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Vatam Sippu on February 14, 2015

“Tarnished Princess” Princess of the Next Generation

A young girl dressed in the outfit of a traveling wanderer, you are a Tarnished Princess, a member of a group known as the Elden Ring, that serves as an instrument for a great betrayal by the heartless Elden King. Overexposed to the sky, you have turned into an outsider, with no real understanding of anything and no clue of the deep ties that bind your group.
Isolated from the rest of the world by an inscrutable wall of fog, you have been on a journey in search of a way back home, only to emerge within the walls of an ancient castle that you had never heard of before.

In the Lands Between, there is a great number of dreams and hopes, which have divided the kingdoms into two opposing sides, and a peaceful balance is maintained by the Elden Ring, the light and the dark.

Entering this land, the Tarnished Princess finds herself surrounded by new and intense emotions she never knew she could feel. The sweetness of the most purest heart, the sorrow of the broken past, the uncertain energy of the forthcoming future. Within the Lands Between, the Tarnished Princess finds herself face to face with the colossal power of the Elden Ring.

The joy and sorrow of the Tarnished Princess will make you the protagonist of your own tale, of your own destiny, of your own world. 《1:1 BOOTH TALK》
I’ll show you your destiny with the help of the cheerful Vatam Sippu, the vendor in the game. So for the next 12 hours or so, please have a look at his booth.

I’m Vatam Sippu.

Vatam Sippu: Vatam, Welcome.

Tarnished Princess: Vatam Sippu! I am Tarnished Princess.

Vatam Sippu: Vatam, Welcome. I’ll explain the overall features and what’s going on today.

Tarnished Princess: But does it really end here? It’s just a 12-hour sojourn. I’m sure this isn’t it…

Vatam Sippu: If you don’t understand, it’s alright. It’s only natural.

Tarnished Princess: Don’t be so serious


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An Old Mist-Traveling Story: A Tale of an Elden Lord, Awakening Alive! The fantasy RPG follows a story of an old mist-traveling only Elden Lords who return alive from the afterlife to revive the undead.

  • Unique graphics with 3D Depth: The most interesting dungeon architecture in the form of branching paths. A vast open field with dramatic narrow hallways. A multitude of wings and a thick roof.

  • Visually beautiful scenery: An oversize 2D character class with retro charm. The sound design appropriates to the game’s setting to provide rich auditory sensations.

  • Rise, Tarnished: The world of the Elden Ring unfolds as you develop your character, which consists of 2 parts, body and soul. The development process of the tattered souls is tracked, and the resurrecting techniques are constantly found out.

  • A vast world where open fields, thick forest, and a dungeon are seamlessly interwoven: The approachable world has a wide open area with an abundance of farmland and dense mountains. It’s full of dramatic scenery. Dungeon and town settings and architecture are all unique.

  • Create your own character: Freely interact with the game’s character system. Customize the appearance, equipment and skills that you equip, and think like a new person through deep thinking.

  • Character development based on your play style: Class-based character development that is free of standard stat flows. Attribute balance is kept in mind, and while the amount of basic attributes differs, the distribution is adjusted to achieve synergistic interactions.

  • Move in various manners across the vast fields, intricate hallway, and dungeon: A variety of manners for you to move across the world, such as flight on the air, and locomotion on land, in addition to movement in the dungeon with equipment.

  • Visually challenging action RPG: Featuring visually rich and diverse battle fields. Still a large part of the action RPG, such as the rope-dangling main attacks are also supported.


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    “Play-safe, easy to pick up, and easy to play. We shouldn’t need to play simple, easy games to get our required fix of JRPGs these days, but we’re here to serve you anyway. It’s surprising how well the battle system functions for the genre. One of the best.” – IGN, “Seven Kingdoms: The Dragon Knight”

    “At the core of the game is a rather solid combat system that requires you to use both your physical and magical attacks to battle the enemy.” – RPGFan, “Seven Kingdoms: The Dragon Knight”

    “Seven Kingdoms: The Dragon Knight has an incredibly deep and varied combat system, and expertly subverts other tropes of the genre to suit it. Particularly enjoyable are the battle animations, which often make it look like you’re actually kick-boxing in a concert hall rather than fighting in a dungeon.” – Nintendo Life, “Seven Kingdoms: The Dragon Knight”

    “Seven Kingdoms: The Dragon Knight is a great JRPG game that is similar to Seven Samurai. This game is not like other RPG games on the market. It is very different from other RPGs to which you need to pay attention in order to overcome the challenging enemies. I challenge you to try this game out.” – GameZebo, “Seven Kingdoms: The Dragon Knight”


    “The streamlined combat system makes for a more manageable entry into the series, which can be a win.” – RPGFan, “The Companions Wars”

    “Using a touch-based system, and an easy-to-navigate user interface, The Companions Wars is an accessible action RPG that sets its players on a fast-paced journey through the ever-shifting battlefields of the Seven Kingdoms. This formula of interface simplicity, choice-packed gameplay, and character-focused story is at the heart of the market’s best RPGs, and we are proud to announce The Companions Wars for the West.” – Compulsion Games, “The Companions Wars”


    “Joining a medieval society bound in a never-ending war as a summoner is a noble path, but it is a dangerous one, fraught with betrayal, betrayal and still more betrayal as you have to dedicate the rest of your life to save the Kingdom of Elsiria. Thanks to his or her skill at summoning spirits,


    Elden Ring [2022-Latest]

    Gameplay Features:

    ■ High Potential, Rich Variety of Unique Dungeons, Endless Exploration

    As an action RPG, while the game has action elements, it is hard to face multiple, intense on-screen enemies at once. To counter this, we have applied the class system, in which you can change the class of your character during battle. Classes may be selected at the beginning of a battle, and some classes can be selected for each difficulty level. Classes include heavy, medium, and light fighters; strong, medium, and light mages; roguish rogues, and healers.

    The game contains a vast number of dungeons. Dungeon formations are randomly generated and the attributes of the room and monsters are also changed depending on the position and situation. As you explore, the joy of discovering unknown and overwhelming threats await you, leading to a high sense of accomplishment. The depth of the game is further increased by the inclusion of an “Experience Point” system. Experience Points are recovered by defeating enemies and taking items, and by visiting the in-game meeting place that will be created depending on your level. EXP can be obtained only by fighting enemies, and it can be accumulated in battles. The higher your level is, the more experience points you obtain.

    ■ RPG System:

    A variety of equippable weapons, armor, and magic to strengthen your character, and a system that lets you choose and equip up to 4 of them simultaneously are present. By selecting a combination of two weapons in battle, magic, and armor, you can alter the stats of your character to a degree. For example, by equipping a shield, your defense becomes extremely high, and this shield can be equipped in battle even when your life is in danger. By carefully selecting a combination of these, your character will be developed in a variety of ways, and there are over 160 kinds of different combinations.

    ■ Job System:

    In addition to the class system, you can change your job at any time, and each job has a job tree. The job tree shows an outline of the class development path. By choosing a class at the bottom of the job tree and using the job functionality of the menu, you can automatically be guided to a job development path.

    Also, the job system implements the job change when your job level increases. In the case where you receive more experience points than you need to reach a job level, the amount


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Free API for comScore


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