Review Of The Utillian 722 Portable Inhaler

It has made a huge difference in my marijuana experience, even though I have only been using the product for a month. Noticing a big improvement in the way that I breathe in positive ways. Definitely would recommend to switch over. The 722’s greatest strength is undoubtedly its performance.

Today we get to introduce the Utillian 722 vaporizer! If you’re at all familiar with the Utillian line of vaporizers then you know you can expect a solid build quality, straight forward design and most importantly fantastic performance. The 722 is very similar to the rest in the 720 line of Utillian vapes. It has a more stylized body and features that look almost identical to the 721.

The Mighty is more portable than any of our other picks. Also, it takes longer for the heat to reach. But it always produces the finest vapors. The STLTH Type B Device is a compact, closed-pod vape system that appeals to people who prefer a simple, stylish experience.

Utillian ditches Utillian’s kidney-bean 421 shape and uses a more conventional (convectional?) version. 😉 design. While I liked the kidney-bean’d 421, I did not find it worth putting on hold or using, I much prefer the more universal form of the 620. The DaVinci IVQC Vaporizer, the latest release by the Vegas-based vape manufacturer, is now available. The IQ Vaporizer is slightly larger and heavier than the original IQ Vaporizer.

I tried the boost as a finishing touch to a session. The hit tasted like toast. The overall build quality is superior to the 721, which has a heavier and more solid feel. I had the original unit for several month before it stopped working.

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