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Cover pillows in crewel fabric or batik. When it comes to fabric for cushions, upholstery, and drapes, hunt up vintage (or reproduction) bark cloth. Do you love all things vintage? Frame a large vintage world map for the dining or living room. On the next page, learn how to design a room that reminds you of Africa, Scandinavia, or other locales round the world. On the next page, find out how to create a retro look without the kitsch. In the dairy case, you’ll find cheddar, Camembert and chèvre, Edam and Emmental, Gouda and Gruyere, Havarti, Manchego, mozzarella and mascarpone, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino and provolone, a variety of blue cheeses and many others. Against white or pale, pale rose-pink or blue walls, the furnishings will seem as light as summer clouds. A simple swag or a stenciled border of summer flowers trailing along a wall is traditional and adds visual interest in a living room, bedroom, or bath.

Pairing bricks with wood is also a method to increase visual interest. Military personnel who served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam brought Asian furnishings home with them, and that also spurred American interest. Japan’s propaganda campaign leading to World War II included printed textiles displaying Japanese and Nazi flags, promoting the Axis Powers of the time. From the top of the world comes another design breeze with a similar pared-down and be-simple kind of attitude but with a whole different venue. Rotate collections to keep your room at the top of its form. Keep drapes simple though, so as not to detract from all the other elements. Blue-and-white tiles (try a decorative ridge behind the kitchen or bath sink or around the hearth) are standard elements. A mix of elements — be they Asian, Swedish, or Indian — imbue a room with memorable presence and personality. Moroccan and Indian accessories are very current and popular.

A reproduction Balinese bed mounded with velvet pillows and layered with a lush Moroccan brocade duvet and shams creates a scene right out of the Arabian Nights. Strip the space of accessories, and then carefully add back in ones that carry the right message. Define a space or divide rooms with stylish glass block. Wipe off any dust or smudges from the glass using a paper towel and glass cleaner. There are 48 geographical counties in England, which have their basis in 39 historic counties, though it can depend on which map you are using. Materials that we have come to love such as bamboo, porcelain, lacquer, silk, and bronze, for instance, are all products magnolia lane 4th of july garden flags Asia, a country that has inspired architects and designers for centuries. While it’s predominantly sold as a personal care brand for women, they also manufacture products for men, and even babies. While this cabinetry wall is straight-edged, a bar area on the other side of the dining room entrance is curved to be user-friendly to all. Grits are perceived as Southern country-folk fare, while polenta implies an international flair, but they’re almost identical dishes.

Grits are made from stone-ground white corn, a process that helps to retain the flavor, fiber and nutrients of the corn. And just in case you’re worried, trust us — you’re not going to sprout a Southern accent the next time you help yourself to the creamy warmth of grits smothered in butter and cheese, so go ahead and dig in to a bowl of genuine stone-ground grits. A lovely 20th-century kimono hung on the wall is an exotic accent. Water Garden Plants: Find out about stunning options for planting that will make your water garden unique and lovely. Decorating a Room: Find out how to decorate a room from floor-to-ceiling. Home Decorating Tips: Learn about home decorating styles and get tips on how to plan and complete decorating projects. Kids Rooms: Get tips on decorating your child’s room, with information on colors, smart strategies, and money-saving tips. The wide-open spaces of the Southwest have inspired many decorating styles. Have you ever wondered why people sometimes snicker if you order grits, but the conversation takes a decidedly epicurean turn if you order polenta? Turn an empty grocer’s crate into a mini vegetable garden. The Mini is the most British of vehicles and was used in the movie “The Italian Job”.