launch your bookmarked websites? If yes, you may want to take a look at Quickey Tab Crack, which has been added to the Chrome Web Store earlier this year.
What’s New
— Refreshed the UI and added an option to display sites in the background.
— Fixed a bug where themes weren’t loading instantly.
— Improved the speed of icon loading.
— Added a ‘toggle foreground’ option.
— Added a ‘toggle right click’ option.
— Added an option to close tabs after opening them.
— Added an option to toggle file previews.
— Added an option to choose folder path.
— Added an option to choose folder name.
— Added an option to choose folder icon.
— Added an option to choose folder background.
— Added an option to choose file count.
— Added an option to choose file icon.
— Added an option to choose file background.
— Added an option to choose font size.
— Added an option to use custom background themes.
— Added an option to choose a theme from a provided list.
— Added a short cut to open sites in background mode.
— Added an option to save a short-cut.
— Added an option to choose if screenshots are shown.
— Added an option to choose what the last active tab is.
— Added a showcase of Unsplash.
— Added a showcase of icons.
— Added a showcase of backgrounds.
— Improved the speed of tab loading.
— Improved the speed of theme loading.

Having too many bookmarks in your Bookmarks folder can be a nuisance and an eye-sore as well. If you don’t have the time and patience to sort all your bookmarks out, but nevertheless want to organize them by the website you are visiting most often, then bookmarknod is just what you need.
Bookmarknod is a free Chrome extension that allows you to add bookmarks to a folder and then display a list of bookmarks for each folder. Tapping on a bookmark in the list will open up its page in your current tab.
How to use Bookmarknod
The chrome://extensions directory contains a number of extensions which can be enabled easily by clicking on the “Enable” button. For example, in order to add bookmarknod to your Chrome Web Store page, navigate

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Quickey Tab is an extension for Chrome. It allows you to organize all your bookmarks in order to launch them with a simple keypress.

Quicky Tab was developed by Quickeys.

Quickeys is a web development company providing web-related services. We build websites and mobile apps, all based on modern technologies like HTML5 and CSS3.




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Please send us a message (via contact page) with as much information as you can to further assist your needs.

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Average of each row in a column in a dataframe

I want to take the average of each row in a column and add that value to the end of the row. I want the end result to be a data frame with all the info…
For Example:
df is the name of the dataframe
df[‘rows’] is the column I am referring to
df[‘myvalue’] is the number I want added to the end of each row

import pandas as pd
import numpy as np
df = pd.read_csv(‘bigtest.csv’, header = None, delimiter = ‘,’)
mylist = np.array(df[‘rows’])
avg = np.average(mylist)

I have tried various combinations of code, and nothing works… Please help!


Use numpy.column_stack:
import numpy as np

df[‘averages’] = df[‘rows’].apply(lambda x: np.average(x))


rows averages
0 1 1.5

What’s New in the Quickey Tab?

==> Do you have a cluttered bookmarks toolbar? You can now get access to your favorite websites quickly and easily with Quickey Tab, a Chrome extension that enables you to create new tabs based on websites you want to launch.
==> With Quickey Tab, you can launch multiple websites in a single click. This enables you to swiftly access your favorite websites and applications.
==> You can easily edit or search your bookmarks. You can launch a website instantly without having to open a new tab.
==> Quickey Tab is the fastest way to launch websites. Quickey Tab also displays beautiful background images in your new tab. Each tab is also uniquely yours, with emojis and colors to choose from.
==> Quickey Tab is a must-have extension for those who are looking to speed up their online experience.
==> Free download from Google Play and the Chrome Web Store
==> Supports emojis, themes, and editing bookmarks
==> Easy to install. No setup required
==> Change background image for each tab
==> Get background images from Unsplash
==> Share a link to any website
==> Quick access to websites you want to launch, so you can quickly get to your favorite websites
==> Bind websites to a specific key
==> Support for emojis, themes, editing, and the fastest way to launch
==> The maximum number of websites can be up to 500.
==> It is a Chrome extension
==> Download the latest version of Quickey Tab and enjoy!
==> Just click on the extension and you are done!
==> You can also specify icons instead of emojis

Once you have brought up a new tab, simply press TAB or click anywhere on the page to display the virtual keyboard. Binding websites is very easy, and you can also assign an emoji to each key.


Create New Tab




Close Tab

Close the current tab and move to a new one



Choose one of your bookmarked websites to download it instantly

Display Options


Restore the settings to the default settings.

Replace the extension to another extension that you already have installed.


Replace the extension

Replace the extension and replace the current one with the new one



System Requirements:

GameOS: OSX 10.6 or higher
CPU: 1.6 GHz dual core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
GPU: Intel HD 3000 or higher
Installation Instructions:
Download the game and extract it
Run the game
Note: You need to disable your antivirus to install the game correctly.
Doom64 is a free demo and shareware version of Doom for OSX. You need to disable your antivirus to install the game correctly.
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