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Roblox is a game platform where users can create games using a game engine called Roblox Studio, which is written using Lua, and play those games with other users online. Roblox users and developers together are making a wide variety of games. The platform, created by developers David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, was released in April of 2006.
Development of Roblox began in May 2004 after Cassel was introduced to David Baszucki, who Cassel had met at work previously. The two discussed how they could better cater to kids and create games for them. Roblox was developed using an open-source game engine called LÖVE, an open-source modification of Torque that was created by Sean Anderson. Roblox Corporation is a division of Intermark Corporation and is based in San Mateo, California.
The initial idea for Roblox was to create a single application that allowed people to chat, customize their desktops, and play games, including games created by other players. The application was released in November of 2004 and opened the doors for other ideas to be developed; Roblox has since grown to be a game development platform and game creation system where users can create games and play those games that others have created and published to the platform.
Players can create games on Roblox using a programming language called Lua. Roblox offers a number of tools to make programming in Lua easier and to make the creation process as streamlined as possible. There are also additional tools that facilitate social experiences that players can build on top of their games. Roblox Studio is the game engine that Roblox uses to run games. It allows users to create games using pre-designed components that are similar to those in other game engines. Instead of programming the gameplay from scratch, Roblox Studio provides tools that allow players to create and arrange different components that create a custom gameplay experience. Roblox also has applications that non-programmers can download that allow them to create and edit games. One of the most popular of these, known as the Agent, was developed by a Roblox user.
Roblox uses the player-owned account model. Players do not use real names when playing Roblox. Instead, players use one or more numeric codes that are assigned when they create an account. Roblox Corporation has stated that the codes are used to help manage players and prevent fraud. When players log in to Roblox they are prompted to create


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This mod should work on any device and any version of the game. But do read my description in the post to avoid any problems.

Roblox Hack – Unlimited Robux

Unlimited Robux is the main feature of this mod.

Why should you use this version of Roblox? There are tons of other mods with that. But a lot of them are unstable or do not work on a lot of Android devices.

But with Unlimited Robux you can take screenshots and even record videos (for Youtube accounts) of you playing. And when you have saved your progress a lot of other mods will help you.

On my vanilla version I used the mods User Interface Overhaul (This is a mod to clean up and make the user interface better). The InstanceStarter mod (This is a mod to start any game instance. Do try the game.) and some more mods that did not really work well for me on vanilla.

This app works on the game version 8.3. It maybe does not work on other versions. So try to compare the version of the game to the version of your device to find out.

[GAME VERSION] This app will work on the normal version of the game. This applies to versions 8.2.0, 8.2.1, 8.2.2, 8.2.3 and 8.2.4.

[DEVICE & APP VERSION] It might be different. If in doubt then try the vanilla version before downloading this. If it doesn’t work then you will have to update the version of the app. Try first for very low-end devices before upgrading your phone.

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