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Capture any area of your screen and print it easily. You can even use a Scanner to capture from a paper object.
ScreenPrint Platinum is a screen capture and print tool that is easy to use with a friendly graphical interface. You can capture images in a JPEG, GIF, TIF, BMP, and PNG format, print the captured images with a single mouse click, print to an XPS file, email the image, and even print to a Printer installed on your computer’s operating system.
Even if you cannot capture an image, you can always print the desktop’s background image or image on the taskbar to a Printer. When you capture the desktop image, we will display the captured image on the thumbnail viewer. And when you capture a screen area, we will display the captured image on the image viewer.
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In this review, you’ll learn more about a software application called ScreenPrint Platinum.
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Please note that there are 3 primary types of key / serial numbers that you can download for:
(1) Standard, (2) Business and (3) Enterprise license keys.
ScreenPrint Platinum Review: (Free)
If you purchase Standard, Business or Enterprise license keys for ScreenPrint Platinum, you are entitled to support by the manufacturer for three years.
In this review, I would like to share with you my valuable experience with the application ScreenPrint Platinum.
I had used this program on three different Windows operating systems, and I want to share with you my experience and my thoughts on the program.
I will show you how to install, license, register and activate the application.
I will also guide you in how to use the program and how it will help you.
With my analysis, I will show you some of its problems as well as how it was fixed.
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or email us.
Let’s now take a look at ScreenPrint Platinum.
ScreenPrint Platinum Support Information:
ScreenPrint Platinum is backed by a worldwide team of top technical support and sales experts that provide support and advice by e-mail and phone at no additional cost to you.
ScreenPrint Platinum License Keys:
Please note that there are 3 primary types of key / serial numbers that you can download for:

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By Using ScreenPrint Platinum You Can Capture And Print Screen, Screen Area And Mouse Movements.
Main Features of ScreenPrint Platinum:
* Captures or Prints Images
*Mouse Movements
*Capture Physical Screen Area
*Print Physical Screen Area
*Save Images In 7 Supported Formats
*Support Remote Printing On Your Computer or In Remote Windows Terminal Server
*Apply Special Effects On Captured Images
*Image Cataloging
*Select And Print Images
*Image Editor
*Improved Image and Text Recognition
*One Step Installation
*Unicode Support
*Mouse Triggers Supported
*Intelligent Recognition of Hot Spots And Mouse Movements
*Automated Capture (Edit/ReCapture/RePrint Screen)
*Free Drag and Drop
*Transparent Print and Filesize Overrun Protection
*Highly Improved Edtact User Interface
*Device Queue Management
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* ScreenPrint Platinum
* ScreenPrint Platinum Discount
* Part Number: 20130314415

Rasterizer is a professional screen capture program for Windows. With Rasterizer, you can capture an area of your screen in many different formats and save the capture to disk. You can print or convert the screen capture to PDF, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, EMF, WMF, EPS, PS, PCX, PCT, CGM, PPM, PBM, and PCR (with no compression) formats.
The application comes with a command line interface that supports capturing a single or multiple windows and an interface for drag and drop captures.
Rasterizer captures a single window or an area of the screen, and saves the screen capture to disk in many different formats. You can generate a screenshot of an active window without having to close the window. You can print or convert the screenshot to JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, EMF, WMF, EPS, PS, PCX, PCT, CGM, PPM, PBM, and PCR (with no compression).
The application can be used on a workstation, a server, or a thin client. It can capture a single window or multiple windows, so you can capture several windows at once, or capture only a part of a single window. The captured screens can be printed or saved in a multitude of formats.
You can also print or convert a captured screen

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Capture and print any area of your screen!
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Description: This is an application that offers features that you could use in order to enhance functions on your computer and make it run faster.

HENRY 2014 is a revolutionary application that starts printing from its own desktop icon, with no preprinting, no cut & paste and no prompting required. Its interface is designed for ease of use, eliminating hours of training typically required to use conventional print drivers.
HENRY 2014 can be used to print both from a network printer connected to the same port as the PC or directly from an offline printer connected to a USB port. It can even print through its own built-in scanner, saving hours of network set-up time!
HENRY also features the ability to scan directly from any area of the screen, allowing you to get rid of desktop clutter and focus on your documents or presentations more easily! As well as offering many features similar to conventional scanning programs, HENRY 2014 also includes advanced features never before available in desktop printing software, such as:

Precise print previews that allows you to view and annotate up to four pages simultaneously!
A unique Infinite Page Filing system that lets you instantly forget about page boundaries, and has a built-in way of clipping documents for later filing!
Printing to multiple printers at the same time with no additional software required.
On-screen merging of printer name, version and driver information into each print job.
HENRY 2014 comes pre-configured to automatically install and connect to any HP, Epson and Lexmark printers and scanners connected to the PC, leaving the PC ready to print immediately. You can also change the default printer if you wish, or use other drivers and printers supported by the free HENRY 2014 Driver Compatibility Checker utility.

Description: Cloud Storage for Cloud Storage Software is a robust and feature-rich tool for organizing and accessing your file storage solutions. It is the most comprehensive cloud storage software that can integrate your devices, applications, and cloud storage solutions. With the use of this software, you will never have to worry about losing or misplacing your files again, regardless of the fact that they are stored in a centralized, secured, web-based cloud storage.
Cloud Storage for Cloud Storage Software allows you to access your data from any device and even

What’s New In?

ScreenPrint Platinum is an advanced screen capture utility that allows you to capture any area of your screen.
New improved capture process in ScreenPrint Platinum
Add a sound file to capture image.
With your mouse, click on the screen to get the Print Screen Icon. Click again on the area where you want to capture an image (the default size is 640×480).
The Capture Process in ScreenPrint Platinum is now much easier to use and has improved usability. You no longer need to have the mouse over the screen for it to capture, it will automatically capture while you move the mouse over any area of the screen.
Working with Multiple Images
You can use up to 30 images per capture session. ScreenPrint Platinum allows you to edit each image separately and apply any type of image editing and enhancement to them.
You can separate the files for each capture by selecting the ‘Edit separate images’ from the Image Catalog.
Media Support
ScreenPrint Platinum supports any image capture media type that your computer can open. This includes images from a scanner, printer, webcam, or any capture device that gives you the ability to capture images.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Use the Keyboard Shortcuts options to control the capture process. The default keyboard shortcuts are listed under the Options->Keyboard Shortcuts section. The capture process is automatically exited by pressing the Esc key.
Managing images
You can catalog or burn images to any of the supported.JPG,.PNG,.GIF,.PPM,.BMP, and.TIFF image formats. Once you have these files you can organize them by Catalog, Date Taken, Category, or Geometric Order. All these image types can be saved for future use in any image editing program.
Image Catalogging
When you save the captured image to an image catalog, you can use the image layout settings to control the image type, height, and width to be used.
You can also create a file catalog that will automatically be updated every time you capture an image.
Using Filters
When you select ‘Apply Filter’, the filter will automatically be applied to any new images that are edited. The filter can also be applied to any image from the catalog by selecting the ‘Choose a file and apply filter’ option.
When you have applied a filter to an image it will be resized to the dimensions that you specified. For example, if you select a filter that makes the image black & white, you can specify the color settings for the converted

System Requirements:

2.5 GHz Dual Core processor or equivalent Intel Core 2 Duo processor.
Hard Disk:
20 GB available space
Graphic Cards:
256 MB Graphic Card is recommended
Version 9.0 or later
Input Devices:
6-axis Joystick
Optimus 2-in-1 Integrated GPU with HDMI Port and 2 USB 3.0 ports

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