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As a new and forgotten treasure on Earth, the user Interface has been deprived of love, nurturing and maintenance for 5 centuries. In the year 2245, a derelict computerized architecture that once housed the mysteries of the human psyche came to life. Now, not even the most brilliant minds can control it and keep it safe. As a brilliant graphic designer, a war hero, and a survivor, you were able to escape the tragic conclusion of the human race, and become witness to the incredible beauty, adventure, and heartbreak that is the Digital World.
Stroll the overgrown forests and journey into the eerie passages, discover the unique digital inhabitants, and avoid the dangers that exist even beyond the safety of the simulation. Manipulate objects, create stunningly beautiful visual effects, and discover the incredible world of Algul Siento and its unique inhabitants.
Key Features:
• Free roaming exploration – You are free to explore the world of Algul Siento at any time and explore the large cities, explore the forest, and wander through the mountains.
• Horror and Action – A unique action-horror experience, combining survival and puzzle gameplay. You will have to navigate your way through a dark world that is teeming with enemies and dangers. Many of them can be avoided, but you will also have to overcome them as you progress further in the story.
• Bestiary – Interact with a rich cast of fantastic creatures that will help you navigate the world of Algul Siento.
• A smartphone game – Experience all of the game in a modern and comfortable format, on the go, and without any compromises.
• Beautiful graphics – Encounter an astonishingly realized world with hand-painted textures and strong visual effects.
• Interesting atmosphere – A post-apocalyptic setting and a haunting soundtrack will give the game a strong, unique atmosphere.
• Amnesia – An amnesia mechanic will add a fresh dynamic to the gameplay experience.
• Retro-Style – The game will use a retro, old school visual style reminiscent of other retro-style games.
• Internet multiplayer – By connecting with the Internet you can invite your friends to experience the world of Algul Siento, as well as battle with them.

“Gorgeous to look at, with skilled and creative writing, the game will make you think and keep you playing long after the initial period when you die thousands of times.”
7/10 – iphonedy


Features Key:

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  • The Red Strings Club Game Key Giveaway include keys for Red Strings Club (US Version), The Red Strings Club (EU Version) and Rime
  • The Red Strings Club Game Key Giveaway include keys for Red Strings Club (US Version), The Red Strings Club (EU Version) and Rime


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    A story about human emotion
    A compelling and unique voice-over performance
    Highly emotive soundtrack and design
    Psychedelic visuals
    A Sci-Fi setting with a fairytale-like story
    About The Company The Red Strings Club Torrent Download Ltd:
    Founded in 2017, The Red Strings Club is an independent developer and publisher of narrative games. We are a team of 16 people who want to do something meaningful with games. We make games we love, and we want you to enjoy our work.
    Game Description and Requirements The game requires all relevant legacy on your system, including DirectX 9 and OpenGL. To play the game on Windows 10, you need to run the game on Windows 10 Fall Creators update. Learn more here:
    The Red String Club:
    An independent developer / publisher
    Who believes in players enjoying our work
    Explore the technology of the future
    Fun / interactive fiction
    Anyone for taking risks? Join us!
    Visit our website to learn more:

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    Free to Play,
    PlayStation 4,
    Science Fiction,
    Square Enix,
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    The Red Strings Club Full Product Key Download

    Download the “The Red Strings Club” Video Game
    14.67MB][Game Genre:

    The Basics:

    The game looks like a cross between “Super Meat Boy” and “Monkey Island 2”, with beautiful pixel graphics.

    It’s a “beat ’em up” style game, except the game is a platformer, with the player controlling a girl in a yellow dress, who can shoot forward, back and turn to avoid enemies.

    You play as the “disembodied guardian” of the abandoned city, “Red”. The game is divided into ten chapters which you play through with different characters. These are named for their items, such as the “Buns of Steel” chapter, “Wocky’s Fantasies” chapter, etc…

    The entire game is a visual novel, with the characters asking you questions about how you feel, and how you can help them. However, unlike previous versions of “VNMs” in video games, the player can only find out the results at the end of the chapter, and sometimes, can’t even find out the result.

    There are items that you can obtain that will change how the game plays (for example, characters who will give helpful advice), and three relationships/endings to choose from (friendly, neutral and hostile).

    The plot

    The plot seems like it started out as a concept by one person, but it has evolved into a fully-developed story, which focuses on characters and themes.

    The Story

    The game follows the story of an unnamed girl, who lives in the city of “Red”. On her fifth birthday, her parents suddenly died in an accident, and the city had been abandoned. She lives with her single grandfather, “Wack”. Wack is not supposed to be able to leave the city, but uses the girl’s thoughts to get around. The girl learns that in the underworld (a dimensional realm where the souls of dead people dwell), her parents are trapped in a jail called the “Nightmare Palace”.

    In these chapters, you come across a series of new and interesting characters that start off as a tool for you to learn more about your feelings, but develop into characters that become quite likeable.


    What’s new in The Red Strings Club: