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An alien threat claims to be their common enemy and the Earth’s first contact is about to be made. The Rangers come up against an unknown energy source that seems to be causing massive destruction, and the potential gravity-bender may be the one to finally solve the mystery.

For the first time in a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie, the Rangers are thrust into a whole new universe of monsters, technology and mysticism. Can the Power Rangers combine their Ranger powers to prevent the evil and natural forces that want to destroy Earth?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie is the 11th installment of the American Power Rangers franchise, and the first in the franchise to be produced under the supervision of original series star Jason David Frank, who returned to the franchise in 2015 with the five-part reboot series “Power Rangers E25.” The film was directed by Dean Israelite, with writing credited to the film’s executive producers, Peter Sangster, and director of photography Todd Fuesting. The film stars Becky G, Ludi Lin, Jason David Frank, Kimberly Brooks, Karan Brar, Johnny Yong Bosch, R. Scott Erwin, and Naomi Scott. It also features the film franchise’s first-ever Mexican actress, Rosalinda Pena, as the villainal Rita Repulsa.

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