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The original Wildsilver.
In a game unlike anything else, you have to power the fort’s machines to save the world from destruction.
Objective, turn on the machines, and save the world.
I’ve recorded the game for you, feel free to enjoy!
Lights over the main entrance please.
It’s starting.
Five years ago, a technology called Holography.
The world was shaped by art, but a disaster forced humankind to abandon its creation.
And now, the world is shaped by the tools of science.
In the ruins of our civilization, the world is ruled by various corporations.
Holographic Discs
*Restored Holographic Discs*
In a world full of possibilities, we work hard to make sure you have a bright future.
A bright future can only be made possible by our machines.
It’s time for a happy bright day.
It’s time to put your skills to work.
Powering these machines will not be easy.
We offer a challenge.
Don’t ask me how to use these machines, I don’t know myself.
Lights please, please.
When I say “please”, please.
Today’s your lucky day, right?
I told you so.
This is the first time I’ve seen this level.
I had to take a challenge.
You’re all gonna love it.
Are you sure you can do this?
I am sure.
We hope that you like it.
It’s time to press the button.
Lights, lights please!
Welcome to the future.
There’s a light at the end of this tunnel.
But you won’t reach it.
Thank you for giving a ride today.
Have a nice day.


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Ur Game: The Game Of Ancient Gods Features Key:

  • Difficulty Classic
    • Easy
    • Moderate
    • True
    • Nearly Impossible
  • Single Player
  • Multiplayer Online
  • Cooperative Online
  • Local Multiplayer


Ur Game: The Game Of Ancient Gods Download

An ominous mystery buried beneath the antarctic region awaits you.A research expedition sent to the antarctic region accidentally arrives in a peculiar time period.Step into the shoes of a character in the olden times.Search for lost ancient treasure.

Instructions on how to play Unusual Findings!

Objective: To choose from four different characters, then interact with the environment and solve puzzles to find the mystery.


4 different characters

Challenging puzzles

Simple but addictive gameplay

Last but not least! Play the demo now!

Source Code:


How to play Unusual Findings! (DEMO)

* The time is:

Spring 15th, 2016

* The place is:

The Room of Lost and Forgotten

* The characters are:

Naderev (The Art Collector),

Eloiska (The Artists’ Dream),

Polina (The Mischief Maker),

And the strange character, who has not yet revealed himself.

~ An individual’s heart is so strong and true, it breaks into two. On one side stands the person we have been, and on the other side stands a person we do not know. ~ ― Kazuo Ishiguro, Remains of the Day

Unusual Findings! is a surreal platform game with a mystery story line, based on the themes of dreams, desease, magic and philosophy.

Unusual Findings! is a surreal adventure game for the PC. The player chooses from 4 characters, finds hidden objects, and solves puzzles throughout the game. The game atmosphere changes every time the player enters a new room, and some of the rooms are designed as a metaphor for the players’ dreams.

The game is geared towards intermediate-advanced players who would like to have fun solving a story-based mystery with platforming elements. Unusual Findings! has simple but addictive gameplay and is specially designed to be played only during the evening or during a dream.

Unusual Findings! is fully playable with no loading screens and only a click away. Play the demo now.

How to play Unusual Findings! (DEMO)

In the demo, the player plays as Eloiska, a woman who is deeply attached


Ur Game: The Game Of Ancient Gods

I really like the 30,000 year ‘guidelines’ you put in place. That aspect is very important.

What if you define a civilization as being mature enough to destroy its own birth canal before it’s born?Then we have a civilization that has no culture.

I know the game is primitive as hell, but i’ve got some questions (not about the game itself but about your history)

how did the luddites become a thing? what caused the society to spiral into a revolution? was it the omnipresence of firearms?i would like to know some of the history of the world and ironseed

In response to your questions, I can only write my interpretation. The group became known for their opposition to the use of mechanized technology, especially the clock-work robots that were produced by the Industrialists in the 19th century. The group started out as simply a group of individuals, very well aware of the problems that technology could cause. Eventually, they grew in numbers and (allegedly) took up arms against the Industrialists. How true that is, I cannot say.

Interesting.Do you have a suggestion for a better way of portraying the Luddites than just saying ‘threw machines into a creek’ or do you have no opinion?

One thing i have an opinion about is the fact that i’d like to see how this story about the birth of humanity pans out. And i see a lot of complaints about ‘fantasy’ and’space games’ and ‘out of place’ ideas, i would like to know if you plan to make any historical events. also, you mentioned the flaws in the game, if any, how will you improve on them? do you have an idea of how much you want to put in for a new version?

You’ve got two choices. One, you can go with a fantasy story and make the Luddites descend from dragons, or two, you can go with the history as it really happened and decide it’s a science fiction game. Or I guess you could go a third route, but i would have a few problems with it. This would be the one where you have a bunch of dragons that create things and they are your ‘populated’ planet. But in this case, they should go a little less far to be realistic (i.e. they should still be able to cook for themselves, and should have some sort of aesthetic purpose for technology). Personally,


What’s new in Ur Game: The Game Of Ancient Gods:

    – New soundtrack and maps

    The tune of the duty officer will match that of all other players in-game in the PvE and Hunt, Learn and Earn campaigns as well as also the difficulty you play on.

    The maps aren’t very large but I have played them enough to say they are very large!

    As with previous Rising Storm DLC the maps are designed a bit differently to what I’m used to playing.

    So whether you want squad battles or a tug of war, if you enjoy playing those game types you will enjoy the maps which will encourage you to play those game types.

    So the short of the DLC is, they are very large, you can have squad battles on the maps, learn and earn a bit of scavange as well as pulling off heists.

    To be clear there is up to 3 heists on each map so you will be able to play all 3 game types.

    So to use an example, once a week I will run a Squad Battle tutorial and the rest of the time you will probably be more interested in pulling off a heist.

    So my recommendation is treat the DLC as a whole package and not treat it as 2 distinct packages, Rise 2 Vietnam: Rising Storm is first and then each DLC gets “supplied”.

    If you’ve never played RS: Vietnam or Rising Storm 2 then I’d say you get enough of the base game as with previous DLCs to the point where the DLC packs are “supplied”.

    But if you have, if you’ve played Rising Storm 2: Vietnam then you’ll probably find they provide enough good gameplay that you might even decide you don’t want to play this DLC to simply because you’ve enjoyed RS2 so much.

    Anyway, for the sake of discussion I’ve boiled everything down to what the claims are but if you want more detail just google the title and read through the details.

    The DLC adds new Weapons, Vehicles, Gear & Map to RS2.

    As with previous DLC, there are 6 new vehicles and 5 new weapons, as well as a new Ranger Icon and the new “Support” icon which is the same as the previous Tiger Bundle DLC, so there will be no new soldier icon or language pack.

    The weapons are:

    M18 – The M18 is a trusty US carbine and will be the standard US squad weapon of support.

    JP Joe – The JP Joe is a sniper rifle


    Download Ur Game: The Game Of Ancient Gods

    This module provides dynamic nature in the form of ice and rock that connects to the Fun Galore Realms environment. The terrain pack is intended to give role players a chance to experience the frigid world of Cutmere Shard by allowing them to travel anywhere within the desolate landscape of this icy land without having to use standard GameMaster commands to get there. In addition, the glacial terrains are designed to be used in conjunction with the Aedre River Borderlands map, providing customers with a very large and scalable environment for mountains and rivers.
    Key Features:
    No GM commands required
    Includes descriptive text for the maps
    AI members can enter the maps on their own
    Optional for combat encounters
    Optional for NPC encounters
    Optional for hunting monsters
    Optional for mining
    Optional for Terrains
    Use the terrain as a whole to your advantage in campaigns and roleplay
    Designed to be scaleable with the Aedre River Borderlands
    Hunt Monsters and Recruit Survivors in icy terrain
    Hunt Monsters in untouched wilderness areas
    Gather Resources in the frozen wastelands
    Roleplay and Adventure in the Frozen Ruins
    Gather Resources or map out a new survival location
    Hunt Monsters in the Frozen Pathways
    Explore an unexplored world
    Fight Injecive Monsters in the Exposed Ice Caves
    Explore Snow Canyons
    Scavenge a new wilderness area
    Map the area or find a good campsite
    Gather Resources from the unexplored frozen areas
    Join up with a Ring of Merchants
    Guide your PCs on a dangerous and mysterious journey
    Solve the mystery of the castle and the ice walls
    Search for the Frozen Edges
    Explore the frozen bodies of the Razora Clan
    Use the frozen waterfalls as a weapon
    Explore the Frozen Fortress of the Razora Clan
    Hunt monsters in the frozen northern wastes
    Explore a whole new region with an icy feel
    Customize your map with different textures and blocks of ice
    Walls made of high quality Shingles
    Various Ice pieces that slide
    Ice blocks that snap back into place
    Ice blocks that break off and melt
    Quickslider Berries that give you bonus actions and placeable blocks.
    The Quickslider Berries have 100 power and can be used multiple times per day.
    Ice bridges and Ice Perches

    The Tolron Dunes are a desolate location in the southern desert region of the Fun Galore Realms. The Wilderness of the Tolron Dunes is a vast area of dunes that can be a daunting


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And you could play your game.
376 So.2d 790 (1979)



System Requirements For Ur Game: The Game Of Ancient Gods:

Minimum system requirements for the game:
Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300, AMD Phenom II X2 590 Processor or equivalent
Memory: 2GB RAM
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 / ATI X800 or equivalent
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Hard disk space: 50GB
Other: You must have a minimum resolution of 1024×768
Minimum system requirements for the Beta Client: