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You have been chosen to become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between by the Alatelles, an elf goddess who watches over the heroic souls that valiantly pursue their goals.

At the same time, you are deeply rooted in your people and have the blood of the elves on your hands.

Taking the oath of an Elden Lord, you have been given the power to become the hero of the Lands Between.

In the highest, most prestigious position of the Ring, you will be called on to forge the strongest and brightest swords for the defense of the Lands Between.

And so, an epic drama unfolds…


· Action and RPG elements set a new standard in fantasy RPGs

– For a Complete Fantasy Action RPG Experience

Fantasy games have high expectations when it comes to a story, but are often lacking in satisfying gameplay. The intention of the Elden Ring Free Download was to create a new fantasy action RPG that incorporates both story and gameplay elements.

While our action RPG roots come from such games as the Final Fantasy series and the “Assassins Creed” games, we have borrowed heavily from western action RPGs, such as the “Tales of Eternia” series and “Red Steel.” These RPGs are known for their ease of play and the great satisfaction they give the player by providing high quality content.

We have applied all this knowledge to create a game that will be entertaining to both action and RPG fans alike.

– Determine the Way that You Play

Every character has his own unique story and route, and your own unique development path.

You will be able to choose from one of three paths: Warrior, Mage, and Cleric. Your own path is determined by the weapon you are equipped with. Each path also has a unique special attribute, which will allow you to develop your character in a particular way.

While the Warrior’s advantage is his physical strength, the Mage’s advantage is his magical skills and the Cleric’s advantage is their spell ability.

Each path allows you to perform a unique action or obtain a special item.

– Evolve Your Character

In addition to customizing your character’s appearance, you can freely equip weapons, armor, and magic, and develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

– Face Unique Monsters



Features Key:

  • A large realm where natural beauties and ancient ruins are blended in perfect harmony
  • Open world style building of three-dimensional dungeon interiors
  • Equip a variety of weapons, armor, and magic to make you the ultimate warrior
  • Full online and mobile play support, including PvP (head-to-head battles) and co-op, as well as asynchronous play
  • Rise in an Alluring World
    Tarnished Soldier Lead Your Own Way

    In the Lands Between, a neglected realm between the two worlds of the Elden and the Dark Elves, you build a stronghold called the Tomb of Legends.

    As your fame grows, you witness the great powers of the Elidian Empire. The lands are claimed by the darkness…

    Play Bethesda.

    Such is the fairy tale world where young women live in castles guarded by valiant knights, strong warriors, and fierce monsters. But then, during an attack by the forces of darkness, you witness a wizard wielding a powerful wand and saving all who were desperate to escape their way of life.

    You end up going into battle with the former wizard, and you are bested. In despair, you realize that the undead being who has made your life dark is somehow close to you. It spreads its hate toward all living beings, in the form of eternal darkness.

    Regain control over yourself with the power of the Elden Ring and use it to destroy that shadowy beast. After doing so, a great transition occurs in the world


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    “An action RPG that offers a high-quality viewing experience and a steep learning curve, the Elden Ring is ultimately a game that provides a good experience both in battle and in questing.” – Naver mobile
    “Takes a familiar setting and makes it feel fresh again.” – Kritik
    “I tried it out the other day after seeing the fanart from Gematsu. In other words, I thoroughly enjoyed it.” –
    Elden Ring game: Mobile
    Designer : Misako Aota
    Publisher : NovaSP Store System (
    Genre : Fantasy RPG, Action RPG
    Platform : Android
    Box Contains : Game card, Controllers, Operation Manual.
    Play Category : Fantasy, Action
    Screen size : 2.5″ (65.9mm)
    Discount Price : 34,500 JPY
    Regular Price : 49,500 JPY
    Product Size : 56mm x 113mm x 24mm

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    Select your Path.
    ◆ You can advance through the “Tarnished” or “Light” paths.
    ◆ “Tarnished” Path
    If you want to adventure into unknown Lands and battle evil spirits, you can take the “Tarnished” path.
    ◆ “Light” Path
    If you want to set aside a journey through dangerous lands and battle a wide variety of enemies, you can take the “Light” path.
    ◆ Making your Way to the Top
    Through the three diverse paths, “Tarnished”, “Light”, and “Demon” all lead to a fairytale ending in which you rise to the top as the supreme Elden Lord.
    ◆ Back from the Soul of the Game.
    You can venture to the unexplored Lands Between to discover stories and collect items.
    ◆ An Innovative Action RPG Game System
    You can take the direct control of your character and enjoy tactical gameplay, thanks to innovative character creation and battle gameplay, and attack with multiple weapons.
    ◆ Enduring, Battlefield, Heartbeat, and Destructive Power
    Battle your enemies and confront their limitless strength with the power of your magic or weapons.
    ◆ The Degree of Freedom You Desire
    In addition to a variety of battle gameplay, you can enjoy the freedom to freely adjust the design of your character, gear, and skills.

    Tarnished Path Legend of the Six Living Elden

    ◆ Events
    ◆ A War Escalating
    ◆ First Encounter with the Demon Castle
    ◆ Revealed Secrets About the Demon Castle
    ◆ Doomed Tarnished Players
    ◆ Another Warning About the Demon Castle
    ◆ The Cunning Training of the Dark Knight
    ◆ Emerging into the Deep Lands
    ◆ Discovering the Secrets of the Jungles
    ◆ First Encounter with a Mysterious Cave

    Light Path Legend of the Eight Immortals

    ◆ Events
    ◆ City of the Immortal
    ◆ Shrines of the Seven Gods
    ◆ First Encounter with a Death Mountain
    ◆ First Encounter with the Demon Castle
    ◆ Battle with the Eight Immortals
    ◆ Secret Narrow Paths
    ◆ Secrets of the Deep Lands
    ◆ Serpent’s Valley

    Demon Path Legend of the Six Living Elden

    ◆ Events
    ◆ Meeting with the Dark Lady
    ◆ Formation of the New Demon Army


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    有關框架:Xcode,Android Studio

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    800 words / 40:40


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    How To Crack:

  • Download 4.0 Alpha from Elden Ring Website to “Music” directory on your computer.
  • To find the Music directory on your computer, go to Start Menu, right click My Computer, click “Properties” and then click “Hardware Tab” in the “System Properties” window.
  • Click the “CD-ROM” icon and scroll to the bottom of the window to find the “Music” directory.
  • Drag “Elden Ring (4.0 ALpha) and “Music” folders into the “Games” folder inside you Windows Explorer.
  • Use shortcut on Desktop to launch the game whenever you want.
  • Install the game and enjoy!

    Known Issues

    • Hunger and Thirst Explained – An explanation of checking if the thirsts on HoI:E, and how to fix it.
    • TRTS (Transitional Rule – Team Deaths) – A guideline on how to set a team death game.
    • Hunger – An explanation of the hunger mechanic and what it can and cannot do.
    • Thirst – An explanation of the thirst mechanic and what it can and cannot do.

    Elden Ring Test


    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000
    Linux 2.0, XFree86 4.3 or newer
    Mac OSX 10.0 or newer
    2GB of free disk space
    1GB of RAM
    1024×768 screen
    If you would like to install a version of ShaderToy 2 that requires less space, you can use ShaderToy Online.
    All the features and more are in ShaderToy2! The latest version of ShaderToy2 adds support for G


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