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Waldo Rios Web Designs From a bunch of Waldo Rios – Waldo Rios Home Designs – Free Waldo Rios Designs – Third-Degree-Loli Waldo Rios. Contact – Privacy Policy. Waldo Rios Designs.The effects of non-specific thymus factor on the humoral and cell mediated immune response.
The effects of non-specific thymus factor (NTF) on humoral and cell mediated immune (CMI) responses to antigen were studied. Treatment of non-immune splenic lymphocytes in vitro with NTF augmented the blastogenic response of these cells to mitogen. NTF also enhanced the antibody response of mice immunized with soluble and lipopolysaccharide-coupled antigens. The differences between the NTF-treated and non-treated groups of mice in CMI were not as great. However, after the antigen challenge, mice treated with NTF exhibited greater weight loss and splenic atrophy than those receiving the other treatment.1. Field of the Invention
This invention generally relates to the field of jewelry and more particularly to an improved method and system for attaching a band to an article of jewelry.
2. Prior Art
The attachment of a band, such as a necklace band, to an article of jewelry is a common practice used for convenience, decoration, elegance, and even safety. There are multiple ways of attaching bands to jewelry. For example, jewelry bands or bands that have a sleeve end or an end having loops that are able to be swiveled or rotated are typically looped through the band to attach the band. In other conventional approaches, the band is attached to a lanyard that is looped through an opening in a jewelry piece. These conventional approaches are not preferred due to the time required to assemble the lanyard loop and the jewelry piece.
Other conventional methods include using a connector, such as a metal snap, to connect the band. In another conventional approach, the band is placed on a box for assembly. This conventional approach has the disadvantage that the band must first be removed from the box, which is not convenient.
Thus, there is a need for an improved band system for securing





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