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Add employees
Add projects
Create templates
Create timelines
Set project permissions


Excellent interface
Accurate time tracking
Excellent interface
Easy time tracking
Accurate time tracking
Easy time tracking
Top Features:

Track work time
Make reports
Create templates
Easy time tracking


Track time with multiple projects
Accurate time tracking

12. ClickTime Recorder

ClickTime Recorder is a powerful software application that can help you record and manage time spent while working on projects. It is the next step in the process of time management. The application can track your time easily and then generate accurate reports.
You can set the time when you need to be tracked. You can also set the time zone of the project. After the time is set, the application will automatically update the time that you will report.
A lot of information can be tracked, from the project name to the location where you work. This is a very useful application that can help you manage time spend while working on projects and generate accurate reports.
The best part is that it’s a free application and there’s no more limitations for recording. It tracks time spent on project, tracks productivity, shows employee contribution and various other important data.
Records time spent while working on projects
When you install the program, you will be asked to select a time zone that can be applied to all the tasks that are going to be tracked. You can also make use of the templates to set the start time and end time of the tasks.
The application also lets you add employees. These are not people that work with you but they help with time tracking.
Make a report
You can export the data from the application to Excel and create graphs for yourself and your reports. It enables you to get a lot of information about the people who are working on the project. This is a time management tool for tracking time spent while working on projects that can generate valuable reports.
Reports include the following information:

Your progress
Number of hours
Employee details
Project details

You can also add contributors so that you can know who you need to compensate.
ClickTime Recorder Description:

The best time management software

Best time tracking software

Free time management software

Time tracking software

Track time


Track and generate reports

Best time management tool

Software to track time

TimeTracker Basic Crack+ For PC [Updated] 2022

Under 1MB
Visual Basic
Ability to create unlimited projects

What is it about?
TimeTracker Basic Serial Key is a simple software solution that lets you track time while working on projects, view detailed reports, issue monthly and daily summaries. It can be used by individuals or by small teams.
What can it do?
You will be able to:

Track time spent while working on projects
Create reports that give information about your projects and time spent working on them
Choose from several configurations, such as daily, weekly and monthly reports
Set the number of hours you have spent on the project, per day, per week or per month
Export information to Excel for reporting and analysis

How can I get it?
TimeTracker Basic Free Download is available for free to use and allows you to create an unlimited number of projects. It’s intuitive and easy to use and comes as a self-extracting archive. The tool is available from the author’s website.

Another application, that I suggest you to check out, is Microsoft Project. It’s a fully-featured project management tool, while MS Project Server Pro is a full implementation of Microsoft Project Standard (MPS).
It comes with modules and tools that help you manage various aspects of your projects. It can be used as a stand-alone product or be part of a larger project management solution. It has a free version, called Project Standard, that lets you create unlimited projects and track them.
Microsoft Project Description:

Collect information from the most important applications
Visual Basic language
Full version and Lite version
It offers a standalone application as well as a server-based and web-based solution
The installation does not take long
It offers many out-of-the-box features
Great project planning capabilities
It’s easily customizable
It can be used offline
It can be used on Windows, Mac or Linux
It allows you to create projects with a maximum of 999 tasks, assign them to your team members, track the budget and manage tasks and their priorities
It lets you view the time spent while working on the tasks, per day or per week

There is one thing to be aware of with this application, it requires you to be connected to the internet so you can access the server and you can’t be offline when you work on projects.

Users can access and control all aspects of project and task management. Other features include:

Workspace –

TimeTracker Basic Crack+ With Key Free

TimeTracker Basic works as a stand-alone application and is perfectly suitable for small and medium organizations. The system allows you to create project files and manage project by project, month and year. There is a support for SQL Server.
Startup Wizard
Detailed time sheet
Time settings
Manage project by month, year
Add new time sheet
Access reports
Export to Excel

TimeTracker is a free and open-source time and expense tracking application created for all businesses, organizations, and government entities that want to track the time and expenses of individual employees, departments, and projects. TimeTracker is based on the open-source project OpenJDK.
What TimeTracker Does
• Track the time spent on projects by individual employees• Simple to use and Intuitive User Interface• Supports multiple departments• Includes all project types• Runs on top of the most popular productivity tool stack• Has a built-in invoicing tool for creating invoices for clients.• Built in support for networking such as Active Directory and LDAP.• Automatically syncs all TimeTracker databases on the cloud.
Included Features
• Project Management
• Invoicing
• Employee Management
• Per Minute Tracking
• Daily Time Sheet
• Auto-entry of time and projects
• Support for multiple employees and projects
• Built-in scheduling• Support for SQL Server databases• Built-in support for Microsoft Office and OpenOffice
Supported operating systems
– Windows 10
– Windows 7
– Windows Vista
– Windows XP
– Windows 2008 R2
– Windows 2003
– Windows 2008
• Linux/Unix: CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSuSE, Arch
• Mac OS X 10.10+
• Chrome OS
• Docker
Note: Currently Mac and Linux support is experimental.
Supported database engines
– SQLite
– MariaDB
• Microsoft SQL Server
TimeTracker will be available for download at to ensure stability. Any issues will be discussed in #time IRC channel in the Freenode network.
Thanks to the following people for their contributions:
Ajay Kumar, Alex Otahal, Ann Cavins, Bhushan S. Patel, Christoph Merkle, Christian Blum, Daniel Starn, David Kovacs, Donald E. Knuth, Eric Olson, Fernando Perez, Halsey Fowler, Haroun Rad, Helmut Mora, Jorge Castillo,

What’s New in the?

Overview of TimeTracker Basic
Greetings, this is Tim from More Software Solutions. As I am sure you are here, you are interested in knowing my opinion of software TimeTracker Basic. Well, what can I say about TimeTracker.
TimeTracker Basic is an app for monitoring time spent on different projects. It can be used on a business or personal level. The software basically shows how much time was spent on a particular task or project. It calculates and lists the total time spent on a project.
The great thing is that this software will be familiar to users of Microsoft Excel. You can use it to create as many tasks, projects and tasks as you want. However, there are a few limitations, which I will cover later.
The first thing to note is that TimeTracker Basic is free for download, as long as you do not register for the full version. As I mentioned, you can create any number of projects and tasks, however, that number will be limited to 10.
TimeTracker Basic is not very complex to use, so we will move straight on to describing features.
TimeTracker Basic is very similar to Microsoft Excel, which is a good thing, and comes with dozens of features. The program is very simple to use, with a friendly GUI. In the upper-left corner of the screen, you will see a bar with the options you need, such as the menu, file and calendar windows. It also has lots of informative hints and tips available to assist you.
The program works best when you have a team of employees working on a particular project. You can create individual reports, project reports or an overall report. If you have a large team, the information will be displayed more clearly. You can also set the default views to show just the time worked on, the date worked on, or just the project.
TimeTracker Basic allows you to enter information and tasks in to the program using a natural interface. In each project, you can work on a task to create a record, or you can create a new task. It helps you to keep track of time spent on various projects and is a very useful tool for managing projects.
That’s all for now. I hope you found this software review useful. If so, please take a look at our other reviews and find more software. You can also visit our homepage for software and hardware reviews. In addition, you can also find our Software Genie and our Gift Ideas pages.

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System Requirements For TimeTracker Basic:

Minimum system requirements are a 1GHz processor, 256MB of RAM, 100MB of free disk space and a DirectX 9 capable video card.
Windows Vista SP1/2/3 (32-bit/64-bit)
Minimum requirements for this software include:
* Windows XP Professional SP1 (32-bit/64-bit) or higher
* Adobe Camera Raw 9.5 or higher
* Newer versions of Lightroom or Camera Raw
* Adobe Photoshop CS3 (or higher)