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Web Radio (all in one) is a free Web Radio Widget that can play any live streaming radios from web.
This Widget allows you to Add, Edit & Delete your favorite online web radio stations. Also you can choose your own theme color for this Widget.
You can share your favorite radio stations to others. Add your favorite station to http://webradiowidget.blogspot.com
Here are some key features of “Web Radio all in one”:
■ Stores unlimited Web Radio stations
■ Add / Edit / Delete options
■ Theme Color
■ Yahoo Widget Engine







Web Radio (all In One) Free Download

Web Radio (all in one) is a free Web Radio Widget that can play any live streaming radios from web.
This Widget allows you to Add, Edit & Delete your favorite online web radio stations. Also you can choose your own theme color for this Widget.
You can share your favorite radio stations to others. Add your favorite station to

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Web Radio (all In One) Crack+ [Mac/Win]

■ Stores unlimited Web Radio stations and manage them in a single screen
■ Play any of the live streaming radios from web
■ More than 14 themes are available for you to choose
■ Adjustable height and width
■ Fully compatible with most of the browsers
■ Support Mac OS and Windows system
■ Share your favorite web radio station
■ Easy to use
■ Click on station name to tune a station
■ You can play any of the radio stations live streaming
Please note: this widget may not play music which contains embedded music player which has license issues with Widget Engine.
Check out our other free widgets and also check out our other themes:
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3) Google Mail Widget
Key features:
■ Stores unlimited Yahoo Search results
■ Adds a search menu to the Yahoo Search Widget.
■ Quickly search on Yahoo to get detailed informations of any website
■ Search result also includes a small thumbnail preview of the website
■ Click on the thumbnail preview to get the full version of the website
■ Use the + sign to add the website to the ‘Recently visited’ list
■ Click on the ‘Recently visited’ list to visit the website
■ Edit the ‘Recently visited’ list
■ Add a bookmark to any website
■ Quickly search Yahoo and place a shortcut on your desktop, so that you can navigate through to any website quickly using one click
■ Remove Yahoo Search Widget completely
■ Get the Latest from YahooSearchWidgets.com
■ This is a yahoo!widgets, do not ask support for any issue with yahoo!.
Web Radio (all in one) Support:
This widget is free and fully supported by Widget Engine
To have any support, please write to:
Widget Engine Support
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Web Radio (all In One) With License Code Free

Why don’t we add more radios to this web radio?
Just search for that radio in you favorite search engine
Then click on the link to it.
Then click on the link.
Now, you can add your favorite online radio station to our Web Radio.
Your comment and feedback are always welcome.
Give us your suggestion to improve our widget. Thank you for supporting us.
Configure your Yahoo! Widget Engine.
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What’s New In Web Radio (all In One)?

Add, Edit & Delete your favorite online web radios
You can add your favorite radio station to the Widget by dragging it from the Add stations button to the Widget list. Then you can easily delete or edit them.
You can add or delete as many stations as you want.
Please login to Yahoo (you can use your Yahoo email account in your Yahoo account)
■ Theme Color
■ Shared to Other (A free Widget to other users of the Yahoo account you signed in)
For any problem, issue or comments, please send us an email with the subject “SOAPBOX” at: SOAPBOX@YAHOO.COM
Please rate and comment this app and we will appreciate it. You can receive updates when you rate the app.
You can find the instructions for adding your favorite radio stations to the Widget on the first page of the Widget.
You can share this app to any device that run on Yahoo Widget Engine
■ Stores unlimited Web Radio stations
■ Add / Edit / Delete options
■ Theme Color
If you like the app, please rate us and comment. You can receive updates when you rate the app.
How to:
Add a radio station to Widget:
Drag the radio station to the Widget and drop it to the Add stations button.
Or you can press Add station button to add a radio station.
Edit your online radio:
Press Edit to edit the radio station. You can add / edit the stations title, the URL or add an image icon.
Delete the radio station:
Press the Delete button to delete the radio station.
Add/Edit/Delete Options:
You can press the arrows above the Delete button to choose options for the stations.
Reload the options when you change the web radio stations:
Press the Load icon to reload the options that you have chosen.
Add – Edit – Delete links:
You can press to the Add, Edit or Delete links to get option information on the stations.
Change the theme color:
Click the link below of the theme color to change the color of the theme.
Theme colors:

Get help with using the app:
1. Visit our forum


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP3
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 3GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2.0GHz
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
Hard Drive: 30 MB available space
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0





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