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Welcome to Dockside, a beautiful and realistic virtual reality sailing simulator! Find yourself in the middle of the open sea. Construct sailboats, throw ropes and moorings to navigate your ship. At the helm of your helm, you will direct the ship and steer it in different winds. You will be soon to get acquainted with all the features of this boat simulator. Let the adventure begin!
What makes ‘Dockside’ different:
– Beautiful realistic watercolor graphics
– Craft sailing boats from different builders
– Upgrade your skills with a variety of new sailing boats
– Numerous gameplay elements
– Multiplayer mode for online race

“A Virtual Reality Sailing Simulation That’s Fun for Everyone”
About This Game:
The world was once covered by an unknown force of nature, and destroyed. The catastrophe left only few survivors. But one day, man discovered a new form of power. In the following decades, human beings were able to harness and use energy to change their destiny.
We give you the opportunity to play as the captain of the wind spirit’s ship. Control the sky and the nature around you by throwing ropes, moorings and sails to simulate life in the open sea. Navigate the ships, slow down, and avoid collisions with other ships. The sails must always be ready, because the wind can change at any time. Once your balance and steering skills are good enough, you can sail in a race with your mates around the world to win medals and prizes.
What makes ‘Vortex’ different:
– Beautiful Unreal Engine 4 visuals
– Variety of skill levels
– Multiplayer mode for online races

October 27th Update:
New IOS and Android Play Store screenshots!

About This Game:
Join the waters of the ocean for a virtual reality sailing simulator. You will be able to control your sailboat, maneuver in winds and navigate in an open sea. We have included numerous elements into the gameplay to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.
Have fun and have no fears, the only thing that can go wrong is the water temperature, it can sometimes change by degrees, but it will never go out of the range of safe temperatures.
Have fun and enjoy our virtual reality sailing simulator!
What makes ‘Sailmaker’ different:
– Beautiful Unreal Engine 4 visuals
– Variety of skill levels
– Massive multiplayer mode for online races

“A Real Virtual Reality


VR Regatta – The Sailing Game Features Key:

  • -GO Virtual Sail Shop! – You can get your design shop equipped with all the latest technology of JAW! Feel like a real sailor and sail your ship in “The Sailing Game” designed by JAW!
  • -GO Virtual Sail Range! – Practice your sailing skills in real-time virtual range! Control your ship and try sailing from the grey to the green symbol when crossing it!
  • -GO Virtual Sailing Community! – Connect to your friends and show the world that you are best! Watch and compete with your friends in real-time sailings!


VR Regatta – The Sailing Game With Key

Whether your dream is to take part in the Olympic Games, take off on a vacation, or just sail across the river to visit grandma, we’ve got you covered with the “VR Regatta”.

It’s a sailing simulator with a unique twist! Your reality is now dictated by your environment. Change your perspective and play some games to your heart’s content.

– Take the wheel and steer the boat through the ocean with your mobile device in VR and VR headset.
– A smooth experience in your pocket.
– Sailing simulator combined with the feel of the boat!
– Screenshots and trailers available via Google Play.
– You can start the game with the training mode at any time.

We recommend that you have:

A smart phone with a headphone, a VR headset (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR) or an Android VR and a minimum screen of 10 inches.

– A minimum requirement of RAM: 4 GB
– An Android OS of 4.4 or later version
– Internet connection.

If you have the above, it’s almost ready to go! No setting up or installation required. All you have to do is take the headset and pick up your phone. After all, this is a beautiful sailing simulator, isn’t it?

Enjoy the shipwrecked city with three ways of playing.
– Crank-shaft riding view, where you can just enjoy the scenery.
– An immersive first-person view that lets you pick up a variety of items to use as a tool to continue.
– Put on the camera helmet to see the city as if you were an alien, with a bird’s eye view from the air!

It is designed with the user in mind and invites you to enjoy the city while enjoying the game.

P.S. We are working on adding more ships to the game. Please check back regularly for updates.

Cavemance is a small, handcrafted, indie game studio, founded in 2015 to develop high quality games for mobile devices. We have chosen three areas where we can make a difference for users:

– Handcrafted graphics and sounds.
– High quality gameplay and in-game content.
– The best story and player experience.

Thank you very much for your time and support! We hope you enjoy our games.

On May 18th,


VR Regatta – The Sailing Game Download [Win/Mac] [2022]

VR Regatta is a sailing simulator which uses the left and right of your HMD.
You have to steer in order to keep the boat sailing forward.
Input of the controller works in two ways:
1. you can rotate the boat left and right.
2. you can also open or close the sails depending on the angle that you set for the sail.
Also, there is a function called “My Dear Winter”, through which you can choose from 10 different types of sails.
Then, depending on the type of sails you choose, you can raise the sails.
Similarly, you can close the sails by pressing the “close” button in the HMD, and set the sails to open to the air (without wind).
You can also choose a gas engine that is used to sail faster in the open sea.
Catch them up using the sail
Sails are mainly used for catching up with other boats, thereby giving you a faster boat.
The game simulates a real race, and you have to sail and catch up with your opponents.
Another important thing is that the wind is also dynamically simulated according to the time of the year, and the sky is also included.
You can play the game with friends or by yourself with the help of the virtual boat controller.
You can use the “starboard” and “port” controller functions.
You can enjoy playing with friends, and you can enjoy playing with yourself also.
Using the “grip” button on the controller, you can tilt your head up and down.
In this way, you can look ahead while you play the game.
There is no way to tilt the control to the left or right of the boat, so that you can enjoy the view from the virtual boat controller.
Wind knocks down sails
As soon as the sail is damaged, the boat speed gradually decreases.
Furthermore, it is more dangerous to the boat at high speeds.
A racing car also has a windshield and a wing that minimizes damage to the car.
These functions are not included in the boat, and in fact, you can enjoy sailing with a damaged sail.
You can also look at the damaged sail using the virtual boat controller.
There is a beautiful visual effect when the boat hits the sail.
Gear system is not properly simulated
There is a gear that changes the gear in order to achieve a faster speed.
However, the system is not properly simulated in the game.
When the


What’s new in VR Regatta – The Sailing Game:

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