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Name SEDOMAIRI せどまいり
Publisher Admin
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About The Game
You can download the soundtrack in the link above.
This game is my first visual novel from the genre of hentai and the first ever game for Windows, Mac and Linux.
It uses a point-and-click system and all of the written text is displayed.
The game combines various genres such as – satire, eroge, action, etc.
It has three different endings.
The main character in this game is Bolt Riley, who is a reggae drummer.
He travels between Jamaica and Great Britain and plays at different festivals and parties and even at some concerts. He does in fact play reggae music but also has lots of other beats as well.
Bolt has many different female partners in his life, who in contrast to Bolt are different and unique.
Taken from the series “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
You can download the game for Windows, Mac and Linux at the official page:

In the game you can read more about Bolt, his many partners and some more about the story itself.
You can also buy some “Great Gatsby” related merchandise and information about me and my other games.
In my other games I often develop characters and explore their fantasies through the use of visual novel techniques and a very diverse number of scenes and situations.
About Me
I’m a German hentai artist and currently work on my own game.
I would like to get this game noticed by as many people as possible. I’m also actively trying to learn English and actually once took part in the Lusophone edition of English Wikipedia.
Link to my game:

Follow me on YouTube:

Like my Facebook page:

Follow me on Instagram:

Not all contact is possible from every other contoller. I’m not available from most of Europe, Asia and USA.
If you have a question


SEDOMAIRI Áどまいり Features Key:

  • Save and load game.
  • Shift is a single click game.


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Choose one of the two characters and compete with your friend in the two-story arena of a house, in a business office or in the supermarket.
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Characters differ in gameplay:
For Uncle George, the game process is built around cleaning and putting things in order for their dog, using the right tools
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George got you out for not walking with you, and you decide to take revenge on him by shoving into your favorite sneakers, into the console, into the bathroom, anywhere, just to poop in the right time and not be caught.
X -> Left / Right
A -> Up / Down
Z -> Go Home
V -> Stare at the Camera


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What’s new in SEDOMAIRI Áどまいり:


    Match Match Saga featuring more, larger and more interactive levels than the base game. Create and edit up to 9 of your own levels for unlimited replayability! The goal of the Match Match Saga (MM Saga) is to make 7 smaller marble targets fall into the larger marble or replica ball. Pick up all of these smaller balls before they reach the end and fill the main goal. As the levels progress, more goals will be given to fall upon and the moving marble will keep resetting. Make the hardest decision-which is harder: to make your new level or to keep playing in Match Match Saga?

    Match Match Saga Mission Control allows you to set up the controls to your heart’s desire. Play on and play off as a human or with a human (unlocked for your free copy of the base game). Complete a level for a gamer rating and watch your grubber grow! Have us play the game with you or as your pal at

    Match Match Saga is a wonderfully creative and atmospheric Match Up sequel. Be sure to check it out, enjoy the music, and watch the grubbers squeal as you pull off masterful combos!

    Game play


    Starting with Match Match Saga, a wide selection of upgrades are available for the player’s character.

    Dust Lance – A finishing move that propels the player’s character back toward the enemy. Also grants 1-up. Available to SH (current available upgrades unknown).

    Jiggy – Can clear all objects in sight (most other upgrades are limited to clearing visible objects). Available to SZ and SH (current available upgrades unknown).

    Grubber – The player’s eyes, mouth, ears, etc. Look at the statistics to see the percentage of upgrades.

    Missile Option – Players have the option of engaging the enemy in a firefight or just dashing in for the kill. Available to SH and SZ (current available upgrades unknown).

    Power Up – Available to all three characters. Complete the given tasks to unlock an upgrade.

    The update also added selectable character avatars. Since the vehicles in MM Saga are playable by the player, it is suggested that the player temporarily change the avatar of their vehicle to the desired character’s avatar. To change the avatar, tap the “VAR” button.

    Special Abilities

    The player is able to designate one character to act as the


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    System Requirements:

    OS: Microsoft Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8/8.1, Windows® 10
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    Memory: 2 GB RAM
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    DirectX: Version 11
    Hard Disk: 9 GB free space
    OS: Microsoft Windows® Vista, Windows


    Name SEDOMAIRI せどまいり
    Publisher Admin
    Format File
    Rating 4.15 / 5 ( 6628 votes )
    Update (13 days ago)


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