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Will you become the king of knowledge or a real chaser? An updated version of the quiz show that has won countless fans worldwide, we have digitized the original experience in order to offer you the opportunity to play it the way you want it. Challenge up to three friends in the competition and decide who takes on which role. Enjoy your favorite shows and test yourself under time pressure. Find your true skill levels! Are you going to give it all or save a little something for yourself? Either way, show the judges that you are the master of trivia. The game is a real show with stars like Klaus Otto Nagorsnik, Sebastian Klussmann and Sebastian Jacoby and is hosted by famous host Alexander Bommes. Take on the role of the show’s host – if you prefer – and place your remarks and the questions into the correct box. Simply find the answer and move to the next question. Without any interviewer to ask the questions, you are challenged directly by the audience. Start, but not too early! Everyone who takes on the role of the chaser feels the heat and shows the contestants what they are made of. You will have to answer questions quickly in order to beat the other chasers. Otherwise, you will be eliminated and will have to answer a new question from that moment on. Which of the chasers would you most like to lose? Find out! That’s all there is to the game for now – so pick it up! Take a look at our brand new show rules.

Chaser or chased – who will ultimately emerge victorious from the studio? It’s up to you! Experience the show up close. Finally, you can compete as a contestant against one of the chasers or take on the role of the chaser yourself and show the contestants that you have what it takes to be a real chaser. Play with up to three friends and decide completely freely how you want to split up. All four of you want to compete against the chaser just like in the real show and beat Sebastian Klussmann, Sebastian Jacoby or Klaus Otto Nagorsnik? No problem! You want to prove to your friends that you are the real chaser? Then take their place and play against them. For this purpose, we have prepared a special chaser that you can take over to make the candidates really sweat. THE CHASER BEGINS!

The show is hosted by Alexander Bommes, just like in the original. The original voices of the chasers Klussmann,


Storage Hunter Features Key:

  • Multiplayer Arena/Capture
  • Works on all platforms
  • Succinct live video clips
  • Online Challenges
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A top down role-playing game, that fuses high octane action with moody adventure. The studio is obsessed with cinematic storytelling and brings that to the players.


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Ogras lets you play under the blood moon!


This is an experimental and unfinished game (So pay attention)


—– Weapon Reflection —–

-Weapon type changes how the weapon feels and functions

-Weapon Color, the color of the weapon changes the tint of the weapon.

-When you are outside of a reflection, the color of the reflection changes the tint of the weapon.

-When you are on a reflection, it is the color of the reflection that defines the tint of the weapon.

—– Armor Color —–

-Armor type changes how the armor looks and functions

-Backdrop changes the tint of the armor

-When you are outside of a reflection, the color of the reflection defines the tint of the armor.

-When you are on a reflection, it is the color of the reflection that defines the tint of the armor.

—– Armor Reflection —–

-Armor type changes how the reflection looks and functions

-Backdrop changes the color of the reflection

-When you are outside of a reflection, the color of the reflection defines the color of the reflection.

-When you are on a reflection, it is the color of the reflection that defines the color of the reflection.

—– Weapon Reflect —–

-Weapon type changes how the weapon looks and functions

-When you are outside of a reflection, the color of the reflection defines the tint of the weapon.

-When you are on a reflection, it is the color of the reflection that defines the tint of the weapon.

—– Armor Reflect —–

-Armor type changes how the reflection looks and functions


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The Revolution Simulator is the test-tube baby of the wonderful Sandbox franchise.Sandbox games are sandbox games in which you can do almost anything. In this game, you will be doing some things. You will play a jailbreak of an entire prison or use your warden powers to clean up the outside of the prison. The goal of the game is to make it out of prison, never to be caught. In the process, you can build up and destroy a city block, even. There’s no real…[ Read More ]

ReviewsSlaughterhouse! This is a game where you kill hundreds of people. (Aren’t you glad you did that?)
I’m not trying to sell this game.
I’m trying to sell you on the fact that it’s a game that plays as well as it looks.
And when it looks this good, well, you should play it, and buy it. [ Read More ]

ReviewsInterception: The Deja Vu Redux – Tim Tebow Story by The Game [0:20:35]
Summary: This is a football story that makes a total mockery of football and The Godfather.
The game’s trailer is here:
A good listener to the creator of this is The Dark Betrayal, who provides a link to where you can see his reaction to this game: [ Read More ]

ReviewsDo Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Johnathan Smith
Summary: What does it mean to be human?
At this point, the first question I ask every audience I speak to is, “Does anyone here understand what a computer is?” And then I stand there for a moment, allowing a very natural silence to take over.
And I ask the audience if they remember what the four qualities of a human being are: being alive, having free will, being social, and being immortal. And they remember. And the memory of those qualities often makes them uncomfortable. [ Read More ]

ReviewsPatrol the sky by Simon Rossetti
Summary: A simple, tiny, endless game about being a skypatrol!
Instead of trying to teach you anything, I just think it would be fun to make you feel like you’re


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    Recorded at Super Audio Quality, this Original Soundtrack is Available in SD, Black or White, Sound Matted, Scanned and Print on Demand on high quality 12″ Timeless album with Black and White lyric book. Digital download available for all the cheapest bands 🙂 You will never wear this soundtrack.

    This item includes:

    1080p All Main Files (Original Source & SRS)

    24 Bit / 48kHz WAV, MP3 & FLAC

    Detax Torrent, ZIP & PREVIEW

    CD JPG w/XCD Mastering

    Autographed CD & Video

    VIDEO for all 4 song

    Any kind of prints (like this) which you can enjoy in endless ways.

    The Interactive 80s are a new era in soundtracks production, where we always included: English, French, German, Spanish, Latin American and International music and lyrics. The only thing we can do is to raise the quality of the music and expand the database of 1GM music, so that all the music fans can find exactly what they want. And when you realize how many music is involved on a blockbuster movie, it’s shocking. We record music from Bandcamp, Bythelake, Discreateech, Finetunes, Jcool, Lemonade, mediafire, Music on A Mission, Nowplatinum, Operationantispyware, Paypal, Rafflesia, Really, Rolling Stone, Silkroad and more. We can also record music for you, if you’ve been on this website already… Search by name or genre to find everything you need quickly. For the dreamers of the new generation, here is your lucky night to discover this beautiful mask of Soundtracks as seen in the 1980s and beyond of Hollywood…

    PLEASE NOTE that this soundtrack DOES NOT include all the songs you can hear on the movie screen. Because all sources are protected by fair use laws, you can download items for personal and commercial use. In contrast, we have been assigned to digitally add non-protected songs and soundclips found by 80s GIGATURES in the 80s Musical Library and 90s GIGATURES with Tom Holkenborg music library. Without retracing a 600 hours of work recording from 1980s to present


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    There’s a new beginning to space colonisation – 2119. It’s your time to prove your skills and overcome all the obstacles you meet with.
    CCM-1 is an amazing space simulator that gives you a new era of the space colonization. More than a classical space flight simulator, it has many plotless puzzles. Multiple game modes, dazzling visuals and gameplay are the base of the game.
    CCM-1 is a space colonization simulator. It is a unique game that you can`t find anywhere. You will get to know the facts of the game.
    Choose the correct path, speak only when it’s necessary.

    What can you do in a scientific space simulator? In this game, you can do many things…

    About This Game

    (the full version is available in the Google Play Store)

    Please be careful with your comments and scores! The game gives me a lot of pleasure and is a serious project, but takes no money, therefore I would appreciate not to have something negative in the comments.

    The game could be more interesting. The password to the “Cano-Key” is “Cano-Player”. The variables for saving the game were not correctly used, and the game does not react properly when entering the password.

    Could use a bit more work to make it so the space battle is like a “stacking” card game. The screen gets a bit of craziness when looking at the board at certain resolutions (more than 1024 x 768).

    This is a good game. I think it should be a bit more complex and have more ship to fly, like the Mac OS games. We knew an android games could be ported to the Mac, but an android game to the Mac might be hard if not impossible. I hope they will do this and make this game work on the Mac.

    The game is too random when it comes to the number and placement of enemies and obstacles. The field is way too big. The collision detection needs to be more precise. There should be more obstacles and enemies, because the player is just passing through some places.

    Better collisions for the astronauts during the exploration. I have broken the ropes in the simulator and instead of crashing into the wall when trying to get out of the ropes I keep crashing into the wall. Also


    How To Crack:

  • Dual licensed under LGPL v3 & GPL v3
  • Multi language supported.
  • Strong online gaming experience.
  • Play WFC, Steam or Origin via the one game interface with the latest updates and additions in order to maximize your gaming experience.

Step 1: Download & install Game Zone B Korosu from the official website here:

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Step 5: Enjoy!

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