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Lands Between follows the story of a young man named Corin who struggles to stop a war between the kingdoms of Moon and Earth that threatens the peace of the Lands Between. As a chosen warrior of the light, Corin must choose between the forces of the dark and the corruptive power of the Elden Ring.

In the Lands Between, you can experience a story that happens only in a fantasy world. Search for rare treasures and enjoy the colorful and animated 2D game that brings it to life.


– Rich and Detailed Settings
– 3D Graphics with Animated Themes
– A Large Amount of Different Game Modes and Online Play
– Diverse Skill Trees
– Unique Character Customization

RPG Elements
– Boost up the growth of your characters by improving their attributes.
– Train a team of up to five characters at once.

Fantasy Elements
– Find rare treasures in an open world and you can transfer them to the town.
– Fight against each other and stop the war.
– Relive the story and different dialogs from the previous games.

Fantasy Romance
– Romance elements are added to the game to give the player a deeper and more complete game experience.
– Personalize your character’s appearance with your favorite character clothes.
– A variety of voice actors will make their voices heard in the game.
– Optional romances with other characters that you meet in your travels.

◆ “Thanks to everyone who played or supported” “◆

◆ Notes

* The description above contains spoilers, so do not read it before completing the game.

◆ The lands between song


・Game Content

◆ Character Information

◆ World Map

◆ About the Story

◆ About the Game

* You can enjoy the voice acting in the English version after the game is completed.

◆ Characters / Leaders


The son of King Vlad the Second. The eldest of five siblings. The King appointed him as the leader of the others. Because he is a kind-hearted and friendly young man, he rarely fights. He has pure blue eyes and brown hair. His strength is good, but he has yet to take any feats. His favorite food is berries. He was educated in the Observatory and is a good astronomer.




Features Key:

  • Realistic Character Customization
    • Breast Size and Bust
    • Color
    • Skin Tone
    • Moves
    • Hair
    • Feel and Weight of the First Time
  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
    • Fields with Rich Patterns and Details
    • Hard Road and Monster Hunter
    • A Dark Fantasy with Impressive Scale
  • An Epic World War
    • Deep Link Structure that is Easy to Understand and Flexible
    • The Essence of Fantasy
  • Difficulty and Balance for All Classes
    • Battle System is Adapted to All Abilities
    • Field and Monster Abilities Expanded
    • Technologies Added for Players of All Levels
  • An Epic Story With Interesting Entrance and Completion
    • A Multilayered Story with Sea of Emotions
    • The Various Thoughts of the Characters Intersect
    • Beautiful and Captivating Images Born from a Myth
  • A Battle System Where players Strongly Feel the Importance of Choosing Weapon Skills
    • Delving Deep Into the Battle Mechanics through Content Isolation
    • Of Spare Parts and Their Functionality in the Field, There is no Weakness
  • A Battle System Where Players Themselves Create Battle Outcomes
    • There is None to be Learned Through Experience
    • Of Technology and Composition, There Is No Weakness
  • A Battle System Where Winning Isn’t That Important
    • There Are Huge Reaons for Going to the Battle
    • Opposing Viewpoint


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      ① Easy-to-Understand Controls
      Anybody can easily play this game. In the multiplayer mode, the game is played with the left and right analogsticks. In single-player mode, the game can be played using just the left analogstick, which will allow players to intuitively understand the controls. Even in difficult areas such as dark dungeons, the controls are easy to understand.

      ② Fast-paced Action
      The game boasts fast-paced action similar to that of an RPG. By pressing the jump button, you can perform evasive actions to run away from enemies or to run toward a location where you can gain an advantage.

      ③ Equipped with a Variety of Gameplay Skills
      You can obtain various skills as you progress through the game. With just a few elements, you can create your own RPG elements.

      ④ Players Can Expect to Play in a World with a Variety of Elements
      You can expect to play in a game world where anything is possible, which you would not be able to experience in your everyday life. The game world is large, and gameplay is popular with users who want to continuously enjoy the large game world.

      ⑤ A Game With Various Elements
      A game with a variety of elements. By continuously creating a game world full of content, the game provides diversified content so that players can enjoy the game from different perspectives.

      ⑥ An Epic Dramatic Story
      A large game world that allows players to experience the adventure of a lifetime, as well as multiple senses through the visual, audio, and tactile components.Q:

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      Free Elden Ring With License Key For Windows

      1. Download Setup Unzipped.rar
      2.Copy the file ELDEN RING-setup.exe to the install directory.
      3. Follow the instructions.
      4. If any problem, visit
      5. Play ELDEN RING Game

      ■Game features
      -An epic fantasy, where two factions fight to save their land from a brutal power from the outer world
      -Tilt and jump by using the DualShock 4 controller.
      -Wield the powerful Dark and Light rings to demolish your enemies and deliver justice.
      -Items, spells, and abilities can be allocated as you see fit and freely combine across multiple classes.
      -Light and Dark rings available in multiplayer.
      -Many unique game elements, such as magic, equipment, quests, dungeons, and PvP.
      -New play styles and special skills will be added in the future.
      -The whole game is completed with beautiful 2D graphics
      -Continuous updates!

      *See full gameplay features in the official website:

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