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The new fantasy action RPG – Elder Scrolls Legends!
A Vast World Full of Excitement
An Epic Story Born from a Myth
You are an Elder Scrolls Legend, a hero of choice in a multilayered story, and you are the protagonist of an epic. You were born from an angel and the start of your story starts in that place. It is a place where you were born and in which you will return.
The Lands Between
Game Contents

◆ Game Setting
Your Story
An open world where your adventures await. There are fields, woods, palaces, castles, and towns. There are also ruins, deserts, and mountains. The game world has been divided into regions that have different features and that are linked together, and dungeons with three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. Through the lands, new quests are always on the way, and the location will often change.

• A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
• Friendly Forces
A variety of friendly forces will offer you help and assistance, including human entities, monsters, and other adventurers, which will offer unique events and give you the courage to explore the world.

◆ Characters
3,000-square-meter World
3,000 sq. m of battlegrounds with three-dimensional modeling
Adventurers will be here in 2-3 years
◆ Expansion Plans
◆ iPhone Version (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)
◆ Support for Android
◆ Support for Steam
◆ Birth-of-an-Ancient-Power
◆ Bethesda’s Original Game series Collaboration
◆ Well-known IPs
◆ Long-term Support
◆ Social Network
◆ Game Design
RPGs Born in a World of Fantasy
3,000-sq. m battlefield
3-D modeling of dungeons
Online gameplay
Challenges for character developments
Character customization
◆ Terrain
Outside environment
Outdoor environment
Palace, town, dungeon
◆ Game Design
◆ World Design
“The Lands Between”
Castle and town
◆ Dungeon Design
Standard dungeons
◆ Maps and Scroll
◆ Content

The first player to reach Elden Ring will be allowed to register a name, the Elder Scrolls title and description. Click here to read about the registration process.
Item List


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Vast World full of enticing dungeons and quirks, and a story of magic, guilds and adventure
  • A unique online mechanism, where a variety of gamers are calling you to play with them online
  • A challenging game for everyone thanks to the special difficulty settings and the ability to create a mage or warrior character.
  • Key features

    • A vast world of limitless uniqueness. There are countless dungeons in the Lands Between, and they are all seamlessly connected.

      You can ride a mount at your leisure and explore vast plains and land frontiers for a while.

      The variety of dungeons will allow you to enjoy a unique game experience each time you enter a new town.
    • A Myriad of Suitors
      Adjudicate clashes between the various warring factions in the Lands Between, with all of them longing for your soul.

      If you seek to overcome all of this, you can proceed with your journey only if you seek out the will of many Suitors via fair combat.
    • A Vivid graphics style that’ll leave you impressed, thanks to the artistic skill of developer Red Hook games.

      The gorgeous graphics give rise to a lovely magic of the Lands Between.
    • A Familiarity that evokes the Generations
      From a wide range of events and stories that have been recorded in the the form of wry old legends among the Elden, you can create characters that strongly resemble those of the Legends who long ago walked this place.

      This character design will replace your existing character if you desire, so you can experience the Legend’s World while following the Legends.

      In a weapon, armor, and magic customization that leads to continual evolution, you can increase your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or master magic. You can also customize your character in equal measure.

      Play the game according to your own preference using the various methods offered by each feature.
    • A Variety of Classes
      Use the various classes provided to create a character that is suited to your style.

      From the support and shock classes that are suitable for beginners, to those unique classes only one or two people have ever


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      CRITICISM Story


      MODES of PLAY and actual gameplay








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      The history of the lands between is long and rich. People in the lands below believed that the Seventh King was born to lead the Elden Kingdom and realized that to live is to fight.

      When the lands between changed, the peace was shattered and the lights and windows of the towns began to darken. The people of the lands below began to transform into monsters. Those who still believe in the seventh king, slung the weapons and armor of the battle ground and went to the top of the castle to help the Elden King.

      Because those who believe in the seventh king, is also the only path to salvation, they are fierce soldiers whose swords never stop swinging.

      At that time, a “strong man” appeared in the Elden Kingdom. The strong man, whose body was thrown away by the “grace” of the God of souls, appeared with the help of a “merciful man” with a “strong will.” At that time, “grace” for “grace” appeared, and the strength of the strongest warrior among the people below could be realized.

      That’s when the Elden Kingdom “Rise, Tarnished” for a “better” future.

      To a place that people couldn’t even imagine.

      “The Elden Kingdom” still has the unstoppable will, which hasn’


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      Offline game activity

      Elden Sword (Sword)

      Elden Hairband (Hairband)

      Elden Earring (Earring)

      Elden Ring (Ring)

      Elden Shirt (Shirt)

      Elemental Weapon (Weapon)

      Phantom Strider (Accessory)

      Friendship (Accessory)

      Door key (Accessory)

      Simple Card (Accessory)

      Trade Ticket (Accessory)

      Original Ring of Strength (Accessory)

      Elden Armor (Armor)

      Skill of the Hero (Accessory)

      Mirror/Glass (Accessory)

      Great Sword (Accessory)

      Party Box (Accessory)

      Arrows (Accessory)

      Elden Magnum (Accessory)

      Elder’s Book (Accessory)

      Fork (Accessory)

      Treasure box (Accessory)

      Clover (Accessory)

      Elden Mantle (Accessory)

      Oven (Accessory)

      Elden Hat (Accessory)

      Caster’s Vest (Accessory)

      White Rod (Accessory)

      Elden Cane (Accessory)

      Elden Wand (Accessory)

      Elden Vial (Accessory)

      Elden Pendant (Accessory)

      Elden Pillow (Accessory)

      Elden Lamp (Accessory)

      Elden Base (Accessory)

      Elden Set (Accessory)

      Elden Desk (Accessory)

      Newspaper (Accessory)

      Elden Calendar (Accessory)

      Elden Jar (Accessory)

      Elden Rope (Accessory)

      Elden Table (Accessory)

      Elden Chair (Accessory)

      Grappling Hook (Accessory)

      Medical Box (Accessory)

      Hat Loom (Accessory)

      Jade Carpet (Accessory)

      Elden Knight’s Armor (Accessory)

      Olive Lamp (Accessory)

      Elden Goggles (Accessory)

      Elden Shuttle (Accessory)

      Elden Wallet (Accessory)

      Elden Tote (Accessory)

      Elden Toothbrushes (Accessory)

      Magnet (Accessory)



      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      □ Collector’s Edition contains the Digital Deluxe Pack! Downloadable at no extra cost!
      • 3 Classes
      Elden Knight
      The backbone of the adventurer, the Elden Knight can use a variety of weapons and armor.
      • Tarnished Cavalier
      A red-colored knight wielding daggers and the legendary sword of Tarnished. Strong in the fray and handsome in silver armor, the Tarnished Cavalier is a perfect fantasy knight.
      • Blackjack Knight
      Blackjack Knight is the original fantasy warrior who wields a club with a strength and skill to rival even the strongest warriors. The player who masters the Blackjack Knight will feel the thrill of the great wars.

      These three classes, along with two others that were made for DLC, are also included in the Collector’s Edition!

      □ Recommended for Players 20+
      Elden are the strongest and most advanced of all races. However, their enthusiasm has waned and they live a quiet existence in the Lands Between, alone and disconnected from the world.
      With the resurgence of both human beings and beings like the Dawn Geyser, the Last Chapter has begun and that is why Elden were burned by the Dawn Geyser!
      As part of the Last Chapter, the Elden have already gathered in this area. However, they are overflowing with the emptiness of their memories and are wandering aimlessly in the Lands Between.

      □ The New Fantasy RPG who will break free from the boundary between fantasy and reality! Expect an action that shuns RPGs of the era, a beautifully rendered world, a high sense of satisfaction and a hero that had never existed in the fantasy genre!

      □ Buy a copy today!
      For more information and to purchase this product, visit the official website.


      • Action RPG that removes restrictions on the traditional fantasy RPG
      • Environments naturally felt and three-dimensional
      • Wide variety of game content
      • Explore the game with the power of the Rune Blazer
      • An action that shuns traditional fantasy RPGs!

      Play as an Elden Lord who fights with an all-new fantasy style action RPG


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      (Die Gepäckstücke mit Vornamen in Kürze. Der Absender ist in einem knappen Brief und spitzt seine Person, was es sich zu erweisen hat, nach eigenem Dafürhalten, dafür also, dass er sich mit einer anderen Person diskriminiert fühlt, dazu kann es ja nicht ausreichen, wenn er sich deshalb an einen Schriftsteller erinnert, dem er “nicht willkommen” sei, weil er eine andere Person anzuprangern glaubt.)

      Trotzdem hat der Künstler gute Nachrichten. Damit ist er nicht allein: Auch Parten scheitern: Andreas Feininger hat es nicht hinbekommen, sich als Schriftsteller der literarischen Öffentlichkeit für seine vermeintliche Schmähkritik aus der Dreigroschen-Kiste zu erleuchten, aus der er es vermutlich schon lange nicht mehr rauskommt.

      Im Gegenteil: Joachim Löw und sein Verleger mögen einen “großen” Publikumsliebling von der Szene schließen können, wie einst Jürgen Drews. Man mag den Rechtspopulisten aber von der Seite unterscheiden, um zu verhindern, dass der ehemalige Linke Schriftsteller wie Drews “Schmutzige” St


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    Game Screenshot:

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    System Requirements:

    Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, or XP
    1 GB RAM or more
    100 MB HD space or more
    Oculus Rift DK2 (or other Oculus-compatible HMD)
    HTC Vive CV1
    SteamVR on Windows
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