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In this brand new adventure story, set on the world of Barak, you will set out to challenge the evil incarnate, Malphas. One of the original gaming giants, Aveyond is back in a new age of adventure, and the very game in which you’ve always wanted to play is here! From the creators of the award winning 3-player smash hit, Aveyond 2 comes Aveyond: Lord of Twilight, a 3-1 co-op adventure with great story, awesome loot, addictive gameplay, and a whole lot of crazy humor!

Game CEX JR-160

Amazon Instant Video

Aveyond: Gates of Night 3-2: The Caverns of Time

Aveyond: The Darkthrop Prophecy 3-2: The Caverns of Time

This exciting adventure takes you to a new location on a new continent and new dungeons. This time, you find yourself in a world undergoing severe climactic shifts, resulting in a weakening of the magic that helps control the climate. Take part in multiple quests to discover how you and your companions can help this world continue to function and thrive. The world of Aveyond is constantly changing. The magics that once helped control the weather are weakening, and it’s up to you to find a new way to stop them.

Aveyond 2-2: The Lost Orb

This action-adventure game takes place on the island of Patan, a peaceful haven where peaceful people are trying to survive and thrive in the face of a bloody civil war. The two leading factions of the civil war have created two opposing archipelagoes, forcing thousands of citizens to flee their homes and settle in a cluster of islands within their own territory. Explore the islands, hire mercenaries to fight with you, and battle your way to the top of the alliance. Just don’t get caught trying to pick up a woman or it could mean the end of your personal crusade.

Aveyond 2-1: The Lost Orb

Welcome to the island of Guanshan! This beautiful island is not nearly as peaceful as it looks, as the island is governed by the Cult of Ghodala and run by a warring king.

Aveyond 2-3: The Lost Orb

Welcome to the island of Jaaruk! It is a very peaceful place, but now the tempers are running high. The top alliance in the island has just acquired a powerful spellbook, and a magical storm is


Stargazer Program Features Key:

  • 8 very difficult levels to achieve
  • Beautifully rendered graphics
  • Feature all 41 letters of the alphabet to unlock extra features

ZHED – Puzzle Game Features:

  • 40 original levels of the game. Enough to challenge even the best puzzle game players
  • The object of the game is to remove all the different colored tiles that will pop up on the board
  • Made with the highest quality graphics
  • One of the greatest achievements you will ever have in your lives

ZHED – Puzzle Game Background:

  • Help the little duckling in your puzzle game titles to reach the other side of the maze
  • The path that I have to go through the maze is getting narrow


Stargazer Program [Latest-2022]

– Explore various types of environments including jungle, mountain, and city
– Fight your way through monsters and defeat bosses
– Master the different skills of each character
– Act in storyline quests, or lead your own story
– Cool soundtrack and graphics that make you feel like you’re on a journey
– Defeat monsters and complete over 150 quests
– Get special bonus items through rare events
Use your EXP gained through missions to level up your characters.
Try and max out your characters’ stats to obtain the best items.
You can change the skill of your characters after leveling up.
You can also equip different items to see the different bonuses they have.
You can learn the new skills of your team by adding the relevant Glyphstones.
However, you cannot learn the new skills of your characters if you don’t own the DLC.
– Collect animals to summon into battle
– Combat system featuring auto-lock system to let you fight without being targeted
– Talk to companions on quests
– Enjoy RPG elements such as inventory management, branching storylines
The first 100 levels of the game are free!
If you like our game, you can thank us by subscribing to our Youtube Channel:

Don’t forget to like our Facebook page:

Official Website:

Official iPhone app:

Official Android app:

1-10 players
XBOX 360
Xbox One
Genre: Action, Puzzle
Size: 113 MB
Play Time: 4 Hours
*iOS version is NOT supported
– Patch 4.08 to improve the performance of the game and solve the problem of the game crashing.
– Windows,MacOS,iOS,Android
Please Leave Feedback If You Have Any Problem Using This Game.


Stargazer Program

(In game notes)

Last version 20/10/2017 (2017 release)

The game play is done to the degree of the development of PS Vita and of many improvements in design.

This version has as many functions, more than 20 character “tradition” and much more characters that will be added.

The character and animation of the primary characters are also more than the initial version.

A large number of Game City characters that are strong will be presented in the new game, which already exceeded 100 characters.

(With this version, we have continued the game as a “Last Run!!” style, but it is still limited to the number of slots in the store. This means, once you are in the game for a certain period of time, the game will automatically be turned off.)

The title screen and ending of the game is displayed in large format to be distinguished from the previous version (VS2015) and thus resembles the final version of the game.

The logo is changed to the old PS2 style with a feeling of the 90s, to match the old title screen of the game.

Added improved version of the character design.

Replaced the original music from the Game City from the limited version

Added the original music, the Final battle theme (original version is the game only)

Better design of sound effects, can be heard on the basis of a smartphone.

Improved the texture.

Added the portrait of the game hero and the heroine as a separate item, to make the game look more original.

Added several icons and graphics for the details of the character of the game, etc.

(Can not be erased once it is activated. May cause trouble if you enter a city that has already entered a city where a character is)

To prevent trouble that can not be erased on the Game city name you have entered, add the check of the Game City name.

Because the dialog and conversation are used when a character does not exist in the city name and some dialog is troublesome, and there is a chance to become a blank, it is not easy to check for all that the dialog.

To check this properly and make the game more interesting, you can enter a city that is with no city name and then enter the map search mode to enter a city.

Map Search Mode can not be used in the room of the apartment of the main character of the


What’s new in Stargazer Program:

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What’s new in the Add-On?

  • A new pilot who is passionate about Steam and all the recent updates associated with it.

Features of the Add-On:

  • Requirements & instruction:
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  • Language Support
  • Requirements
  • Direct X 9/10
  • Language Support
  • Windows XP
  • Language Support
  • Language Support
  • Language Support
  • Language Support
  • Language Support

System Requirements:

OS: 64-bit Windows 10
64-bit Windows 10 CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i3
4 GB Graphics: nVidia GTX 460
DirectX: Version 11
1. Install DOSBox
2. Run the game with DosBox
3. Create an emulator with your keyboard
Follow these steps to do it:
1. Go to Control Panel, select Add/Remove Programs, and delete DOSBOX from your list of software programs. If you are already running Dos


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