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Name Splendor
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Appropriately descriptive game name for the most realistic flight simulation in the market.
Enjoy this bird simulation game and relax during the flight experience!
– 6 different bird species
– Exploration game, you can fly through an infinite world
– Long flight challenge
– Health System
– HD graphics
Have you ever enjoyed flying as a bird, gliding through the sky, swooping down to feed?
You can now do that in You Are A Bird!
You Are A Bird is an immersive experience, in which you take control of an avian species and soar through the skies of a procedurally generated world.
Explore as high, as low, and as far as you want, feast on prey, and kill your enemies!
Brand new sound and visual effects add to the experience!
Have you ever wanted to make some noise?
You will now be able to!
– 6 different bird species, tailor your avian experience to you
– Fly through procedurally generated worlds
– Fly with friends using local and online multiplayer
– Find and dispatch enemies in single or multiplayer
– Experience Hours of Gameplay
– Explore with your Wings for hours!
– Explore a world generated from a new seed every time
– Hunt prey from the sky to survive
– Realistic bird flight mechanics and physics engine
– Flapping Wings
– New sounds and effects

– Play it alone
– Come and meet friends
– Play it with your group
– Everyone can fly and the environment changes together
– Create your own path and fly in a different way
– Can you really fly?
– The idea is to combine the interaction of action games with aerial flight games
– Avoid obstacles
– Get air in the flight simulator
– Fly for hours
– Can you really fly?
– The idea is to combine the interaction of action games with aerial flight games
– Interactive environments and character movement
– The birds are coming!
– You can fly, and they’re here to play
– You can fly anywhere
– Your progress is shared
– You have your own creatures
– You are flying alone, or with friends or your group
– The environment is not static
– The birds have wings and can fly
– You must watch out for them
– Be careful, they can hurt you
– You need to decide what to do
– They’re out of their place
– You’re scared and flying is what you need



Features Key:


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Before the first shot is fired, you’ll set your own strategy for your powerful new war machine, the Ironclad. Arm and outmaneuver the enemy, or go ramming straight through them, ramming into the sprawling, well-armoured naval fleet packed in the harbour.
“The naval action was great and the interface, as expected, is perfect.”
“In this release it’s the naval battles that rule the game, and to a rather high degree.”
“The naval battles are a lot of fun, and the naval wizard that guides you through them helps a lot.”
A Player’s Guide to the Ironclad – The New Generation of War
“a magnificent naval epic – one which manages to capture the atmosphere of an epic from the very start.”
“It’s obvious that most work has been put into the naval part of the game, and Paradox have succeeded.”
About the Development Team:
A team from Paradox, the foremost strategy-developer in the world, have provided this game with the very best of the new gaming genres: The High Seas. With the Paradox Engine.
About the Game:
The world changes around you. A new age is dawning. The future of the world depends on your grasp of the new technology and the decisive actions you take. Paradox Interactive, a world-renowned game developer, has brought forth a new generation of strategy gaming. The world depends on your strength. Do not wait. Take up arms, command your nation, and make history… while it lasts.
The game makes use of the Paradox Engine.
Open-World Approach:
Create a large open-world, and explore it at your leisure. Whether your goal is to shipyards on the coast or research laboratories in the mountains, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do first.
Historical Background:
The editor produces highly detailed historical text, research reports, newspapers, official documents, recorded speeches, diaries, and more. More than just a story generator, this engine is also a full-fledged toolset for historians, allowing you to view any item in any of the more than 20 different nations.
History… It’s Back:
In contrast to several recent PC games, the age of the seers is back in games by Paradox. Try your hand at a number of advanced and deadly technologies, from airships to steam engines.
Immersive Gameplay:


Splendor Free Download [Mac/Win]

** R and G – White and Yellow
** B and P – Blue and Purple
** Y and C – Black and Orange
Inventory of colors:
Each color of each color Guy has their own inventory containing: a Sticker, Sticker picture, the level they are in, and the number of lives they have left. Sticker contains the name of the color, level they are in and the number of lives they have left.Level: – You can collect bubbles that appears along the way on your journey to save Pink Guy. You can also collect stickers that contain picture of the color. Sticker Pictures of the levels can help you to prepare yourself before you start playing. They’re found when you’ve collected a certain amount of bubbles or stickers.Gives you a star if you’ve collected a certain amount of bubbles. Of course, a star will always appear if you’ve collected a certain amount of stickers, but there is a possibility of a star without having collected any stickers.Star pictures of the levels can help you to prepare yourself before you start playing. They’re found when you’ve collected a certain amount of bubbles or stickers.Gives you a star if you’ve collected a certain amount of bubbles. Of course, a star will always appear if you’ve collected a certain amount of stickers, but there is a possibility of a star without having collected any stickers.You can also get stickers of the colors along the way, these will help you to mix your colors when it’s time for the Color Fight. You can get a few extra lives in the same way. Game Controls: * Touch to move. * Swipe up to jump. * Swipe down to flip a switch. * Shake your device to change the color of your character. * Left and Right to move left and right. * Touch to change your character. * Tap on the flower to change the color of the character you choose. * Back Button to move back. * Go button to play. * Screen 2: Allows you to touch the grid so you can place stickers. * Screen 3: Allows you to touch the color you want to use. * Screen 4: Allows you to tap the color to mix your color. * Screen 5: Allows you to touch the button to change your character. * Screen 6: Allows you to go back. * Screen 7: Allows you to touch the box and change your color. * Screen 8: Allows you to touch the flower and change the color. * Screen 9: Allows you to touch the back


What’s new in Splendor:

    Review – Xbox 360

    Truck Driver – UK Paint Jobs DLC Review

    Truck Driver has been released by Avalanche and is available to download on XBLA, PSN and PC.

    I am no truck driver, but when setting out to review a game I like to give it as much of a shake as possible. If you don’t know the different components I will take a quick look below to help you understand.

    Gameplay: 2/5

    The biggest problem I have with this game is the fact that in my opinion this is how a truck sim works. You go from A to B, drop and pick up a load of stuff, collect a buck, tackle a cup of tea, head off home and just wake up the next morning. It has rarely just been up, down, across or over, never a pickup, never a load and the levels don’t have personalities either.

    Gameplay is hindered by the fact that this is driving out of the real truck, not a nice, realistic one. Add to that the fact that the truck is an old man, rusty, leaking paint and the engine has gone down the pan and just drives like there is no tomorrow, add to that as if you were to head over a load of stones on a bridge or have an accident you are out of the game and you can’t start from the last checkpoint.

    Graphics: 2/5

    Truck Driver doesn’t have the most expansive graphics but they are all so detailed it’s incredible, so the developers didn’t need anything too fancy to actually use the detail on the trucks.

    Sound: 5/5

    While in this game you do actually hear the wind blowing through the cab, the engine getting a little hard to start and the metal from the trucks rattling, it’s these little things that make the game seem so real. While the engine is quiet you can hear the cans of paint rattling around, which is so addictive.

    Story: 3/5

    Not the longest game out there I know but there are still three hours of driving as you can get just about out of it.

    Gameplay Replay Value: 3/5

    There is great replay value because you are free to change the routes you take, give your truck lessons and improve on your performance levels.

    Graphics Replay Value: 3/5

    There is very little replay value here because this game is a truck sim, however this doesn’t mean there is nothing


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    El Gato Negro is a traditional 1 vs 1 fighting game with RPG elements in the style of SoulCalibur.
    It features 6 playable characters.
    Each character has a selection of unique attacks.
    Inflict a different type of damage depending on the weapon or type of weapon.
    Your weapon is a ranged weapon or a melee weapon.
    The stronger the better!
    Ranged weapons have a range of 2 meters.
    Melee weapons have a range of 1 meter.
    Each time you hit a Nightmare, you will gain points.
    Sets of six levels will appear on the screen.
    Players can challenge one of their opponent’s set by pressing the A button.
    As set scores increase, the level of difficulty will also increase.
    Players will win once they break all six levels.
    Individual battle levels are accessible.
    Characters can be switched on the fly.
    Players will be able to complete new quests in addition to the main quests.
    Each quest also corresponds to a particular soul.
    Players will have to collect these “Soul Gems” for that particular Quest,
    when they defeat the corresponding Nightmare.
    Players can use the nine weapons listed below during the battle.
    A Sword, A Short Sword, A Staff, A Whip, A Long Whip, A Martial Spear, A Long Staff, A Rivet Gun and a Cannon.
    So there are 9 weapons, 6 main characters and 9 stages.
    This is one of three DLCs available for this game.
    The other two are ‘Light Weapons’ and ‘Gensokyo’.

    Community Rating

    0 out of 10,0 people found this review useful.
    3,841 total

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    File Description



    2 Komas are distributed among the 10 Nightmares. The higher the number of Komas that a Nightmare has, the more damage it will inflict.

    Key Features:

    · 6 different characters to choose from!· More than 30 characters in the game.· All of the monsters have been upgraded to a higher level!· 18 different types of weapons to choose from, each with their own unique power!· The weapons and characters are tied to the back stories of the characters.· Each character has different combos.・ There are 18 different types of Attacks depending on which weapon the character has!· Extra powerful attacks that use up some of your Komas.· More than a 100 different combos!· Completely different


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System Requirements:

Minimum system requirements:
OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
Processor: Core i3 or later with SSE2 support (Intel only)
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD HD 7970 or later
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 15GB available space
How to Install Stardew Valley on PC:





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