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In Elon’s Dream, you are an astronaut who has crash-landed on the planet Mars. Here, you must work out a way to return to Earth.
Five Levels with new planets, each more difficult to navigate than the last, offer very challenging jogging, run, fly and slide gameplay.
– Five increasingly difficult levels with different environments on Mars.
– Many enemies and hazards to overcome while running, flying and sliding across the landscape of a planet.
– Each environment introduces new gameplay mechanics.
– Easy mode to make it more accessible to players of all ages.
– Synchronize two controllers together.
– Multiple gameplay modes: Jogging, running, flying, sliding, rotating, using rockets.
– Share your game on Facebook and Twitter.
– Good music by Jonty Skae.
– Original artwork by Mo T.

This Game offers many Game Challenges on an Endless Runner Level in the style of:
Sonic Adventure
Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Smash Bros.
Tomba 2
Kid Icarus
Kingdom Paradise
Dark Cloud
Binary Heaven
Dream Land (ALC)
The result is an exciting and colorful game full of levels that are unique and unexpected, characterized by its beautiful graphics.
There are four games, each has its own characters:
The Sole Starband
The Chief of the Sole Starband
The Lion of Sole Starband
The Queen of Sole Starband
The Sole Starband is a game that will be challenging for all ages.
The game may be installed to any SD card with a maximum size of 8 GB.
Game features:
A game that will be challenging to kids and adults alike!
A game that features a beautiful graphics and fantastic music.
Kids will be left speechless with original graphics and gameplay.
A game with many addictive game challenges!
Download game, Share on Facebook & Twitter.

In the spaceship you played games for a long time. Suddenly your spaceship is traveling at the speed of light. Unidentified enemies is coming after your spaceship. Fight to protect your spaceship. Use your spacecraft as weapons to destroy enemies and save the spaceship. There are 12 stages in total.

Welcome to the adventure of the Legend Monkey. You came to the endless ocean for collecting the fruit but suddenly you found a strange ship. A man and his monkey came out of that ship. The Monkey goes to pick the


Tiger Tank 59 … Super Tank MP079 Features Key:

  • A very easy to play and learn game with good graphics and a lot of levels and fun gameplay
  • Easy game play: takes 1 min to learn. NO SPOILER’S

    A "fun" toy game for 3 to 8 year olds. It’s fun to play.
  • Each level is unique, making playing and winning the game even more fun. No annoying missed jumps caused by practice. A great jumping game.
  • The game is easy to learn (in 3 min… less than 1 min!). NO SPOILER’S

    A "fun" toy game for 3 to 8 year olds.
  • No payment for game play! The game is free to play. No hidden costs. Just click ‘Download’ and you’re off!

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The Legend of Heroes: Hajimari no Kiseki is a unique and innovative RPG with high-quality graphics, deep gameplay, and a seamless anime style on a beautiful 3D field.Q:

PHP: check mysql row with foreach loop

I have the following code:
foreach ($tablle as $row) {
$code = $row[‘returncode’];
$nodes = $row[‘nodes’];
$name = $row[‘name’];

if ($code == ‘0123456789’) {
$error = ‘Code is OK’;
} else {
$error = ‘Code is not OK’;

if (is_array($nodes)) {
$perform_array = array();
foreach ($nodes as $node) {
if (is_array($node)) {
$perform_array = array_merge($perform_array, $node);
$records = array_merge($perform_array, $name, $error);

$result[‘table’][] = $records;

$result[‘success’] =!empty($result[‘table’]);
$result[‘message’] = $result[‘success’]? ” : ‘There was an error’;

I have an array $tablle, which contains an array $row (see example below), which contains an array $nodes. $nodes contains the data of the fields in my database (name, returncode).
Is it possible to put my $perform_array in my $result[‘table’] directly instead of:

$records = array_merge($perform_array, $name, $error);
$result[‘table’][] = $records;

With this code, I get always


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​Warning: If the first opening is too hard for you, please select the quick mode before playing the game! In this game, you can select different stories for each character: Stage Story, Anecdotal Story and Encounter Story. ​

​Touhou Fan of Destiny will be launched on Steam after its completion.

About the gameplay:

This game has 2 levels.

Easy Mode: In this level, if you die, you will restart from the beginning of the stage.

Medium Mode: In this level, you will lose 2/3 of your HP and will restart after a while.

Hard Mode: In this level, you will lose all HP and will restart after a while.

Don’t hesitate to use the various special abilities if it is too hard for you!

How to play:

Here are the game progress options.

Easy Mode: Press the full screen icon on the upper right side of the screen, select “easy mode” from the menu and start the game.

Medium Mode: Select “medium mode”, after which you can select your special ability at the bottom right side of the screen.

Hard Mode: Select “hard mode”, after which you can select your special ability at the bottom right side of the screen.​

The Fan of Fate which can grant a wish and change the destiny of any being or thing was abducted from celestials.At the same time, the passing comet raises ability problems to all Gensokyo creatures.The unstable Barrier which is likely to fall down becomes a major problem.Hack and slash game with some elements of Japanese visual novel.Numerous unique rivals,Bosses await you: Reisen Udongein Inaba, Remilia Scarlet, Komachi Onozuka, Reimu Hakurei and unfazed Yukari Yakumo!!You will also find an incredible background music and more!Gameplay 天风之光 ~ Touhou Fan of Destiny:

​Warning: If the first opening is too hard for you, please select the quick mode before playing the game! In this game, you can select different stories for each character: Stage Story, Anecdotal Story and Encounter Story. ​

​Touhou Fan of Destiny will be launched on Steam after its completion.

About the gameplay:

This game has 2 levels.

Easy Mode: In this level, if you die, you will


What’s new:

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.”
–Samuel Johnson

In autumnal London – on misty nights, after long days spent in the city, or somewhere else – I am often asked ‘what’s he up to?’ Or it might be ‘is she back yet?’ – as in “what IS she up to?” – and perhaps followed by more pursed lips, and a sometimes disgusted groan.

‘What’s she up to with that weirdo?’

The word ‘weirdo’ is a good sign. If this person doesn’t care one hoot who you are, or what you’re up to, you’re doing all right. In fact, you’re doing better than all right. You’re beginning to wonder whether you’re a weirdo yourself.

But one day, when you have nothing better to do, you may be attracted to one of these people, and then you will have exhausted the whole list of the weirder theres are, because their list keeps growing. It’s more like their narrative, or joke. They join with a community that may not want to know who the wanna-bes are, but sure knows what’s up with them. Is that all that life can afford?

No. In autumnal London, one must also have the means to get back to wherever it is. A soft wind in the tree tops, a chardonnay at the library. But in autumnal London, can a simple, unabstract notion of what the world looks like be left? No. One can only stare at the tree tops, and the library, and wonder what’s she up to, with her weirdo, tomorrow. Or was it last week?

So whether now, or any other time, the question of ‘dating’ must be answered, and one way or another it must be answered.

But in autumnal London?


“A man need not marry as soon as he falls in love, for not until he is thirty can he know himself or his capabilities.”
–G.B. S… This is somehow incredibly valid, but from reading Fool’s Elegy


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Enter a universe full of conflict. Take command of a starship and guide your crew to victory in a battle of galactic proportions.

Discover the thrilling universe of Star Fleet II, an award-winning science fiction tactical game of space conquest. A galaxy at war. A starship at your command.

Every morning your starship wakes to find itself immersed in conflict. Aliens of every type and size want to enslave your crew, steal your technology or destroy you completely.

Your mission is to construct your ship and crew, equip it with the best technology available, and then lead your men and women to victory.

It’s not easy. Your enemies are at your mercy. You can’t run away. If your crew surrenders, you’re doomed. If you lose, your ship and everyone on board is destroyed.

Make contact, arm your ship, assemble your crew, equip your weapons, take off, and then destroy your enemies. Your battle experience will determine how well you complete your missions, which in turn will earn you even more battle experience. More experience, and more weapons, will lead to victory.Search

Top Tools

Starting Position


Training goals

Specific techniques

Technique rating



Take this challenge and win!

Starting position

Wide, one shoulder open.

For all your high comfort drops and knifepro tricks. This is a great skill for beginners but also for the more advanced guys who still want the feel of big weight on their hands.


Vertical drops and grooves.

This is a technique which is mainly done at the bottom of the boulder. Try vertical drops and grooves from the butterfly over the edge or beak.

Training goals

Develop good control.

For the top half of the table. Also a nice way to get your beginner crew mates to develop a good indexlock.

Specific techniques

1. Vertical drop.

2. Butterfly over edge.

3. Butterfly over grove.

4. Butterfly over the edge.

5. Slider to the butterfly over edge.

Technique rating

The ball can be dropped and it is recommended that the grip is not too small, since you will lose grip in the process.



10 Minutes


Starting position



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System Requirements:

Version: 1.4
Programs: 0.8
Game Size: 6.6 GB
System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Required Space: 30 MB (30 MB)
Game Content
Game Instruction
Actual Game Size: 20 MB (18.5 MB)
For all previous versions, see this FAQ
For all previous versions, see this FAQ The Dungeon of Dungeons is a very interesting RPG for the modern computer. The story starts with the mysterious disappearance of your long