The Texas Theatre Will Screen Napoleon Dynamite With three of the Unique Cast

One of the crucial awkward teen films about one of the world’s most awkward teenagers of all time is getting a special screening subsequent yr on the Texas Theatre.

Jon Heder, Efren Ramirez and Jon Gries will appear on the Oak Cliff film house on April 1 for a particular screening of the cult comedy Napoleon Dynamite, according to a joint announcement from the Texas Theatre and the AT&T Performing Arts Center.

The screening will have a live Q&A session with Heder, Ramirez and Gries, who respectively performed the title character, Napoleon’s friend Pedro and Napoleon’s Uncle Rico in the sleeper indie hit from 2004, which Hess directed.

Tickets will go on sale starting on Friday. VIP passes will also be available to purchase a seat in the first 10 rows of the theater that will additionally give holders access to a special meet-and-greet with the screening’s visitors and an autographed movie poster.

Hess wrote Napoleon Dynamite with his wife, Jerusha Hess. It was based on a brief black and white film called Peluca that he made two years earlier while studying film at Brigham Young University. Heder played the Napoleon Dynamite character, who tries to buy a wig for considered one of his high school friends who shaves off all of his hair because “it made his head real hot.” It is basically a foundation for the Napoleon Dynamite universe.

The 2004 film that expanded on Peluca got a screening at that 12 months’s Sundance Film Festival, the place it turned one of the vital talked-about films of the independent film festival. Fox Searchlight Footage and MTV Films inked a deal to distribute the film the following summer, and it became one of the yr’s biggest sleeper hits, according to an oral history of the film published in The Deseret News.

Hess based mostly occasions of the film on his own life about a super awkward teen who wears nondescript T-shirts and snow boots in a small rural town. He lives with his Uncle Rico and his bratty older brother Kip (Aaron Ruell) and is raised by his grandmother (Sandy Martin).

Some studio heads advised adding some big names to the cast to help increase its earnings potential. According to The Deseret News, a casting director advised replacing Heder with Jake Gyllenhaal, however Hess insisted that Heder was the only actor who might play Napoleon Dynamite, calling the move “creatively, a dealbreaker. It was a role Jon was born to play.”

The film shows the boring life he actually leads, because the character continually tries to liven up his existence with his love for mythical hybrid animals, acquiring ninja skills and happening fictitious trips to Alaska to shoot 50 wolverines with “a freaking 12-gauge, what do you think?”

He turns into friends with a fellow student named Pedro, who decides to undertake a futile try to run for class president in the most awkward means possible, and a shy, ambitious girl named Deb (Tina Majorino). Dynamite’s Uncle Rico, who brags about his high school football days while pursuing fruitless, get-rich quick schemes, consistently finds ways to intrude with Napoleon’s life.

The film grew to become the idea for a 2010 animated series on Fox with voices of all the principal cast, together with Diedrich Bader as the town’s hand-to-hand dojo combat master Rex. There’s also been talk from cast members Ramirez and Heder about a potential sequel.

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