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Pixel Art Monster – Expansion Pack 8 is an addictive anti-stress pixel art game. Choose from a variety of fun pixel images and follow the numbers to bring them to life. Pixel Coloring has never been this easy!
Choose from a variety of free pixel monsters!
– Monster with sunglasses / Monster with an umbrella / Monster with a car / Monster with a phone / Monster with a cat / Monster with a dog / Monster with eyes / Monster with an afro / Monster with two arms
– Pixel monsters with a variety of accessories, such as hair accessories, hats, earphones and phones.
Simple, intuitive, and easy to use Color Cooler, and enjoy professional graphic quality with the long press feature.
Pixel Art Monster – Expansion Pack 8 is free to play and available for PC and Android devices.
To get your download link, please email support@snaptententgames.comPS3 Karaoke Titles Will Support USB Headphones

Sony has announced the launch of a new set of USB sound cards. PS3 gamers will be able to plug a set of USB sound cards into their PS3 and utilize a set of headphones as their gaming audio solution. Other machines will be supported as well.

It will support Headphone to Headphone and a headphone to a Game System output as well as a 2-Headset HME port. This will support both Toslink and optical audio as well as a newly added HPNA port for wireless audio.

The new USB Sound Cards will be at the lower price point of about $40 a piece, but with support for an additional set of speakers that costs only $10 a piece.The invention relates generally to imageshifters for reading a target pattern and, in particular, to an imaging system for reading a target pattern and a method of making the same.
The invention is particularly applicable to the reading of bar code symbols within the fields of industry, manufacturing, distribution, retail, sales, inventory, consumer, package delivery and pharmaceutical, but it would be expected to find broader applications in the print, X-ray and other imaging arts, though not limited thereto.
One presently preferred embodiment of the invention is in the form of a hand-held imaging reader of the type shown and described in U.S. Pat. Nos. 4,496,831 and 4,825,057, in the names of W. D. Carman and S. Carr, respectively. These patents describe laser scanners of the type forming


Features Key:

  • Amorphous labyrinth
  • One Of The Best Puzzle And Shoot Game


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The world of Paradise is a quiet paradise, but it is not always peaceful. You are the chosen of the goddess Solis, guardian of the land of Paradise and the one who will defend it from invaders.
The time has come to show the world you are worthy of Solis’ trust.
Your mission is to defend the Sanctuary, the castle of Solis located in the center of Paradise.
Build up a mighty army, defeat your enemies, and defend Paradise!
The game is all about Strategy, the land management and the town management.
You build up a mighty army by collecting troops.
Fight your way through the foreign lands, hostile villages, and enemy fortresses.
You manage the population in your village by feeding them, making them happy, visiting their houses, and growing their crops.
You have to wisely manage the growth of your population with two different seasons to avoid the challenges of climate.
You also manage the resources of the land and the towns.
You manage the land by building up your town and crops, gathering resources from the lands, and building up stone and metal mines.
You can also build up a fortress to defend your village, and raid your enemies’ towns and camps.
You have to wisely manage your forces to survive the battles.
In multiplayer mode, you battle against other players with the latest technology.
You can also play with your friends or enjoy playing against random players, everywhere you go.
Brave, Story-Driven Strategy Gameplay!
Take on the role of a champion to free paradise from evil.
Over 40 levels with interesting plot line and multiple routes.
Unusual town and land management system.
Multiple endings depending on how you play.
Full customisable controls and graphics.
Various unit types to build a balanced army.
Diverse character skills.
Quality music and voice acting.
Up to 4 players in multiplayer mode.
Support your friends and enjoy the game with them.
You can download and play the game for free, just click on the download button below.
Enjoy the game!

By installing this game, you consent to its installation and the installation of any game updates or upgrades released via future software updates. You can turn off automatic updates via the Settings menu in my game. If you do not agree to this, you can not play this game.

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Songs for a girl who’s boy from this week has been holding out on her for a “decent video game.” A playlist of songs I have decided to put together for her! Hope you enjoy it!
This video is for entertainment purposes only. A video of me performing this song is on this channel:
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PixelForest is a server where tons of people can play together with the free server and exchange chat rules to play. You can create your server, invite your friends, and make your own Pixel Forest game (amongst others). For more information on Pixel Forest visit:

published:27 Jun 2017


A collection of the top moments from the 2017 Pixel & ParrotAnimationCupInternational Final. Watch as the best Pixel & Parrot animators from around the world and France battle it out.
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published:06 Oct 2017


Discovery from NASA and the European Space Agency that tells about the geysers on Enceladus. The video introduces you to the famous moon of Saturn.

Some things are so simple. So, so simple. But, could that be the key to life? Well, perhaps. Let’s find out!
Some things are so simple. So, so simple. But, could that be the key to life? Well, perhaps. Let’s find out!

published:02 May 2016


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Enjoy the music by:
Kevin MacLeod – Tracks and music


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