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Elden Ring Serial Key is an innovative fantasy action RPG for the PlayStation 4 that can be enjoyed by both single-player and multiplayer.

The dynamic action RPG is set in a vast world. In the Lands Between, a world filled with life and magic, you can freely explore the game world. From different regions to randomly generated dungeons, you can find countless opportunities to uncover and explore.

This game is played with a focus on action, the ability to freely use weapons, and performing a variety of actions that include running, jumping, dodging, and attacking. It emphasizes beautiful graphics and character movements.

Here are some of the features that are unique to the RPG genre:

In addition to the main story, you can also be challenged by the Tower map and the action battles.

―Numerous dungeons filled with monsters―

You’re free to freely roam around the game world, and discovering a variety of such dungeons is a frequent event.

―A World Full of Opportunities―

A large variety of events are waiting to be discovered. By developing your character, you can unlock the secrets of the various events.

―Overlapping Worlds―

A world of continual transformation is created. Though in one region, you will find a place where the players of the other regions often gather.

―An Exciting Adventure―

The story of the game depicts a full, but simple and fictional, history, as the action RPG genre is known for doing.

The main goal is to protect the Lands Between from destruction. In order to do this, you will have to travel with a group of friends who are brave enough to open a new world in the Lands Between.

Tarnished — the main character of the story — is an inhabitant of a town called Titania, an Elden Ring Serial Key country. He is an odd young man who makes unusual requests. Upon meeting you, he learns that he was dispatched by the High Lord of the Rings as a watchful eye on the Lands Between. He will eventually accept your help in opening the Gates of Eternity, and will defend the Lands Between from enemies from the Sword of Chaos.

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• Online Play & Arena War Mode
• Shares, Friends, and Trophies
• Dynamic Online and As


Features Key:

  • Rise in a world fraught with danger
  • Explore a vast game world with over 3,000 dungeons
  • Discover an epic adventure while enhancing your character to become an Elden Lord
  • Engage in a multilayered story that flows continuously in a direct parallel to play
  • Elden Ring Key Players:

    ·The Risen
    Face a wide range of enemies with an actual character. The most advanced equipment for any skill and action is at your fingertips, and any weakness will be avoided.
    ·The Tarnished
    Character traits such as armor and weapons are freely upgraded, allowing you to maintain various classifications and strengths.

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    Elden Ring Crack + Free Download (Final 2022)

    In the city of Nekron, the great Elden Lord Cessie has died, and his son Elden Ring is left to live on. As the daughter of Lady Elden and a former slave of the Lords, Lady Elden has been forced to become a criminal in this city. Using the power of the great Elden Ring that he inherited, Elden Ring must combat an old enemy who escaped and seeks to avenge his father.

    -Game Features

    ◆ Epically Story Driven Action RPG

    In Nekron, a world where criminals and nobles coexist, the player will have to engage in intense battles and battles of wits. A multilayered story is being written in the form of a series of fragments. Playing through the story from the various perspectives of the main character, Elden Ring, will expand the story and reveal the actions and feelings of the various characters.

    ◆ An Elaborate Story of Crime and Revenge

    The story is based on the inhabitants of Nekron, who are living a life of crime. In order to settle all accounts between the two Lords, not only Lady Elden, the illegitimate daughter of the deceased lord, but also the sworn enemy of her father Lord Cessie, is involved in an endless battle to avenge her father.

    ◆ An Elaborate Story of Crime and Revenge

    The story is based on the inhabitants of Nekron, who are living a life of crime. In order to settle all accounts between the two Lords, not only Lady Elden, the illegitimate daughter of the deceased lord, but also the sworn enemy of her father Lord Cessie, is involved in an endless battle to avenge her father.

    ◆ Customizable Character and Hand-Crafted Combat

    Each character has his own unique appearance, and all of them can freely swap weapons, armor, and magic as they wish. You can freely select from amongst them, and are able to develop your character according to your play style, such as increasing your muscle strength to become a strong warrior, or mastering magic.

    ◆ UI Customization

    Unique UI customization is available for the UI to allow you to create and share special maps. The UI can be freely changed according to the need of the user.

    ◆ Unique Online Play

    Freely connect with other players in the online world. There are numerous different types of characters and hundreds of weapons


    Elden Ring Keygen Full Version

    • Battle
    The battle system is a turn-based battle system in which you customize your battle formation by choosing various members from your party.

    • Time Management
    You can freely run to the dungeons and other locations in the Lands Between. In this vast world, you can find people who have something interesting to say, products to sell, and new dungeons to discover. You can also find a total of twenty dungeons with various designs to explore and increase your attributes.

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    • A Headband of the Legendary Wielder!

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    Select Bonus Characters

    – Acho Choul

    ■ Birthdate: March 18, 0001

    ■ Appearance: A man wearing a hat with a black stripe, and sideburns slightly curved on his face.

    ■ Weapon: Large Mummy Knife

    ■ Skills: [Miscellaneous] Magicite Gathering: Grants a chance to make a choice at the onset of combat.

    [Miscellaneous] Arcane Force: Has the power to absorb magicite, and uses it to deal damage.

    ■ Appearance: A woman wearing a green frilly dress and a long necklace.

    ■ Weapon: Straight Sword

    ■ Skills: [Miscellaneous] Time-Pose Blade: Allows you to wind your enemies. Grants a chance to attack enemies with a chance to make a choice at the onset of combat.

    [Miscellaneous] Time Lady: Increases the number of times you can use the Time-Pose Blade.

    ■ Weapon: Shield

    ■ Skills: [Miscellaneous] Thief Gains access to a chance to make a choice at the onset of combat.

    [Miscellaneous] Guardian’s Stance: Grants a chance to defend from behind. Grants a chance to absorb magicite.

    ■ Weapon: Pistol

    ■ Skills: [Miscellaneous] Thief Skill: Evasion: If your character meets an enemy, steals the enemy’s weapon.

    ■ Appearance: A large, powerful man, wearing a blue cap and carrying a broadsword.

    ■ Weapon: Strong Sword

    ■ Skills: [Miscellaneous]


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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    – Xbox One (tested)
    – 1GHz Processor
    – 128MB VRAM
    – DirectX 11.0
    – Kinect 1.0 (Version 1.0 or newer)
    – Kinect for Xbox One (Version 1.0 or newer)
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