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Name RPG Maker MV – Aethereal Planes Battlebacks Vol 2
Publisher glomar
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Star Realms: Colony Wars is a standalone deck building game based on the award-winning deck-building game Star Realms:

The goal of Star Realms is to develop your first Colony and gain a position as the most powerful faction.
In the second chapter, you’ll conquer a nearby planet, and build trade networks to explore the galaxy. The third chapter requires you to conquer two planets for the first time, and defend your first station!
Star Realms: Colony Wars features all-new Trade Deck cards in the factions you all know and love, and all-new abilities.
Playing a Colony Wars game is fast-paced. Choose your Play Order carefully, and keep an eye on the Trade Chip Count. Play around your opponent’s moves and resources, but don’t let them steal your Trade Chips.

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Star Realms: Colony Wars will be available in Spring 2020.

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This update is currently scheduled to release on the U.S. East Coast on January 21, 2020 and will be released on all other markets in North America on January 21, 2020.

Do you have the original expansions and planets, but you’d rather use the new rules?
Your wish is our command!

We’ll send you a USB key that will allow you to play with a fully-installed Star Realms base game. The same USB key will also allow you to install the Core Rulebook and the expansions.
Note that installation on Windows requires that you have the Steam client installed. You can also get the Steam client through the app store on Mac or Linux.
You can also download Star Realms from your favorite digital distribution service such as Humble Bumble Bundle, or GOG (or any other digital distribution service you may use).

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Features Key:

  • 360 control.
  • 3D action game inspired by classic text adventure.
  • Tons of puzzles and challenges.