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Understanding layer controls

The most important tool in the layer management menu bar is the Layer Controls tool. Click the Layers tool icon in the Toolbox (which I cover earlier in this chapter), and then click the Layer Controls icon in the upper-right corner of the dialog box (see Figure 6-1). This tool displays three tabs:

* **Layers:** Used for managing and organizing the individual layers in a file.
* **Layer Comps:** Used for making copies of layers and for comparing two or more layers (which is one reason why this is the top tab in the Layer Controls dialog box).
* **Layer Properties:** Used to view, modify, and apply the various properties and settings of a layer. This is the tab on which you apply styles.

Using the Layers tab, you have access to any

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Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Photoshop

Here are some ways to improve your Photoshop experience.

1. Get familiar with the user interface

Learning about Photoshop is a matter of learning to navigate the tool window and identifying buttons and menus that are essential to your tasks.

2. Work with the settings

Work with the settings to make the tool easier to use.

3. Adjust your screen display

If you have trouble with large tool windows displaying in the middle of your screen, you can adjust the settings to open tool windows on the right side. To get to the settings, double-click the desktop icon, and then click on Image, Edit, Preferences.

4. Use keyboard shortcuts

Press the CTRL + SHIFT + key to access an additional 20 shortcuts. For more details, see Photoshop key shortcuts.

5. Manage layers

From the Layers palette, navigate to the edges of the palette or click on the eye icon to see and switch between layers.

6. Add effects

Click the Annotate button to open the brush panel. Choose a brush and then hover over your images to add effects and text. Click the triangle icon to close the panel.

7. Draw or add paint strokes with a paintbrush

You can draw or add paint strokes on an image with the paintbrush tool in the toolbox in the upper left of the screen. To select a tool, click and drag the tool icon on the toolbar. Click and drag over an image to add a paint stroke. The paintbrush tool works best on very smooth, even surfaces. Larger brush sizes allow you to make finer adjustments.

8. Remove unwanted features with Eraser tool

Click and drag the tools icon on the toolbar to open the Eraser tool. Click the Eraser on the toolbar and then click over an image to erase features.

9. Make selections

You can select an object, text, or a shape in your image

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* Generated by class-dump 3.3.4 (64 bit).
* class-dump is Copyright (C) 1997-1998, 2000-2001, 2004-2011 by Steve Nygard.


@interface NSString (NSStringSorting)
– (id)_sortedSauce;
– (id)_sortedSauceIfNeeded;
– (id)_sortedSauceIfSauceIsValid;

Click on the play button to listen to report.

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C# directory read access

I want to read some directories in C#. This way:
DirectoryInfo myDir = new DirectoryInfo(path);
StreamReader file = myDir.OpenText();

But the directory is in a folder that is inside another folder. How can I give access to the main folder to the app?
I give a try with myDir.


myDir.Path + “\”


How do I reference variables in sub-queries?

I have a query that I want to use for both reading and writing
uscancelindate = CASE
WHEN o.cancelamount od.batchpendingamount THEN o.cancelamount – od.batchpendingamount
JOIN od on o.oscancelnum = od.oscancelnum

Now, I want to be able to update the data and have the query return the updated rows in the same fashion as it does in the first query. I could do a sub query like this:
uscancelindate = CASE

System Requirements:

– 64 bit Windows Vista or later
– 1 GHz Processor
– 2 GB of free hard disk space
– 8 GB of free RAM (32-bit only)
– 512 MB of Graphics card memory (64-bit only)
– DirectX 9.0c
– 250 MB of game storage space (32-bit only)
– 2 GB of hard disk space (64-bit only)
– Quad core 2.8 GHz Intel or AMD processor
– 2 GB of