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August 27, 2021 – To learn how to use a trial license key when installing Wowza Streaming Engine, see Installing and configuring Wowza Streaming Engine. How to change language in Wowza Streaming Engine
To change the language in Wowza Streaming Engine, follow the steps below.
If you don’t have an account for the Wowza Streaming Engine, log in with an administrator account, click “Configure” and if you’re interested in the “Language” option, enter the word “Language” in the “Language” menu
Click Customize.
Select a language from the toolbar.
For more information on choosing a language, see Choosing a Language in Wowza Streaming Engine.
Please select a language.

In May of 1984, video games were about as mainstream as hard science fiction. Atari and Nintendo had hit record-setting sales, while other market leaders like Commodore and Sinclair sold more than an estimated three million systems. Thankfully for PC users looking for a rare title, these systems were not constrained by the strictures of proprietary cartridges: they could play ROMS. In fact, one of the first PC games was Dragon’s Lair, a game that offered the experience of playing a film, only on your PC. While it took many years for games to start hitting a true new level of complexity and depth, there were already enough gems out there that any given gamer had to make certain sacrifices if he wanted to skip into the future. Some had to forsake their retro-gaming flare for the greater glory of speed running. Some had to listen to the whisperings of Larry from the Portal. And some had to forsake their multi-genre craving in the name of a simple for the sake of a much more fun. Those were the people who picked up this magazine.

Young, three-dimensional bars, sheets and vessels, which the Greeks called χρόνοι, age  «  over time: a fatigue in their appearance and in their usefulness. Similarly, as in the Greek poem The Odyssey, the right-hand mast is usually called, in some versions of the Old English legend the Brân, the name of a father-lover God who watches over those who sail through the sea. And yet the right-hand mast also threatens.

Anchored by a tattered and dilapidated mast that was likely not especially seaworthy, the ship drifts harmlessly along the primeval reaches of the sea in which it has just been dropped. The waters, the wide, perhaps limitless ocean, hold no villain, no threat, no giant wave or shark, as they did so close to home. No, they are calm, with only the wind in the wings. Yet if you think these waters are calm, you are mistaken. The ends of the mast pierce the surface tension, and that very surface tension is in fact what keeps this mast afloat. At the slightest touch, or even just a momentary tear in this surface – it is susceptible to any wind or wave that seems too powerful – and the ship can descend into the sea –

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